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Sara Rose possesses what seems like an infinite amount of talent at her disposal. As a multi-hyphenate Blanche Macdonald Freelance Makeup graduate, Sara currently holds the title of Lead Makeup Artist on top of Hairstylist at one of Vancouver’s most Instagram-worthy hair havens, BRUSH Salon.

But Sara’s journey from makeup school into the beauty industry started out during a time when social media wasn’t really a definitive tool for a Makeup Artist. “Instagram and Twitter were not huge at that time so you had to do groundwork of promoting yourself,” she recalls. Putting her innate people skills to use as a self-marketing tool was second nature for Sara. She admits to us with no slight hesitation that she “talks a lot” - an attribute that has landed her a myriad of opportunities throughout her career.

“I love to meet people. I get to surround myself with the most amazingly talented people because of that. I was a server for years and that’s where I would meet potential clients. I printed out my business cards and would slip it in with people's receipts at the end of their dining experience. Or I would find ways to incorporate conversation into my work, and I would meet brides and producers because of it.”

That hustler mentality paid off for Sara, leading to job opportunities that most Makeup Artists only dream of. Sara has worked on music video sets, backstage at New York Fashion Week, and has also attended Toronto International Film Festival to work on Canadian actor Jacob Tremblay.

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Think Locally, Dream Globally - Fashion Marketing graduate Mireille Kessler Opens her Handcrafted Hub, Natale

Top Fashion Marketing School Graduate Mireille Kessler, Owner of Natale on Main Street

“For generations in my family, it has been of great importance to appreciate handmade goods and support the industry as much as we could. And this is what I have tried to create with Natale: an experience where people are able to both learn, as well as value where their garments are coming from.”

Blanche Macdonald Global Fashion Marketing graduate Mireille Kessler speaks with such warmth and clarity when describing her new artisanal shop, Natale, Main Streets’ new handcrafted hub. Her little shop has already gained much recognition since it first opened its doors a little under a year ago (most recently, being named one of three best new shops on Main Street by the Georgia Straight) with a community of devoted clientele eager to support this growing movement. Her apt knowledge of textiles and handcrafted, fair trade goods, evident the moment you walk into her carefully curated space, goes back generations.

Mireille often travels back to her family's cottage industry in Lima, Peru, to observe and absorb the ins and outs of the textile industry. The impact these experiences have had on her heart and perspective are momentous, paving the way for her budding entrepreneurial career.

“My grandmother started a cottage industry when my dad was just a boy. She started it on the same property that we own now; it’s actually still our family home. We have our family home on the back of the property, and then there are two other large buildings that have five or six floors, each floor dedicated to different textile processes.

“Since I was little, we’ve always travelled back and forth to Peru. At the time it was to visit family, but even as I child, I was aware of the industry. My grandma would explain what was going on and I always remember being very curious. As I got a older I began to really understand it: how it contributes to the sustainability movement, the importance of ethical practices and fair trade, and the quality of handmade goods.”

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Night of the Nocturnes Showcases Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Talent

Frederic Chopin and Kurt Cobain. Not the most obvious musical bedfellows, but together they provided a major dose of inspiration for Nocturnes, the 2017 Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Graduate Show, held for the second year in succession in the spectacular Grand Ballroom at the historic Hotel Vancouver.

“In the weeks leading up to the show I was listening to a lot of Chopin,” explained Fashion Director Tyler Udall. “He composed many Nocturnes, which is a word typically used to describe a poetic scene set at night. It seemed like a good fit.”

Top Fashion Design School Graduate Annual Showcase, Hotel Vancouver 2017

Nocturnes delivered a night to remember, as 30 designers from destinations as diverse as China, Syria, South Korea and Kelowna dazzled Vancouver with their debut collections.

“This group came into the program with an openness and curiosity about design that superseded any of the other groups I have been privileged enough to work with,” continued Tyler. “They took direction well and dived deep into anything new that was introduced to them. Those are the kinds of students that are particularly fun to nurture. You keep setting a bar higher and higher for them, and they keep rising to the occasion. And beyond!

