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Course Descriptions



ARTT 410

Technology is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. In this fast-paced digital age, fashion professionals must learn to harness the power of technology to tell – and sell – their fashion story to the world. In our state-of-the-art Apple Lab, you will use colour correction, selection tools, layers and type layout to design a standout business card and letterhead, and create striking promotional materials for events. You will compose textual-visual symphonies in news, magazine and brochure layouts, and learn how to post and maintain a functional, visually arresting website and online portfolio. By the end of this course, you’ll have the technical tool kit to construct an eye-commanding online and tactile platform for your personal brand, and champion a strong visual message for your company.



ENTR 340

For those bold and tenacious, whose vision is clear and unwavering, the business of entrepreneurship is a compelling one. Whether it’s your dream boutique, an innovative PR agency or a personal styling enterprise, each endeavour big and small evolves and adds richness to the ecosystem of Fashion. Together we will navigate the dynamics and requirements of setting up a flourishing entrepreneurial venture. What are the challenges that you may encounter? What opportunities exist for promising new ventures in Canada and beyond? We’ll examine the field of entrepreneurial play, exploring the diversity of business structures, franchising, financial projections, cash flow, management, and what it takes to bring your venture to an online platform. At the end of this course you will have the industry knowledge to bolster your inner entrepreneurial intuition, create a lucrative business plan, and take on your venture with confidence.



RES 240

Self-esteem is the single most valuable – and overlooked – item in your professional tool kit. Specifically designed with a business coach, our hands-on career training will equip you with the skills and confidence to make the transition from student to professional. Learn the secrets of effective public speaking; write a standout cover letter; produce an industry CV; conduct a winning interview; and learn how to identify, approach and communicate with prospective employers. It’s like bootcamp for your professional image. We’ll nourish your self-confidence by identifying your marketable skills and unique strengths, and apply a fresh coat of professional polish to help you sparkle. In short, we’ll send your employability ranking through the roof. 



COS 435

Breakfast at Tiffany’s wouldn’t have been the film it was without Audrey’s Little Black Dress; nor Grease, without the skin-tight-badness-clad Sandy. The world of TV and Film owes a lot to the unseen stars of the Costume Department. In this class, we will show you the ropes of on-set procedures and etiquette in television, film and music video, giving you the tools to hold your own in any situation. Analyzing a genuine script, we’ll learn the precise science of continuity, and compose character charts to bring print personalities to life. We’ll learn to add twenty years, bullet holes, blood and grit to garments using fabric breakdown and ageing techniques, and pick up tricks in garment maintenance and rescue to deal with the unpredictability of the on-set environment. With a firm foot planted in contemporary costume, we’ll also learn about the industry’s history, conducting research and studying key film costumers and costume moments. In the end, you’ll have a shot-by-shot grasp of the design and execution of a winning wardrobe.



DESA 450

In order to effectively support a Designer, you need to understand their needs. Together we’ll delve inside the Designer’s studio and into the headspace of a successful Designer to learn about their process, from initial vision to runway to distribution. We will immerse you in the whirl of inspiration that ignites a new collection, giving grand schemes ballast with the principles and elements of design, and gain an appreciation of Fashion’s active conceptualization. Explore the balance of art and commerce by determining the logistics of sample making, fabric and findings sourcing, flats and spec sheet requirements, contractor liaison and budgeting. We will ask ourselves the questions every Designer must ask in the preparation of each new season: how is the Fashion cycle evolving, and who is dictating it? Through an Introduction to Forecasting, you’ll analyze where fashion is headed next. By the end of this course you will have the knowledge to play a key role in a Designer’s trusted network.


Digital Marketing for Fashion

ADPR 220

Behind every Google search result, every web banner, every branded social media post, there are many minds immersed in data, diligently piecing together engaging content with online strategies and sinking their teeth into the results. In the world of digital marketing, the rules are always changing and the rewards are there for you to create. Creative meets technical as you take your digital campaigns from intuitive marketing concepts to tried, tested and successful strategies. We will give you the tools to test, engage and track, enabling you to implement campaigns to ultimate reach, analyze data and optimize for best results. Examine advertising and boosting options for social media platforms, analyzing results of marketing, post performance and return on investment (ROI). Vie for top rankings through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC). Optimize landing pages for high conversion rates and target return demographics through remarketing ads. After this crash course in the digital sphere, you’ll be able to maneuver your brand’s online presence to the next level and take on the dynamic scope of opportunity with technical clout.



COMM 420

Effective communication – the ability to successfully express who you are, what you do and why you do it, and engage the listener in what you have to say – is your most important tool in career advancement. This class is your speaker’s podium, editor’s desk, selling floor and backstage press pit. Here you will develop and grow your confidence in a host of communication techniques, both written and oral, including: blogs, Fashion editorials, business letters and emails, line presentations and sales floor tactics, Fashion show commentary, and interviews. We will hone your industry networking skills and mentor you in breaking down, and flourishing through, any communication barrier.




