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Freelance Makeup Artistry: Course Descriptions

Level 1

Makeup Fundamentals

This foundation course offers a comprehensive introduction to makeup art and design principles.  Students will learn colour theory with specific reference to makeup:  it’s function, how it interacts with texture and light, and how these affect your work.  Analysis of shape, line and form are combined with techniques for blending, contouring, shading and highlighting.  Understanding how to choose and employ professional tools and product formulations is covered.  You will build a skill foundation while working with the fundamentals of natural, glamour, bridal and dramatic styles.


  • Identifying the commercial and professional equipment, tools, materials and products used in makeup application
  • Understanding the basics of skin structure, skin care and makeup subject preparation
  • Analyzing bone structure and face shapes
  • Correcting various facial shapes with contouring, shading and highlighting
  • Selecting makeup products based on proper analysis of skin tones and undertones
  • Understanding colour theory, seasons and tones
  • Labeling a colour wheel
  • Demonstrating a basic makeup application sequence
  • Understanding the purpose, selection and application of foundation, correction, concealer and powder for different ethnic groups, ages, skin tones and skin types
  • Applying cheek colour for day and evening looks
  • Shaping of eyebrows and selecting appropriate eyebrow makeup for application.
  • Analyzing eye shapes and applying makeup for correction
  • Analyzing lip shapes and applying makeup for correction
  • Understanding the basic principles of light and makeup
  • Demonstrating application of daytime and evening makeup, glamorous and dramatic styles
  • Applying day and evening makeup for a photo shoot

Level 2

Bridal Makeup

This level focuses on makeup design and application in a bridal context. Students will learn how to conduct a bridal makeup consultation that identifies the scope of the project as well as the financial and time parameters. You will create and apply traditional, contemporary, ethnic and avant-garde bridal makeup styles. Learn to work with a hairdresser and photographer as you experience a professional bridal photo shoot and begin compiling your portfolio images.


  • Conducting an initial consultation and negotiating a contract with the future bride
  • Applying traditional, contemporary and avant garde bridal looks
  • Creating flawless, sheer, and natural makeup applications on multi-ethnic skins
  • Appreciating how bridal gowns and accessories influence makeup design
  • Following procedures when working with hairdressers and photographers
  • Applying a complete bridal makeup for a photo shoot

Level 3

Hairstyling Seminars

This module covers hair styling in relation to makeup and provides the opportunity to push your creative potential and create the total look. Incorporate basic styling techniques as you sculpt the hair.  Braiding, scrunching, teasing and foundation “updos” are all introduced.  Begin to integrate hairstyling trends and current fashion looks into your new designs as you expand your repertoire and market yourself as a professional makeup artist for the fashion industry.


  • Understanding basic procedures of hair styling
  • Identifying and using a variety of hair styling tools and products
  • Completing basic styling techniques including roller sets, blow drying, backcombing and finishing
  • Completing simple updo’s including scrunching, teasing, braiding and easy buns
  • Recognizing hairstyling trends and current fashion looks

Level 4

Bridal Hair

This level focuses on creating hairstyles for a bridal context. Roller sets, blow drying, backcombing and finishing, as well as “updos” including the French Twist, French roll, and knot tying, are all introduced. Learn how to position bridal hair accessories such as fresh flowers, ribbons, tiaras and veils. Enhance your styling expertise by using products that add texture, shine and control to your creations. Take the opportunity to market yourself as a professional makeup artist for the lucrative wedding industry.


  • Researching current bridal hair styling trends using videos and magazines
  • Creating simple updo’s including the French twist, French roll, back bun, Spanish bun, knot tying, easy beehive and top head bun
  • Incorporating twists and knots for contemporary special event styles
  • Positioning hair accessories including fresh flowers, ribbons, tiaras and veils
  • Identifying products designed to enhance texture, shine and control
  • Understanding the working relationship between the bridal makeup artist, photographer and stylist

Level 5

Fashion Makeup for Events

This level is dedicated entirely to fashion. Students will explore historical, contemporary and futuristic fashion perspectives and integrate these influences into their makeup designs. Fashion show production with reference to makeup is introduced while makeup skills are expanded with a focus on fashion photography. You will create a makeup croquis as part of your design board, and then create the look. Learn how to collaborate with a hairstylist, fashion stylist and photographer to realize an artistic vision. Explore the contrasts between black and white; street and alternative; real and camouflage applications as you expand your canvas and professional palette.


