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Fashion Marketing: Introduction

The fashion galaxy glimmers before you, a vast canvas of stars draped across a charcoal sky. A thousand points of brilliance give their gift of light, like an ebony gown gilded in sequins and gossamer. Each star represents a piece of the fashion universe. Minds. Hearts. Souls. Ideas. Each burning with their own intensity. Each holding their unique celestial space. Together they form constellations, golden clusters of style stories and life lessons, design houses and disciplines, tracing their arcs across fashion’s cosmic chronicle.
You gaze up at this celestial collage, longing to understand it. Longing to know your place within it. You want to add your own luminescence to this sky, and help the stars in their vocation of light. But to take your place amongst them, you’ll have to find your own trajectory.

At Blanche Macdonald we’ll help you create your map to the stars and chart your course for success. By providing you with the best education possible, we’ll open the doors to this great galaxy and guide you on a journey out of the darkness of the unknown, and into the light. We’ll set you on your path, and help you successfully navigate the fashion universe.

Our comprehensive and cutting edge Fashion Marketing Program gives you a 360-degree view of the fashion world, so you can explore each angle, observe every perspective, and try on an assortment of professional ensembles to see what suits you best. Our curriculum will be your business studio and your creative laboratory, where you’ll experiment, inquire, challenge and test out your voice. Whether you have a head full of figures or an eye for flair, there is a place for you to join in the cosmic conversation. Within our halls you will debate, dialogue and deconstruct with fellow creatives. Outside our walls you will begin to build a business community of cohorts and collaborators.

Over twelve intense months, you will find your unique fashion voice and become fluent in the language of fashion. It’s all about content and communication. As you learn the skills of fashion writing and PR, you will gain the confidence and eloquence to articulate your story to the world. Harnessing the latest technology, you will dive head first into the digital experience, exploring social media platforms and engaging in e-communities. In the democratic social media sphere, you can become more than a participant. Many of our grads are now social media influencers who critique, review, analyze and ultimately shape the global fashion industry.

You will gain exclusive insider intel and develop the wisdom to navigate fashion’s ever evolving terrain. Delving into fashion’s deep history, you will encounter the lives of yesterday’s visionaries, today’s design houses, and tomorrow’s emerging talent. We’ll dig into the theories and philosophies that underpin fashion’s greatest manifestos and create our own powerful commentary. On virtual trips to style capitals across fashion’s hemispheres, we’ll learn of the influencers who expand boundaries, ideas and minds, from Alexander McQueen to Rei Kawakubo and Dior.

As we become immersed in collaborative projects, creative brainstorms and industry expeditions, we’ll continue to uncover fashion’s intricate layers. We’ll head behind the seams of the luxury retail industry and explore the city’s manufacturing districts. The business of fashion will become your expertise and your craft, from wholesaling, retail and e-commerce to marketing and entrepreneurship. Your studies will inhabit that critical space where the physical, the digital and the mobile shopping experience all converge.

You will have the chance to curate a buying season; organize, direct and style a professional photo shoot; and put yourself into the high-speed heels of a runway producer. These hands on experiences will ready you to join the creative class, where career options are endless. You can be a fashion talent without being the designer – as a visual merchandiser, fashion stylist, fashion show producer, brand designer, or a thousand other titles ready for the taking. Opportunities in this business are as boundless as your enthusiasm.

Our expert instructors – each joining our internationally-lauded faculty with years of real experience and industry clout – will help you accomplish educational feats you never imagined. They’ll mentor you and guide you so that you understand, deeply, how to bring the creative and commercial arms of fashion together. You will learn to take the bigness of the business of fashion down to an authentic, intimate voice where you can speak directly and connect personally with your customer.

Through internships, hands-on workshops, face-to-face encounters with fashion professionals, collaborations with your fellow students and the wider fashion community, real life experiences and endless connections in the local and international fashion world, we will prepare you for the frantic pace of the global marketplace and its relentless demands. You will leave our program with the confidence and expertise you need to present, brand, buy, produce and style Fashion in the professional world.

Although you’ll explore the furthest reaches of the fashion galaxy, the most dramatic and life changing journey will be the one you take within yourself. We’ll help you to nurture your self esteem, cultivate your confidence, and dig deep within your heart and mind to harvest your full potential. Through loving care and hard work, your best and most authentic self will bloom forth. You’ll become the bridge between student and professional, connecting your passion to a profession that will reward, satisfy and excite you for life. Your time with us will be more than an education. It will be your evolution.

Instead of searching for the light beyond, you’ll discover the glow that burns brightest is the one that was always already inside of you. You won’t just be enlightened. You’ll be the light.

How will you illuminate the fashion universe?



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