“Seeing the students buzzing after the show is always a treat for me. They are under a lot of pressure building up to the show so as you can imagine the tension levels are high. Seeing them relax and relish in their accomplishments is a very pleasant experience.”

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BMC畢業生Daisy Hsiang跟我們分享台灣的彩妝,時尚雜誌「Vogue」的拍攝,還有他偉大的夢想

五屆艾美獎得主彩妝師Eve Pearl曾比喻BMC是「彩妝界的哈佛」。我們的專業課程是由兩屆艾美得主彩妝師Todd McIntosh所精心設置。 我們用最高業界標準去教育我們的學生。當學生畢業時,他們會擁有電影定裝,時尚秀或是攝影的化妝知識與技能,同時也將會有足夠的自信去迎接各類挑戰。BMC的所有專業全部由北美業界頂尖專業人士提供教學指導,傳授給學生彩妝基本技巧,時尚妝,新娘妝,電視電影妝,還有特效妝的知識.

BMC的畢業生遍及加拿大與全世界。從好萊塢、溫哥華的電影電視製片廠,到紐約、倫敦、巴黎和米蘭的時尚T台。整個時尚界都深知BMC彩妝師的卓越水平。我們的就業指導部門不斷幫助在校學生以及畢業生尋找工作機會。不僅如此,美妝業界知名的Eve Pearl、James Vincent、Ve Neill、 Sian Richards、Ayami Nishimura、Victoria Down、Todd Masters、Howard Berger等大師,也時常在百忙之中抽空來到BMC,為學生們帶來專業知識講座。

BMC彩妝學院一直致力於提供給學生最完善的學習環境,我們耗資六百萬加幣打造Atelier校區,其中的CurliQue Beauty, 是我們概念商店, 還有專業實踐學習實驗室。


Daisy Hsiang Success Story


Blanche Macdonald Center是一所溫哥華知名的時尚彩妝學院。每一年,數以千名的彩妝師,造型師以及設計師,從全球各地聚集到這所學院,也讓我們Blanche World成為多元文化的創意聯合國!在這個全球村裡,學生給我們帶來各個國家的傳統風俗,新的視角,以及獨特的想像力。對於我們的學生來說,能来到溫哥華需要很大的勇氣,他們的生活會面臨巨大的改變,但是在這裡等待他們的卻是通往未来夢想的美好旅程。在此,我們用熱情這一國際語言來結識這位出色的國際人才 Daisy HsiangDaisy会與我們分享是什麼樣的夢想把她帶到了這裡,面臨過什麼樣的困難,還有怎樣的毅力使她在一個新的國家成為一名成功的彩妝師!


來自台北的Blanche Macdonald國際彩妝co-op專業的畢業生Daisy Hsiang已經擁有了一份精美的個人履歷。對於大多數化妝師來說,美妝作品被刊登在義大利 《Vogue》以及台灣《美麗佳人》雜誌,簽約海外經紀公司-她目前所擁有的,已經是很多化妝師們夢寐以求的。但是你恐怕想不到,她本人比她的成就還要更酷。她的本科專業是工商企業管理,在這個專業和化妝之間,她毅然選擇了化妝師作為職業發展方向,並且成為了該領域的佼佼者。你無法想像眼前嬌小可愛,如同洋娃娃一般的她,心裡卻住著一位有著堅定信念,勇敢好強的女勇士。時髦的打扮,充滿自信的酷酷氣場,完美的詮釋了Daisy的風格。褐色的雙眸配上她臉上時常洋溢的甜美笑容,Daisy謙遜的向我們講述她的遊學經歷,並且給想要在國際彩妝領域追夢的朋友們提供一些友好的建議。


Blanche Macdonald Global Makeup Co-op Graduate Daisy Hsiang

Blanche Macdonald Centre:

Daisy Hsiang:我非常熱愛藝術。實際上,當我最初在台灣的大學就讀工商企業管理專業時,我才第一次開始接觸化妝-實在是太晚了!我想要了解更多的化妝知識,因此,我在大學期間報名參加了一個基礎的攝影課程和一個專業彩妝課程。化妝課程的學習經歷讓我感到非常開心,這也讓我堅定了決心,意識到這就是我一生想要做的職業!讓我頗為欣慰的是,每次當我想學一些不一樣的東西時,我的父母總是非常支持。


BMC:是什麼讓妳不遠萬里來到Blanche Macdonald Centre

DH:這是加拿大最好的化妝学校,在亚洲也非常有名。我跟每一個人說起這所學校的時候,他們的反應都是“哇!我知道那所學校!” 我想要學習最專業的知識,所以來到了這裡!我第一次參觀Blanche Macdoanld的時候是和我的家人以及負責我的招生總監Josephine Lee一起,當時覺得能在加拿大的化妝領域學習實在是太令人激動了。





Blanche Macdonald Global Makeup Co-op Graduate Daisy Hsiang



DH:我的噴槍作品。 Natacha [Trottier]是我的任課老師,這門課雖然很難,但是非常有意思。



DH:當然是時尚彩妝!Jon [Hennessey]是我這門課的任課老師,他是我遇到過的最好的老師!他實在太棒了,當時我在上課期間有些吃力,他坐下來跟我說:“Daisy,我知道你能做的非常好,你可以給我解釋你的作品,這樣也可以幫助你練習英文。”



DH:那是當然。Heather 和Jen一直都是全力幫助和支持學生們,盡可能的幫助學生找到她們想要做的工作。他們幫助提供很多各式各樣的相關行業義工工作給我們,以便於這些工作經歷今後可以展現在我們的簡歷上,可以讓我們更好的找到後期想要的工作。他們還認識很多在溫哥華非常優秀的化妝師。我在學校做了很多義工工作,這些工作讓我也認識了很多人,讓我獲得很多靈感,對我的作品集也非常有幫助。


BMC:就業部門提供的這些關係對與剛要進入職場的人是很珍貴的! BMC受到的教育如何幫助你做好進入職場的準備呢?

DH:從基礎化妆到特效化妝,在學校裡我學到了所有我想要學的知識。工作通常是没有固定流程的,但是BMC的學習讓我總是可以有備而來,應對各種狀況。每當我感到疲倦的時候,我就會督促自己继續坚持,深怕辜負BMC老師對我的期望. 不久前,我在台灣進行了一期簡單的美妝課程教學, 因為我已經習慣在BMC的快節奏化妝,所以在2小時內我就完成了從打底到最後嘴唇上妝的所有教學工作。




Blanche Macdonald Global Makeup Co-op Graduate Daisy Hsiang






Top International Makeup School Graduate Daisy Hsiang


DH:台灣的彩妝風格和這裡的非常不一樣。台灣的化妝風格是裸妝;趨於日本和韓國的彩妝風格。因為台灣比較熱和潮濕 ,所以我的客戶通常最想知道的是如何讓她們保持長時間不脫妝,這也是為什麼他們都比較喜歡淡妝。我在台灣用的化妝工具箱裡會常備一些護膚產品, 防水化妝品,定妝蜜粉和一些比較適合自然妝容的彩妝產品。加拿大的化妝風格比較偏重於各種稜角的修飾,比如眉毛,眼線以及修容。因此我在溫哥華的工具箱裡會備有保濕精油, 不同顏色的粉底,口紅,眼影以及閃粉。在這裡,你可以隨心所欲嘗試各種的風格。


DH:首先我想說,要追隨自己對喜愛事物的熱情,作自己真心想做的事。但是最重要的還是要不斷的練習,練習,再練習 -這是唯一可以讓妳不斷進步的方法。同時我也建議大家通過自己的社交網絡平台宣傳,比如Instagram 和 Facebook等。我也會經常給一些攝影師們發消息說“我很喜歡你的作品,我們可不可以一起合作?”。其實挺簡單的。


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BAILEY VAN DER VEEN, YouTube Makeup Mega-Guru and Regional Trainer for NYX Cosmetics, in Words + Pics