FASA 150

Fashion is a mirror, reflecting the historical, political, social and economic landscape of our times. In its glimmering reflection we can view our world, and ourselves. From the figure-liberating waistlines of Paul Poiret at the turn of the last century to the post-war indulgence of Dior’s New Look, we can read history in the lines, shapes and structures of fashion. Join us for a ride through Fashion’s most iconic, influential and thrilling moments and game-changers. We will study each era from the Edwardian period to the 1970s, examining film, video clips and rare visuals from our personal archives. We will explore century-shaping designers including Vionnet, Chanel, McCardell and Courreges, and their lasting influences on contemporary fashion. By the end of the course, you will have an in-depth knowledge of design’s most prominent periods and personalities, and their enduring footprint on the fashion world.



FASA 250

 What is couture? What is pret-a-porter? Who are the hot new designers to watch? Take virtual journeys to the five epicentres of fashion - New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and London – to meet the modern masters, major influencers and tastemakers of the contemporary fashion scene. From Stephen Sprouse’s Day-Glo graffiti brights to the intellectual design of Issey Miyake, you will become familiar with the iconic contributions of each house from conception to present day. We will study pivotal designers such as Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Rei Kawakubo and Alexander McQueen, and discover fashion’s rising stars and subversive rebels. By the end of the course, you will be able to recognize the lasting personality traits, recurring themes and signature construction techniques of each house. Their stories will be brought to life through extensive use of visuals, fashion publications and videos.



FELM 350

Learn the language of Fashion. Whether you are presenting a portfolio of work, selling on the retail floor, buying, or writing commentary on a collection, the ability to communicate in the correct terminology is an invaluable asset. From the sweeping line of a silhouette to the intricacies of garment detail, we will wrap ourselves in the argot of this colourful world. You’ll analyze garments in video and tear sheet visuals, and compile a visual lexicon as your final project. By the end of this course, you will be able to correctly identify necklines, collars, cuffs and sleeves; pants and skirts; coats and jackets; prints and patterns; and the origin of ethnic elements in today’s Fashion.



MRCH 200

Reigning in the nature of the beast that is Fashion, we will analyze the social, economic, political and technological influences that propel the Fashion cycle forward. How do trends take form from these factors? How do they affect the way we buy, market and sell? We will track the development of trends on the Fashion Cycle to inform and improve our buying, merchandising and marketing techniques. By expanding your knowledge of the various structures and stages of Fashion markets, and learning the necessary terminology, you will be able to navigate the industry with confidence. Through fieldwork and in-class discussions, you will develop a deep understanding of the business of Fashion.



FSP 230

What is beyond the glare of the spotlights and the slick surface of the runway? Behind the bustle and thrill, there is a whole world of planning, preparation and quick thinking in the grand production of a Fashion show. From devising the show’s concept and design to selecting the venue, models and music, each factor weaves together to form a breathtaking seasonal narrative and an effective communication of brand. Learn what it takes to be a master of the behind-the-scenes through practical lessons on every aspect of show production, including: runway video analysis; staging and lighting; space planning and scale drawing; writing for commentary; working with talent agencies; styling for the runway; and publicity and advertising techniques. You’ll learn how to execute a well-organized and hotly anticipated event, and think on your feet in the gripping rush of show time. As your final project, you will dream up, plan and pitch a professional show of your very own.



STYL 330

Running the gamut from high standard commercial to the high art of editorials, and from celebrity glamour to personal day-to-day, Fashion styling makes our world a more visually dynamic and inspiring place to be. Throughout this hands-on course, we will immerse ourselves in the conceptual development, protocols and etiquette of styling Fashion editorial, catalogue and advertising shoots. You’ll learn the procedures of pulling from retail stores, and discover how to discern the right look and tone for your clients, fit clothes on your model, and work together with your team of photographers, beauty artists and art directors to bring a total, harmonious vision into being. You will work with your instructor – a stylist with experience and industry clout – in a unique opportunity to style your very own professional shoot.



FWS 315

As a wholesale agent, or manufacturer’s representative, you are the middle (wo)man between the manufacturer and the retailer, and the relationships that you build can define the look and structure of the market. This class covers all facets of the journey taken to move merchandise from the manufacturing process to the retail location and, ultimately, to the wardrobe of the consumer. Learn the terms and etiquette of wholesaling, and understand the structure of an agency. We’ll uncover the drawbacks and benefits of domestic and import collections, and show you how to set up your showroom. You’ll learn the essentials of the business, including how to cold call, present lines, write orders, develop lasting customer relationships and come out ahead at market weeks.



