Blanche Macdonald

Blanche Macdonald Reviews & Testimonials: Makeup Industry

Andrea Mundie Scott

Makeup Graduate & Co-owner, Skoah

“I graduated the Makeup Artistry Program at the Blanche Macdonald Centre in 2006, and in 2007 started my own makeup line, chiiki munki. As the co-owner of Skoah, I have hired many fantastic Blanche Macdonald graduates, and I’m on the look out for more!”


Andrew Annuar

Fashion Photographer

“In my experience, Blanche Macdonald Makeup School graduates and students are excellent students to work with. I was very impressed by the students’ portfolios and their enthusiasm for the concept that I had in mind. The makeup students I worked with did their own background research into the concept, and brought the results to be shared among the team. They demonstrated professionalism and patience throughout the entire process. The models I used, who weren’t professional, found the makeup application to be very soothing and the whole process very relaxing. My overall review would be that I was hugely impressed by the Blanche Macdonald students’ seriousness and passion in everything they said and did.”


Ann Kitching

Co-Chair, Wearable Art Awards & Director, Port Moody Arts Centre Society

Wearable Art Awards
“On behalf of the Wearable Art Awards Committee and the Port Moody Arts Centre Society we thank the students of Blanche Macdonald for their volunteer efforts at the Wearable Art Awards performances.

"The Blanche Macdonald team’s role in leading the makeup was critical in ensuring all the garments were presented as professionally and creatively as possible. Once again they exceeded expectations and helped maintain the “wow” factor this event is known for. We trust the production experience gained through participating in this event will be valuable in their future endeavors. We appreciate their involvement with the Wearable Art Awards and look forward to working with Blanche Macdonald again."”


Caroline MacGillivray

National Executive Director & Founder, Beauty Night Society

Beauty Night
“I run the charity Beauty Night Society. Through our programming we give vulnerable women life makeovers.  One of our key programs is providing makeovers to women who deal with violence to reintroduce touch. I am so grateful to Blanche Macdonald’s Makeup School for their help.   

“The Blanche Macdonald Centre is one of the best makeup schools in Canada. I have met so many talented, smart and professional people there. I think Blanche Macdonald students are blessed. If I could have fairy godmother, she would be a lot like Career Director Jennifer Daeredinger. I think everyone should take the opportunity to work with Jen. Together she and the staff at Blanche Macdonald help create makeup artists that are professional individuals.

“To all the staff and students from Blanche Macdonald, thanks for making everyone look and feel beautiful!”


Celia Chu

Makeup Graduate & Account Executive, Lancôme Canada

Lacome Canada
“Lancôme has enjoyed a great relationship with the Blanche Macdonald Centre for more than a few years. They are a great makeup school to work with and we have hired many of their students. Career Directors Jennifer Daerendinger and Heather Sosa are a treat to work with and really understand our business. On a personal note, I am a Blanche Macdonald grad from 2000. The school has supported me through various positions to my current role at Lancôme Canada. If you're looking for a career in anything to do with the beauty industry, Blanche Macdonald is the place to go.”


Christine Mah

Makeup Graduate & Account Executive, L'Oreal Canada

L'Oreal Canada
“I graduated the Makeup Program at the Blanche Macdonald Centre in 1997. That launched and inspired a fantastic career that I am still very passionate about. Now, as an account executive for L'Oreal Canada, I look after brands including Biotherm, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Diesel and Ralph Lauren fragrances. To this day I maintain a great relationship with Blanche Macdonald. If you are a student, you will fall in the love with the school. If you are a vendor looking to hire a graduate or need volunteers for an event, you will fall in love with Career Directors Heather Sosa and Jennifer Daerendinger. Their support and professionalism is unparalleled.”


Damon Jang

Admissions Recruiter, Young Screen Actors Academy

Top Makeup School Review by YSAA
“I was shooting a student music video recently and was recommended and given the name of a Blanche Macdonald makeup program student. I had a shoestring budget but despite that, she and her colleague were able to create magic on my performers' faces. As a testament to your program, the quality of the work and professionalism of their work ethic was A plus. Starting at a 9:00am crew call and staying until 1:00pm, they completed the makeup on five girls and one boy, observing carefully throughout and doing touch ups where needed. They instantly became a vital part of my crew. I would definitely use them again and would recommended them to people for further work in the future.”