Blanche Macdonald 畢業生Bailey Van Der Veen 在YouTube上有超過103,000訂閱,而在IG上有超過30,000追蹤!這麼有人氣又有才華的他,被知名彩妝品牌NYX Cosmetics重用為她們的Regional Trainer地區培訓彩妝老師!他被NYX發覺是在 從BMC畢業的一年後 參加了NYX舉辦的Vlog影片視頻必賽。

我們特別約了Bailey 來做一個專訪,希望他的故事能讓大家聽到一些關於這個行業發展的各種可能性 Bailey是一位來自Manitoba的一個小鎮的女孩,現在搬到多倫多這個大城市!我們用電話跟Email採訪Bailey, 問他這一條成功的路是怎麼走出來的!


Blanche Macdonald Centre: 你在成為知名彩妝師之跟YouTube紅人之前,你的大學是修歷史還有古典學,那麼擁有這們多樣化的學歷,什麼吸引了你來選擇彩妝呢?

Bailey van der Veen: 我很早就知道我會靠化妝吃飯。但是我是來自Carman,是一個在Manitoba南部的很小的一個小鎮。在那的地方 想要當化妝師是個禁忌,是沒人敢去做的。當時我對化妝學校都沒有什麼資訊,直到我16歲自己上Google收尋Blanche Macdonald 跟你們詢問。

我成長的地方注重的是農業,教育,跟醫療保健,所以我也很自然而然的選了這類的主修。我變得很熱愛護理,而我高三的時候 下午都在Red River College專科大學修他們的保健護理科。我是我認識唯一一個在高中畢業前就大專畢業的人!我後來繼續在Manitoba大學接著我的學業。過了幾年,我開始不那麼喜歡我正在修的保健護理學,而開始上一些藝術課,建築課,還有一些藝術歷史課。到後來是主修藝術歷史 跟副修古典學 畢業的。

但這還不是我的真正熱愛的! 我後來在Winnipeg有接觸到一些扮裝皇后,開始幫他們化妝而展開我的創意力!在這時候 我又再一次上 Google收尋Blanche Macdonald,然後在我大學畢業四個月後就搬到溫哥華開始在BMC上課了!


BMC: 你在成為知名彩妝師之跟YouTube紅人之前,你的大學是修歷史還有古典學,那麼擁有這們多樣化的學歷,什麼吸引了你來選擇彩妝呢?

Bailey: 我很早就知道我會靠化妝吃飯。但是我是來自Carman,是一個在Manitoba南部的很小的一個小鎮。在那的地方 想要當化妝師是個禁忌,是沒人敢去做的。當時我對化妝學校都沒有什麼資訊,直到我16歲自己上Google收尋Blanche Macdonald 跟你們詢問。

我成長的地方注重的是農業,教育,跟醫療保健,所以我也很自然而然的選了這類的主修。我變得很熱愛護理,而我高三的時候 下午都在Red River College專科大學修他們的保健護理科。我是我認識唯一一個在高中畢業前就大專畢業的人!我後來繼續在Manitoba大學接著我的學業。過了幾年,我開始不那麼喜歡我正在修的保健護理學,而開始上一些藝術課,建築課,還有一些藝術歷史課。到後來是主修藝術歷史 跟副修古典學 畢業的。

但這還不是我的真正熱愛的! 我後來在Winnipeg有接觸到一些扮裝皇后,開始幫他們化妝而展開我的創意力!在這時候 我又再一次上 Google收尋Blanche Macdonald,然後在我大學畢業四個月後就搬到溫哥華開始在BMC上課了!

BMC: 你覺得你之前學的專業有啟發你身為化妝師的靈感嗎?

Bailey: 我獨特的學歷真的讓我跟其他人有一個分別。我藝術歷史的背景讓我能很有慨念的去了解化妝的理論,而我的醫療背景讓我可以在特效方面把任何一難雜症都畫得很逼真!很多人常問我,如果可以重來 我會不會希望在高中畢業後直接去BMC,我的答案每次都是No. 我的學歷造就了今天的我,也讓我成為了一為更好的化妝師!況且有多少人能說他有三的文憑掛在牆上啊?(爸媽,不客氣喔!)