MANU 305

Head behind the seams to discover the production and management techniques of the contemporary manufacturing industry. This course covers the full developmental gamut of a line of merchandise from concept and design through to presentation. Learn about each critical stage of the production journey, from factory planning and quality control to costing and colour story creation. You will have the exclusive opportunity to toss open the doors and explore the floors of our local Garment District on class field trips. Then, apply your knowledge and creativity to conceive and pitch your very own collection storyboard.



MARK 140

Who is your customer? How do you communicate to them the value of what you have to sell? Knowing how to market your brand to specific target groups is an essential component to your business’ survival and success. As technology continues to shoot forward and expand the available market, there are ever-refreshing opportunities, and a more urgent necessity, for you to distinguish your product from the rest. We’ll explore the Canadian Marketing System, examining its impact on individual businesses and the wider economy. We’ll break down target marketing, market segmentation, channels of distribution and pricing; analyze consumer behaviour and ethics; and study consumer and industrial marketing theories and practices. By the end of this course, you will have the expertise to identify, evaluate and solve marketing problems with innovation and éclat, and deliver your brand message effectively and exceptionally.



PREV 430

They say all publicity is good publicity, but we’ll show you how to make it great. As a PR maven, you play a core role in communicating a brand’s mission by engaging with the public. Now one of the most in-demand careers in Fashion, companies large and small look to Public Relations stars to promote who they are, and reach out through special events such as trade shows, charity benefits, product launches, Fashion shows and polished celebrations. We will run through the planning of a spectacular event from conceptualization to execution, showing you how to source funding and sponsors, establish and monitor a budget, and engage the media to ensure press coverage. You’ll learn to create a compelling media campaign, write press releases and media advisories, and craft creative copy. Through analyzing real life scenarios and taking you on educational field trips, we will equip you with practical skills and solutions, while our professional PR guest speakers will dish first-hand tips on how to break into and make it in this industry.



RBUY 320

Retail Buyers make up the boning of the most luxurious, brilliant Fashion stops. The calculated anticipation of sales, merchandise planning, and maintenance of inventory control takes dexterity. We’ll slow down this rapid-fire juggling act to reveal a succession of proactive planning stages. You’ll learn the language of retail buyers, and acquire the insider’s tools for maintaining a strong and balanced inventory. We’ll show you how to work the numbers in a Profit and Loss statement and Dollar Merchandise Plan; utilize inventory systems for unit control; and adeptly map out your seasonal buying strategy in Assortment, Sales/ Merchandise and Open-to-Buy plans. Once your technical buying tool kit is complete, the rest is foresight and gut feeling. You’ll learn how to read the market and current trends, and cater to the aesthetic of your store. It all culminates in you applying your new knowledge in the curation of a season’s inventory for a real or fantasy Fashion shop.


Social Media

ADPR 110

Social Media, in its constantly evolving forms, has staked its claim as the fastest growing and most exciting brand-building tool available to companies today. Brands are scrambling to hire community managers and social media gurus to develop their online voice and create an engaging, ongoing narrative that connects with their audience worldwide. Together we will explore the potential of each of the major platforms, which you will use in the development and distribution of effective campaigns. You will learn how to create content that arrests the eye and entices click in your brand’s existing and potential audiences, utilizing reach strategies to grow your follower base. Orchestrate large bodies of content using Content Management Systems (CMS) to keep your platforms in a constant refresh of trends and what excites. We will hone your editing eye and ensure you’re equipped with the latest tools and techniques of this rapidly changing trade. By the end of this course, you will be able to create captivating content with confidence and navigate the realm of social media with dexterity.



TEXT 120

From fibre to finished fabric, this course explores the science behind your favourite natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic textiles. Whether you are caring for product on the retail floor or describing the weave of a particularly arresting runway piece, a strong knowledge of the identifying characteristics, production, uses and care of textiles is an invaluable asset to the Fashion insider. We will embark on an in-depth study of fibre processing, fabric construction, finishes, and current labelling laws and regulations. You’ll work your way through your own fabric swatch book, filling in the blanks with the knowledge you acquire on the classification of fibres, yarn types, fabric construction processes, colour application methods and application of textile finishes, compiling a useful resource for future reference.



VISM 130

In a stimulating blend of art and marketing, Visual Merchandisers create theatrical worlds within glass and walls to set their store apart, and urge interaction with their merchandise. It is their job to visually arrest, entice and ultimately engage the retail customer’s attention. In this dynamic course, you will dig into the art, theories and practical applications of display over a series of brainstorming sessions, hands-on workshops, field trips and projects. Explore the display mediums available to you – from fixtures and signage to lighting and props – and discover how to utilize them in the planning and design of display concepts. Learn presentation and mannequin fitting techniques in the creation of window displays, and use a Planogram to lay out harmonious merchandise plans for in-store. For your final project, you will apply your new understanding and creative whim in the conceptualization and assembly of a display design model.


Note: The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

Blanche Macdonald