Blanche Macdonald
Cosmetology School, Blanche Macdonald

Eye to I

Seeing is believing. From the visual eye, the Freudian id, to the dotting of the I's, it is our identification and belief in the power of individual expression, the realization of personal fulfillment and the extension of charity and community that have allowed the Blanche Macdonald Centre to create a world class educational institution for the creative and applied Arts.

Allow us to bring your talents into focus. It is at the Blanche Macdonald Centre where you can excel in your education. This is an education that fully engages you, taps into your talents, pushes your boundaries and maximizes your potential. With our emphasis on learning by doing, learning from the best and most of all, learning about yourself, your education at the Blanche Macdonald Centre will be transformational.

We, at the College, are a wonderful hybrid of ethnicities, age ranges, idiosyncratic personalities and life experiences. Moving from the iconic to the iconoclastic, we embrace unique perspectives, varying opinions and original thought.

Face to face, our exteriors may vary but side by side, our core values remain the same.

Through and through, you will find these shared beliefs infused into our DNA: learning is lifelong; work hard, work smart, work to excel; truth is beauty; kindness and respect are enduring; tolerance and acceptance are absolute; laughter is the best medicine; continual challenge, curiosity and creativity are the spice of life; follow the path of the power of now and make today your best day.

From our culture, our community to the evolution of your chosen career, the Blanche Macdonald Centre is fully committed to your education.

May we extend to you this personal invitation. Please join us. We welcome you here.

President, Blanche Macdonald Centre

Blanche Macdonald Centre is a wholly owned division of Pacifique Riche Enterprises Ltd.

Blanche Macdonald