BMC: 當你決定要選擇化妝這條路時,為什麼選擇BMC? 在你的經驗裡,我們的Global Makeup Artistry 課程你覺得怎麼樣?

Bailey: 我選擇了BMC因為我知道你們的課程有我想要學的所有。我已經知道怎麼塗口紅了,我想要的是跟最資深的老師學更上一層的技巧!我本來是以 近電視電影圈為目標而去上課的,但是我後來被其他的行業吸引了。

上Global Makeup Artistry課程太棒了!我常說,課程怎麼樣是看你自己付出了多少。假如你坐在最前面,常常發問問題,你的收穫會比其他人多。我知道我必須要成功,所以我把我所有的都投放進去這個課程裡了!這就是我能盡量問問題的地方,一個我能盡量向最專業的人士收集資訊的地方!

我很感謝我的老師們:Jenna, Holland, Leslie, Cori, 還有Jen Folk, 以及職業生涯諮詢部門的Heather 還有Jen! 很不敢相信才兩年前我是一個住在Manitoba,穿著白雪公主的醫院工作服的健保看護人員!

BMC: 你在YouTube還有IG上累積了很大量的粉絲!你能告訴我們關於成為一位社交媒體的大明星的這條路嗎?你是怎麼開始的呢?你開始發一些化妝的影片跟教學跟產品分享之後,對你的工作有什麼影響嗎?

Bailey: 我開始在YouTube發影片是我開學的不久前。我教了我自己怎麼佈置背景,拍攝,修片,拍照,行銷,還有推銷!我開始在Blanche Macdonald 上課後,我有拍攝一些我們學校的道具的開箱影片,討論上課的感想,而因此有引來很多觀眾喔!



BMC: 我們來討論一下NYX Cosmetics什麼樣的機會讓你成爲他們的地區培訓彩妝老師了?你最愛這份工作的那個方面呢?

Bailey:三個字:NYX FACE Awards. 在2014年4月,我在Blanche Macdonald 畢業的五個月後,我參加了他們的FACE Awards比賽,在他們比賽截止的前一個晚上在IG上發了一個我前一年畫的萬聖節骷魯頭妝。那一篇文受到很多關注,而我成功入圍了前30名!

關於NYX Face Awards: 那時候參賽者需要交出一系列的影片。好幾輪被投票,而最後留下來的6位會被送到LA洛杉磯,跟所有美妝部落格網美參加活動!其中一位會被選為當年的美妝Beauty Vlogger然後獲勝$50,000獎金!

 我慘選的時候我大概5000 YouTube的訂閱人數,而我的競爭對手的頻道有300,000訂閱!有Blanche Macdonald的幫忙,我每一輪,包括「流行歌手」「70年代」「百老匯」等主題 我都有順利投票達標,被入圍前6名!他們把我飛去LA洛杉磯,跟迪士尼的MAKERS Studio工作室的工作人員跟編輯人員一起完成我最後一個作品!我還參加了Beauty Con化妝展,還有去在W Hotel 還有Roosevelt Hotel的派對,還有去Teen Choice Awards頒獎典禮,還有到NYX總部看他們的新產品!真的太棒了!我跟了很多品牌見面,跟他們打關係。NYX FACE Awards真的是我變成YouTube紅人的快到線!我後來贏了那一年的技術獎,然後我的人生就徹底改變了!

隔一年我跟NYX 一起製作 他們在London Drugs店的活動的影片,然後當公司被歐萊雅集團收購後,我被分派到多倫多,成為他們新開的獨立店的經營團隊的其中之一!我當了我們在Queen West的旗艦店的經理,直到我成為 NYX Professional Makeup Canada的教育經理還有品牌大使!

這是我夢想的工作!NYX跟Vlogger有很特別的一個關係,而且他們真的會回饋給我們這些vloggers。我很開心我在一個 又可以在自己的YouTube頻道跟IG隨心所欲的發文,又可以進我們的獨立店還有其他的經銷店像London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, 還有Rexall用我們的無傷害化妝品 去訓練跟啟發其他的彩妝師!沒有其他的品牌給了我這麼大的自由,打開雙手邀請我!我為了NYX Professional Makeup而活, 我真的不能再要求比這個更好的職業了!

