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Blanche Macdonald Reviews & Testimonials: Makeup Students & Grads

Abby Cruz

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Graduate Abby Cruz “The Blanche Macdonald Centre absolutely met and exceeded my expectations. I was in post-secondary school for seven years before attending the Makeup School and it was the greatest learning experience I ever had. The instructors and the curriculum not only teach you amazing techniques for being a professional makeup artist, but also how to interact with people once you're in the industry. It's 75 percent psychology when you're working on someone's face; it's people's personal space.

“At Makeup School, I liked how creative you could be and that you would get honest constructive criticism in return, as well as feedback on how to make your work better and more effective. My favourite part about my time at Blanche Macdonald was being able to see my creations come to life.

“I would definitely recommend the Makeup Program at Blanche Macdonald to those who have a serious passion for makeup and people. While it can be a challenging job, I've never once done a makeup gig, show or film that didn’t make me feel completely and 100 percent satisfied with my career choice at the end of the day.”


Aimee Rowe

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Graduate Aimee Rowe
“Once I started the Global Makeup Artistry Program at the Blanche Macdonald Centre my eyes were opened to the vast world of makeup artistry. I was surprised to learn how many of my teachers were involved in major motion pictures and the fashion world. Right from the beginning the teachers at Blanche Macdonald made it clear that with the right drive and ambition, becoming part of TV and film or fashion industry was possible. Getting first-hand experience from instructors who were accomplished artists in the industry gave me the skills and, more importantly, the confidence to try out anything that came my way. Along with the great instructors, the Makeup School also has an amazing job placement staff that will do anything to help students network, find volunteer work experience and even job opportunities. Through the job placement staff I had volunteer experience on Shaw TV where I worked with Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning artists. I also found myself volunteering for amazing music videos, fashion photo shoots and even a couple of student films. Thanks to this program at Blanche Macdonald and the amazing staff, I have met lifelong friends and found an exciting and wonderful career in makeup artistry.”


Amy Huang

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Student Amy Huang
"My experience at the Blanche Macdonald Centre has been great from the very first phone call. The staff has been so friendly and helpful. The Makeup School is beautiful and students are treated with respect. I’m so impressed with how much we’re learning in the classrooms. The lessons are truly aimed to prepare students for work in our chosen field. I was previously working at a job that I was not passionate about. Associate Makeup Career Director Heather Sosa warmly invited me into her office, listened to my woes and told me that she'd try to help me find a job in makeup where I could be inspired and happy. I am now employed full-time with Christian Dior. I am really blown away with how much care and time the staff at Blanche Macdonald gives to the students in order to ensure their success. It has been a superb experience for me!"


Cayley Giene

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Graduate Cayley Giene
“I loved everything about the Blanche Macdonald Centre – the teachers, my classmates and all of the volunteer work I have gotten throughout the program. This Makeup School offers a lot when it comes to experiencing everything there is; whether it's fashion shows, photo shoots, being on-set, doing wedding makeup or even retail experience at a makeup counter, I have done it all and I can definitely say it has helped me figure out where I want to take my makeup career and how I want my life to play out. All I can say to future students and grads is to volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! Get as much experience from your time at Blanche Macdonald as you can, it is well worth it in the end!”


Jayna Marie Bussiere

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Schools Graduate Jayna Bussiere “Hello Past, Present and Future Blanchies! Being at Blanche Macdonald’s Makeup School was a very helpful and inspiring time for me. My instructors were actually working professionals, which made a real difference!

“When I graduated, I was so worried I'd just be thrown out into the work world like a fish out of water but the team at the Blanche Macdonald Centre were still there to offer advice. They even sent some gigs my way that helped build more contacts. Now I've built up a very successful freelance business that has allowed me to travel all over the world, create my own hours, and most importantly do what I love every day.

“I have worked really hard to get to this point but I'm so glad that I had Blanche Macdonald to give me the makeup training and life tools for the perfect start to my career. If you think makeup is something you'd like to do, you've found the right place. Go for it!”

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Jenean Skappak

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Schools Graduate Jenean Skappak

"I had such a great education and adventure at Blanche Macdonald's Makeup School. I learnt from an amazing calibre of instructors - some of who are Emmy, Leo and Oscar-winning makeup artists. They helped shape me into the artist that I am becoming today. I continue to receive the best encouragement and guidance from the amazing faculty at Blanche Macdonald. They've helped me achieve my career goals, which have taken me all over Vancouver, and they'll continue to take me anywhere I choose to work. Throughout my year of study I met the most amazing people, who I consider friends as well as colleagues, and I continue to learn from them."