Deborah Twocock

Executive Director, Dress For Success

Dress for Success
“Please pass on our heartfelt thank yous to all the talented women from the Blanche Macdonald Centre who gave their time to the Dress For Success Makeup Workshop. Our women were thrilled to have such a well-presented and knowledgeable team workshop. They took notes and were made to feel very special. You have made a difference, and you really know how to put on a show!”


Gina Hole

Owner, THEY Representation

They Representation

"The Blanche Macdonald Centre’s Makeup School has been a wonderful source of talent for my agency, THEY Representation, over the past six years.

"THEY Representation is a photographer and artist agency that represents some of Canada’s top makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and photographers. Often, when artists at THEY Representation require additional assistants to help with makeup or styling assistants for fashion shows and creative photo shoots, we look to the Blanche Macdonald Centre for makeup students to help with these events. With Blanche Macdonald’s high standards for training, we feel confident we’ll be getting very strong makeup artists with a solid knowledge of what is current in fashion trends and can translate this to our shoots or fashion shows. I have never had a single complaint from any of my artists when we have sourced and booked assistants through Blanche Macdonald, and THAT is kudos to the school’s integrity and its high level of training. 

"I also offer an internship program at my agency, and have had several great interns work with me and my staff. With the level of training and great advice from their instructors, students from the Makeup School at Blanche Macdonald tend to have very clear goals defined when they come through their programs. They are already very much on top of the local and international fashion industries when they come to intern at THEY Representation."


Kathy Chan

Account Manager, Chanel at The Bay

The Bay
"All of the girls from Blanche Macdonald are performing excellently at The Bay. Some of them are students. Some of them are graduates. But they have all shown that they are professionals. Customers are happy and enjoy their service.

"Our Rouge Coco Shine Campaign will finish on April 3th, but we'd
already met our target by March 13th. Without all of the girls
participating and working as a team, we surely would not have been
able to reach our goal so early."


Katie Weber

Communications Associate and Assistant to the Director – the Goh Ballet

Top Makeup School Review by Goh Ballet
“Students from the Blanche Macdonald Centre volunteered their services to assist with makeup and hair for the Goh Ballet’s critically acclaimed Nutcracker for the past two years (2009 and 2010). Their professionalism and talents enhanced the look for many of our dancers with both glamorous evening and ageing makeups. They even painted the feet of our gymnast Polichinelles to match their costumes. The Goh Ballet would recommend the students of Blanche Macdonald to help backstage with any other theatrical or dance production. They were kind, friendly and a pleasure to have as part of our large Nutcracker production.”


Kevin Priebe

Makeup Graduate & Owner, KPFX

Makeup Graduate Kevin Priebe
“Going to Makeup School at the Blanche Macdonald Centre opened my eyes and opened many doors in my life that I thought were unattainable. My advice to all you artists out there is to do it and do it right! Don't let fear stop you. Follow your heart.”


Kiran Kharia

Events Coordinator, The Bay

The Bay
“Thanks so much Blanche Macdonald! We have never had such amazing volunteers. We could count on your students completely. They were superstars and kept things under control when we were experiencing hectic times. I hope the girls enjoyed working with us, as we would love to host them again. We truly appreciate all that the Blanche Macdonald Centre does for us!”


Mauro Clinaz

2010 Hall of Flame Calendar Committee, Vancouver Fire Department

Vancouver Fire Department
“Thank you so much Blanche Macdonald for your help with the 2010 Hall of Flame Calendar! Your students were a pleasure to have on set doing the fire fighters’ makeup. They were very professional and more than helpful in making this year’s calendar a great success”


Melissa Medjuck

Support Worker & Retreat Coordinator, Positive Women's Network

Top Makeup School Review by Positive Women Networks
"I work for Positive Women's Network; a non-profit AIDS service organization for women living with HIV/AIDS in BC. Membership in our organization is free (as are all the services and events we provide).