BMC: 可以跟我們分享描述你的一整天的行程嗎?

Bailey: 我的每一天都很不一樣!今天我會在蒙特利爾 為我們的經銷商介紹我們2017最新的化妝箱;明天會幫Shoppers Drug Mart拍一個美妝教學影片;接下來我會飛去溫哥華開一個見面會,或是去我們三個獨立店的其中一家 培訓我們的彩妝師,跟他們分享我們最新的產品(我有跟你說我們有超過2000多品項嗎?)我還要為NYX Professional Makeup想一些活動,例如發布我們的#fromehtola比賽;還會在我們的旗艦店主持活動;還有幫忙我們其他店的開幕。我們8月份會在渥太華開店喔!

BMC: 身為一位地區培訓彩妝老師,你對教育跟領導因該不陌生。對於正在開啟他們的化妝生涯的彩妝師,想要當YouTube明星,IG成名,或是代表他們最愛的品牌的彩妝師,你有沒有什麼建議可以分享給他們呢?

Bailey: 現在全世界都是彩妝師,所有都注重在社交媒體。要在社交媒體保持自己的存在感!#標井字,#全部都標。這樣品牌還有其他的彩妝師才會看到你。我們活在一個數位革命的時代,任何人都可以當他們想要當的,所以放上你最好的作品!當你用井字標記一個品牌,他們有可能會看到你的照片,甚至把你加到他們的媒體名單上! 我有好幾次都是因為我在社群媒體的存在 而被電視台的人還有其他廠商聯絡!你不需要花一年的時間洗刷子才成功成名。你的線上存在感就你的作品集,好好利用他!

我從來沒想過我會在Make Up For Ever, Too Faced, YSL, Lancome, NYX, Murad, Bioderma, Soag & Glory, Urban Decay; Proctor & Gamble’s, Covergirl, Herbal Essences, Olay, Pantene, 還有其他更多的品的媒體名單上!我現在可以享受適用跟評論新的產品,還有搶先看到還沒上市的產品喔!這些寶貝都會被珍收到我的化妝工具箱裡!

BMC: 接下來呢?

Bailey: 我會繼續在加拿大的NYX Professional Makeup brand 工作,創造出更多的內容發布在我的YouTube頻道跟IG,然後希望在2017年可以再多領養塞三隻貓。


**Editors note: Bailey is focusing on her YouTube and Freelance Makeup career and is an ongoing NYX Ambassador. 


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BAILEY VAN DER VEEN, YouTube Makeup Mega-Guru and Regional Trainer for NYX Cosmetics, in Words + Pics


It’s 11:30 PM on a Friday night and I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror wearing half a face of makeup. On the counter: an old receipt from Holt Renfrew with product names from NYX Cosmetics scribbled across the back, a spillage of tubes, kits and compacts from my own collection, and my iPhone, which is paused mid-frame in the final few minutes of a fabulous smoky eye makeup tutorial.

This is anything but your typical step-by-step. On my mobile screen, Blanche Macdonald grad Bailey Van Der Veen looks every bit otherworldly with her jet-black hair, ivory complexion and aquamarine eyes—but she has a larger-than-life personality that transcends the lens and an easy, unscripted approach to being in front of a camera. She’ll interrupt a technical explanation to exclaim over the beauty of a palette’s colors, textures and finishes: the way a swatch of eyeshadow darkly pigments the pale skin of her wrist or a swipe of illuminator shines iridescent over her knuckles in the studio lights; she’ll laugh and pull faces for her audience while demonstrating the desired effect of a brush or blender. It makes her lessons seem less like chilly digitized master-classes and more like a warm, veritable presence—as if she were a terrifyingly talented friend who’s come over to your apartment on her night off with the contents of her work station to show you the latest and give you a few pointers.