Lily Lin

Makeup Graduate

Makeup School Graduate Lily Lin

"I'd heard such good reviews about the Blanche Macdonald Centre. I had friends who had been here and they gave the makeup program great reviews.

"Studying at the Makeup School delivered more than I expected, definitely. I didn't really know what kind of makeup I wanted to do after I graduated and the variety of courses in the program really helped me make my decision. I always knew that I liked fashion, but all the other courses were interesting too.

"The instructors were great. They all work in the industry, and it's good to know they're still in the field. They had so many good stories to share. Knowing what they went through, and what we're going to go through, was really interesting."

"I did a lot of volunteer work when I was at school - short films, commercials and fashion shows. On every volunteer job we were treated like professionals. People trust anyone sent from Blanche Macdonald."

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Marissa Lyons

Makeup Graduate

Makeup School Student Marissa Lyons

“I found out about the Blanche Macdonald Centre while 'Googling' makeup schools. I really liked the website; it was really professional and artistic and it drew me in immediately, unlike a lot of other makeup school web pages.

“I called right away and was connected with Jill, an admissions director. I asked her a million questions and she promptly responded to all of them; she even helped me get here to Vancouver from the States. I enrolled in the Makeup Program and put a deposit on an apartment without ever having been to Vancouver.

 “At Blanche Macdonald, all of the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They teach us what it's like to be on a film set or behind the scene of a runway show because they've been there. Their instructors are all helpful and always willing to give us advice and feedback even if we aren't in their class. We are constantly learning something new and everyday is fun. I have made lots of lasting friendships with my fellow students. Honestly, I would love to go to school everyday of the week if I could, and I know I'm not the only one! While that sadly isn’t possible, luckily we have the Makeup Career Directors Jen and Heather to keep us busy with volunteering on our days off. We are able to make connections, get experience, and practice our skills by volunteering for jobs that they are constantly posting. It's really great for international students who can't work in Canada, like myself, to get work experience.

“I'd definitely recommend Blanche Macdonald because I'm six months into the program and I still get excited to go to school in morning."


Rita Liu

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Artistry School Graduate Rita Liu "I really like Blanche Macdonald and my teachers at school. They've been so helpful in the run-up to competing at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show in Vancouver (IMATS). I designed the makeup and my instructors suggested ways for me to do it. They encouraged me to keep going and have fun.

"In Taiwan we don't get this kind of show. It's an amazing opportunity for us to show our work to top industry professionals.

"Vancouver is a great city, especially for film. After graduation I'm planning on applying for a working visa so I can work here and get more experience."


Sapphire Kozak

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Graduate Sapphire Kozak
"I'd decided years ago that I was too old to go back to school and was thinking about settling into working a steady job for the rest of my life. I had spent twelve years of my life training to become a fashion designer, four years as a freelance personal stylist and was tired of not really finding my niche in the industry.

"After hearing a review from a girl who had graduated from Blanche Macdonald's Makeup School, I was introduced to the possibility of something more. Makeup had only been a hobby and something I thought I was only mildly good at. I bit the bullet and was accepted to Blanche Macdonald almost immediately. It was going to be a big change for me as I had to move to Vancouver from Winnipeg but I jumped at the opportunity. It just felt like there was a reason for this to happen at this stage of my life.

"Taking that chance was the smartest thing I'd done in years. The school makes it easy for you to adapt. There is always someone there to listen to you and support you.

"If there's one thing the Blanche Macdonald Centre can really give you for the future, it's the boost in self-confidence you will receive when you find out how nice it is to have a job that you can work hard at and enjoy at the same time.

"I'm graduating in July but have already worked on a movie set, a museum theatrical tour, numerous makeup counters and I've had wonderful opportunities to try out for the Olympics and IMATS. I've already begun working at a local television station one day a week. Blanche Macdonald gave me a chance to believe that there are still dreams out there that can be reached. Where else can you be an adult and still be encouraged to run wild with your imagination?"


Sanaa Ak Martinez

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Graduate Sanaa Martinez
“I've been fortunate enough to attend Blanche Macdonald Centre Signature Series Advanced Seminars with Ve Neill and with Howard Berger and Tami Lane. I have to say that the workshops were so informative and helpful. The demos were amazing and so inspiring and the desserts were delicious! Thank you for the opportunity to keep on learning!”


Shane Orvis

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Artistry School Graduate Shane Orvis “When I started at Blanche Macdonald’s Makeup School in October ’09 I came from a photography and graphics background and didn’t know a thing about makeup. 