  • Identifying makeup fashions of specific 20th century decades
  • Identifying current makeup fashions, trends and alternative looks
  • Understanding how makeup corresponds with fashion and the “total look”
  • Designing a fashion show makeup croquis that includes clothing designs in the presentation, the type of show and the show venue
  • Developing speed in makeup application
  • Applying full glamour makeup with corrective and camouflage techniques
  • Coordinating makeup with a hairstylist’s, fashion stylist’s and photographer’s artistic visions
  • Working effectively with models, stylists and photographers
  • Understanding the positions, responsibilities and etiquette required when working with a production team
  • Understanding how lighting impacts makeup in both colour and in black & white photography
  • Acquiring a working knowledge of colour and black & white photography makeup applications
  • Identifying career opportunities in fashion and photography makeup

Level 6

Airbrushing for Photo Shoots

This level introduces another artistic medium:  liquid makeup combined with pressurized air.  Beginning with a comprehensive overview of safety and mechanical considerations, students progress to efficiently cleaning, assembling and loading an airbrush unit.  Working on paper as a primary canvas, you will move to face and body as you experiment with patterns and textures.  Explore the realm of fantasy as you create mythical and mystical creatures.  The creation and application of airbrush tattoos is another tool added to your professional repertoire.


  • Discussing the history and mechanics of airbrushing
  • Identifying the properties of different types of airbrushing equipment
  • Demonstrating the correct breakdown, cleaning and reassembling of an airbrush
  • Identifying masks, shields, templates and friskets
  • Applying beauty, glamour and fashion makeup with an airbrush
  • Comparing the products available for beauty makeup and body makeup
  • Applying fantasy makeup, body makeup and tattoos with an airbrush
  • Utilizing an airbrush for covering tattoos and discolourations 
  • Experimenting with patterns and textures
  • Correctly applying an airbrush application on the hair
  • Designing a character chart for airbrush application
  • Conducting an airbrush makeup application on face/body and hair for a photo shoot
  • Developing time management skills

Level 7

Self Marketing & Portfolio

In this module you will create your personal marketing plan and strategy. You will begin by taking an inventory of your skills – artistic, technical, individual and interpersonal. Students will explore the limitless possibilities available within the makeup industry and hone their communication skills to develop professional networks in this dynamic and interactive workshop. You will create the business card and resume tools that will connect you with the opportunities you seek.

This level also provides the opportunity to interface technique with technology. Using digital graphic design tools, you will learn to optimize your photo shoot images by manipulating, formatting, retouching and synthesizing your work with other digital content. Students will produce and compile a professional portfolio that represents each one’s unique artistic and entrepreneurial talents. Applying these contemporary marketing tools will create impact and results as you begin your career as a professional freelance makeup artist.


  • Understanding the planning process when designing a successful digital portfolio
  • Identifying the contents required in a professional portfolio
  • Using the Mac operating system
  • Acquiring digital content & images from various sources (camera or CDROM)
  • Scanning printed images
  • Optimizing images for different media (print, Web, CD)
  • Using Photoshop software for imaging and retouching
  • Producing and presenting a CDROM of digital images
  • Producing a dynamic PowerPoint slide presentation with finished images and music
  • Producing and presenting a professional business card and resume
  • Identifying various opportunities Cosmetic Retailing
  • Discussing the career research process
  • Understanding the networking process and client consultation techniques


Once you have successfully completed all the levels of the program, including attendance requirements and financial obligations with the Centre, you will graduate with a Blanche Macdonald Centre Associate Diploma in Freelance Makeup Artistry. 


Note: The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

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