With more than 103,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and 30,000 followers on Instagram, it’s obvious that makeup amateurs and aficionados alike regularly seek her counsel on hot products and inventive how-tos. It should come to no one’s surprise, then, that it-brand NYX Cosmetics snapped her up to be their Regional Trainer in 2015, the year after she graduated from Blanche Macdonald’s Global Makeup Artistry Program and dominated the vlog-based NYX FACE Awards—and that she keeps on creating despite her busy up-and-up career, regularly surprising and delighting her international fan-base on the internet.

Through a series of phone calls and emails, I spoke with Bailey—a small-town Manitoba native currently living in Toronto—about her path to becoming social media’s makeup maven and the daily thrills of representing one of the coolest names in contemporary cosmetics. Like it or love it: Here’s Blanche Macdonald’s #flashchat with this artist extraordinaire.

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Whether she's living her best self at music festivals around the world or staying in the know with the latest fashion trends, Blanche Macdonald Nail Studio graduate Little Mythy is constantly gathering inspo for her nail creations. With just over 20K followers on Instagram in only a couple of years, she’s carved a niche into the nail world for herself and her outlandish, quirky but always impeccable designs. One look at her pastel coloured, fruit-centric and googly-eye clad creations gives you all the insight you need into their creator: she’s unique, bubbly, meticulous and a lover of absolutely everything that’s cute. So let her tell you all about her “lyfe & nails. But mostly, N A I L S.”

Blanche Macdonald Centre: What made you decide that doing nails was something that you wanted to pursue as a career?

Little Mythy: Well I was at a point where I felt like I needed something more but I wasn't really sure what that was. I was and still am interested in a bunch of very different things. That being said I was always super into nails . . . I'd get crazy things all the time – every nail different type-deal. My festival nails were always the biggest hit. In 2014 I was at one of my favourite music festivals (Bass Coast) and I had these rad fruit nails – the amount of people who would ask me over the weekend where I went to get my nails done was just crazy. In my head a lightbulb went off and I just thought, "I need to learn how to do this, all of these people could be my clients". I decided right there I was gonna go to nail school. I left the festival and I made an appointment with Blanche and I was signed up within a month. 

BMC: So great to hear! What do you remember most about your time at Blanche Macdonald?

LM: There was a point during my time at Blanche where I was dealing with some pretty major personal things and I wasn't sure I was gonna continue with the program. It was extremely hard but with the support from my friends and family I was able to stick with it and complete the program. I'm proud of myself for that.

*Side note I also ate waaaaaay too many ham & cheese croissants at that little cafe next door.

BMC: Yaas, girl! Good thing you did stick with it! You’ve got some pretty rad and zany nail designs on your page! Where do you get your ideas for your designs / shapes / colour combos?

LM: I'm inspired by 80's/90's prints and artists. Saved by the Bell type stuff, lots of shapes and pastel colours. Also lots of fashion & things I see in everyday life.

BMC: What has been your favourite set of nails that you’ve done?

LM: That's hard. But probably anything I've done involving painted fruits or my retro pastel pattern nails. Oh actually! I did these nails with googly eyes on them the other day and I think those would be my favourites to date.

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Makeup Graduate Pepper J Gallegos: New Mexico's Shining Glory


“For my entire life I felt that humans are boring looking,” laughs Pepper Gallegos. “I always liked sci-fi growing up and thought people should have ridges, horns and tails like the aliens on Star Trek. Why don’t we have these? So as soon as I started learning how to create them at Makeup School, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to turn people into aliens and make them look real. A new life exploded within me.”

Life these days is a blur of creativity for the Blanche Macdonald Makeup graduate. Working in her home state of New Mexico she’s brought a slice of Canadian makeup expertise to A-list productions ranging from TV masterpieces like Breaking Bad and Graves to on-line hits like T@gged to movie blockbusters including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Lone Ranger and Batman v Superman.

It’s an incredible résumé for an artist who didn’t even know a career as a movie makeup magician was possible until encountering Canada's Top Makeup School by chance on a visit to Vancouver.