"Each year we coordinate wellness retreats for our members. These are amazing opportunities for a highly marginalized group of women to relax in a safe environment. In addition to contending with a variety of HIV-related opportunistic diseases, the daily-lived reality of many of our members also includes caring responsibilities, poverty, homelessness, violence and so on. These retreats give our members an opportunity to meet, support, laugh and cry with other HIV+ women.

"In February 2011, a talented group of Blanche Macdonald students volunteered at our day retreat to do hair styling, makeup applications and manicures. These students helped make this a supportive, enjoyable and engaging event for our members. Thank you to these amazing Blanche Macdonald students for making our members feel beautiful inside and out.

"The staff at Blanche Macdonald was instrumental in coordinating these students to volunteer at our day retreat. They were incredibly helpful, patient and attentive to our organization’s volunteer needs. They absolutely exemplify 'caring professionals'. Thank you to everyone at Blanche Macdonald for all your efforts in making our event a success!”




“As a UBC Medical Undergraduate student, I was the co-creator of the Special Olympics Health Fair; a fair offering individuals with intellectual disabilities free health care services ranging from advice on general healthy lifestyle choices to eye examinations and dental care. As organizers, we feel that how individuals feel about themselves contributes vastly to their health and well being. 

"For this purpose, we contacted Blanche Macdonald Hair and Makeup School for a helping hand. The managers who we contacted at this professional school were quick to respond and extremely helpful in making this successful collaboration happen. They put us in contact with a past Blanche Macdonald graduate who then gathered up a team of seven makeup artists for this event. 

"The team of makeup artists who attended the Health Fair were some of the most professional and compassionate individuals I have ever met. They volunteered a vast amount of their time, they brought their own makeup supplies, and not to mention their expertise in this field. As a team, they were so receptive and respectful of the athletes and their families. They listened to the athletes' desires and approached this population with no judgements or biases. The key makeup artist in charge of this team, went above and beyond her role as she personally gathered gift donations to give out to the athletes and contributed to the organization of the event by offering us some innovative ideas. 

"The contribution of Blanche Macdonald Makeup School and their students was an invaluable addition to this health fair, and this was certainly a community support that neither us nor the athletes will ever forget. THANK YOU!"


Peter Eastwood


“Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with many makeup artists from the Blanche Macdonald Centre. I have worked with them on dance exhibition shoots, live dance productions, fashion and commercial shoots and many creative tests. Each time I have been blown away by their professional approach and dedication to the art of makeup!

“Their professionalism got great reviews from me on many occasions; whether it was follow up calls or cards to thank me. That’s so rare in this fast paced industry. It's these small things that really matter and reflects how awesome Blanche Macdonald is as a makeup school. Attention to detail. You’ve got to love it! I will always use Blanche Macdonald graduates for future work. It’s a no-brainer! Thanks guys, you rock!”


Rozemerie Cuevas

Designer, JC Studio: Jacqueline Conoir Collection

JC Studio Jacqueline Conoir Collection
“This year the Blanche Macdonald Centre’s Makeup and Hair Schools collaborated with JC Studio: Jacqueline Conoir Collection on a number of events including fashion shows at the Terminal City Club for Ovarian Cancer Canada, and Jacqueline Conoir Collection's fall launch. The Blanche Macdonald team was responsible for both the hair and the make up for all the events. We were extremely pleased with the team's professionalism. They made each event absolutely spectacular.”




Top Makeup School Review by Gulf of Georgia Cannery
“"The graduates and students of Blanche Macdonald's Makeup School have provided an excellent makeup service to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery's Halloween Haunted Cannery Tours for the past couple of years. This year they did a fantastic job making our cast look spooky and deathly in a very realistic way. Blanche Macdonald did a great job of bringing together a talented team of artists who prepared the more elaborate makeup materials in advance.

“The students were wonderful. They arrived on time each day, worked quickly, and put the cast at ease during the makeup application process. It was a lot of fun getting ready with this group and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”


Teresa Sharp

Manager of Emergency Planning, British Columbia Institute of Technology

“To the Global Makeup students at the Blanche Macdonald Centre who helped out the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) on Disaster Day, thank you so much. The feedback on the injury makeup you did was phenomenal and everyone was really impressed. Please check out this link, where you can see photos from the Disaster Day training. Many thanks again for all your help!”

Blanche Macdonald