“Throughout the Makeup Program I had the most amazing instructors and career directors who hooked me up with the best makeup gigs and connected me with top professional makeup artists. I came to realize that all of these women were not only the most talented in the industry but also the most trustworthy, loving and brilliant individuals I have ever met. After completing every module I was seeing rainbows from all the excitement. I love that these instructors can instill this kind of love for this craft. 

“As for gigs, not only was I able to work at the Olympic venues and the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, since graduating I have also taught in learning centres, face painted, worked on theatre productions, done numerous fashion shows, worked on small films, demo’d for amazing makeup brands, aided women in the streets and made countless men and women feel good about themselves. I also feel like I receive the experience of a lifetime from every event, every person and every minute on the job.  

 “When you become a student at this Makeup School, don’t take it for granted. It’s the best institution and the best time to learn. You’re in an environment that you’ll never be in again and the industry that you will be working in is cutthroat but totally worth it. Graduating from Blanche Macdonald has left with me with the knowledge to kick butt as a professional makeup artist and made me into a living example of the education and impeccable training that each makeup instructor shared with me.”


Silvia Medina Zannie

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Graduate Silvia Medina Zannie
“I had the best time ever at the Blanche Macdonald Centre! It was an unforgettable experience! Now I’m back in Mexico I realise that the training I had at Blanche Macdonald helped me get a very good job. Attending this school was the best decision of my professional career. 
Thanks Blanche Macdonald!”


Stephanie Faoro

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Graduate Stephanie Faoro
"I dreamed about the day I’d go to Makeup School at the Blanche Macdonald Centre. When my first day finally came, I was unbelievably nervous but I was welcomed with big smiles and incredibly motivating speeches. The teachers are fabulous; they are professionals with tons of experience and want to help you in every way possible. The people you meet in your classes are from all over the world and you become such good friends. Makeup Career Directors Heather Sosa and Jen Daerendinger work around the clock to help you find jobs as well as volunteer work. They are constantly motivating you to just get out there and never say no. Blanche Macdonald is definitely an amazing makeup school for anyone interested in taking a makeup course. I graduated from the full-time Global Makeup Artistry Program with more knowledge of makeup then I ever had before. I would recommend it to everyone I know."


Win Liu

Makeup Graduate

Makeup Schools Graduate Win Liu “I first heard of Blanche Macdonald years ago. One day I just dropped in and talked to one of the Admissions Directors. She showed me around the campus and explained the Makeup Program. After I saw their grads’ work, I knew I was in the right place.

 “I loved every moment of my time at Makeup School! The instructors taught us the tools we needed, and then helped us polish our ideas. All our instructors had extended industry experience so they were really able to advise and challenge us. The photo shoots at the end of each module were great and I absolutely enjoyed the seminars with special guests from the industry. Those seminars made me want to be a better artist and inspired me to dream big. 

 “During an unforgettable seminar at Blanche Macdonald by Howard Berger and Tami Lane, I was intrigued by Howard’s unpretentious attitude, his professionalism and passion for his job. Howard gave an open invitation to everyone there, so I decided to visit his studio, KNB, when I went to LA. Visiting KNB opened my eyes and blew my mind. Howard was extremely generous with his time, explaining every single department, what the artists were working on, and even answering questions while sitting down in his office. To say I was a kid in a huge candy store would be a massive understatement. Howard never fails to inspire me. He always reminds me to have fun and work hard.

“Working backstage at Vancouver’s Olympic Ceremonies was also an unforgettable experience. I had a rare opportunity to work alongside many talented MAC Pro artists, including Senior Makeup Artist Caitlin Callahan.  She held a runway seminar at Blanche Macdonald, the first one I saw, after she’d just returned from Paris Fashion Week in 2008. It was a dream come true to be selected as one of the best new makeup artists in Vancouver and being included as part of the Olympic experience alongside someone who inspired my creativity at my first seminar.

 “I was encouraged to compete at IMATS Vancouver by Makeup Director Karen Esprez and I flew to the LA IMATS in June, where I placed 3rd in the Character/Prosthetics Category. Seeing your hard work being appreciated on stage by hundreds of people, including many professional makeup artists, and battling shoulder to shoulder with the talented finalists from everywhere is a heck of an experience! 

 “I’ve been keeping myself busy since graduation. I did tons of volunteer work when I was at Makeup School, which landed me a job with Lancôme as a makeup artist on its demo team. I was hired while I was in school and I’m still with the company! And I freelance a lot doing photo shoots, fashion shows, theatre/performance, weddings, films, TV and music videos. I truly love all aspects of makeup.  

 “Thank you, Blanche Macdonald, for making it all happen!”

Blanche Macdonald