Pepper always had natural talent. Before becoming a Makeup Artist she was working as an art teacher and had her sculptures and paintings exhibited across her hometown of Las Cruces. But that ability was paired with an eternally positive demeanour that allowed her to even turn tragedy into opportunity.

“To cut a very long story short, my mother was in terrible shape when she passed away,” recalls Pepper. “She had a big laceration on her face. For my father’s sake I wanted to make her look as good as possible, so I fixed her face using wax and makeup. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, that was my way of saying goodbye. I wasn’t making career plans, but I thought if I could help people see their family members look their best at tragic times, that would be great.”

Two years later, Pepper was on a road trip across North America to scatter her parents’ ashes across their favourite cities. One of those stops was Vancouver.

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Fashion Design Graduate Jesse Samuels Sews On-Screen Style in Hollywood North


Jesse Samuels never planned on entering the movie business. But when the aspiring designer was presented with a chance to create clothes for the entire watching world to see, she jumped at the opportunity. In her role as a seamstress in Vancouver’s ever-busy film and TV industry, she’s flexing her fashion muscles on a daily basis.

“You’re making something brand new every day,” she beams. “It’s incredibly creative because you continually run into issues. You need to know how to problem-solve and use your skills to make it work. All I ever wanted to do was sew for a living so this is perfect!”

You’ve seen Jesse’s clothes in Imaginary Mary, Legends of Tomorrow and The 100. You’ll soon spot more on the forthcoming series Lost in Space and Snowpiercer. Sew far, sew good.

“When we’re building costumes the designer will make sketches and bring those to a cutter, who will interpret it into a pattern,” explains Jesse. “I work with the cutter to actually make the toile or the muslin, which are two terms for the first version of the garment. The designer will approve that and pick out fabrics and notions. At that point it also has to be approved by the producer and director. Then I make the finished garment. It can go surprisingly smoothly but if it’s not approved we have to start from scratch. That can happen a day before we have to start shooting.”

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Bringing Makeup Magic to Vancouver, Emmy Winning Makeup Artist Holland Miller, Blanche Macdonald Instructor and Graduate


Making monsters comes naturally to Holland Miller. They’re part of his psyche already. So why not bring them to the big screen?

“I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis and intense nightmares my whole life. In eighth grade I decided to face my fears and went to the opening night of Nightmare on Elm Street. I didn’t sleep for the next two nights, but at the same time, I couldn’t get enough of it.”

The Blanche Macdonald Makeup School graduate-turned-instructor had caught the bug that would lead him to become an internationally renowned Makeup Effects magician. Now he’s inspiring the next generation, on screen and in the classroom. You’ve seen his work in Deadpool, Death Note, Star Trek Beyond, Supergirl, The Magicians, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, The Cabin in the Woods, Elysium, Sucker Punch, Underworld Awakening, A Haunting In Connecticut, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Underworld: Evolution, The Chronicles of Riddick, Twilight: New Moon, The X-Files, Fringe, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Almost Human, Falling Skies, Stargate and (to the excitement of his current crop of students) Riverdale. It’s an incredible résumé, considering his makeup career’s unlikely beginnings.

“By facing my fears I thought that when I did have these nightmares, I wouldn’t be scared. I wanted to know everything, so I bought all the Fangoria magazines and sci-fi and horror fanzines I could get my hands on. I went to community college when I was 17 and did some art courses. In a commercial illustration class I drew a coffin with a corpse coming out of it for a funeral home. I thought it was funny as hell. My instructors rejected it without even looking at it.”

With an artistic career looking unlikely, Holland enlisted in the US Navy. On duty in the Persian Gulf during the First Gulf War, the opportunity to reignite his creative tinderbox arrived unexpectedly.

\"We’d run emergency first aid simulation operations. They were looking for someone to simulate wounds. I told them I was into horror movies. I had cotton, latex, rubber and little bits of plastic. I made a broken femur and tibia from what I remembered from Fangoria. People were blown away with how graphic it looked. Seeing how shocked people were with how gross and realistic they thought it was, I knew I could do this.”

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Blanche Macdonald