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The story of Nail Art through history is a magnificent one; it has seen Queen Nefertiti’s fingers dipped ruby red, insect shellac in Ancient Rome, and talons of the Chou Dynasty elite dusted in gold. 

The length and decor of a nail once signified a freedom from labour. Today it is a celebration of art in daily ritual and a symbol of confidence in the workplace. 

The multibillion dollar business of bespoke Nail Art is booming. As it blazes through the beauty industry, you’d be wise to catch it; there are infinite places that you can go! Work it into your lifestyle or make it your lifestyle; Nail Art can be as stable as a home-based business, and as movable as the ocean-roaming of luxury cruise spas. In the professional elevation of freelance and home-based entrepreneurs, and in the powerful wake of social media as marketing, a career in the nail industry can be as accessible as establishing a kit and instigating word of mouth. The options are limitless. 

Our spectacular Career Team is working around the clock, sourcing an endless stream of career and volunteer opportunities for our students and graduates alike to choose from. There's something for everybody. 

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