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Ve is in Vancouver!

BMC Signature Series Makeup Master with Ve Neill

3 time Oscar Winner showcases her Makeup Movie Magic at another Blanche Macdonald Exclusive!

BMC Signature Series Ve Neill Sweeney Todd Makeup

Can you feel the frenzied excitement? The energy is palpable. Ve entered the building to a standing ovation from one hundred plus Makeup students and this was only the morning session! With a full slate of Makeup demos, instructor training and media tour scheduled, Ve got right down to work. Starting off with a demo reel of her Career highlights, she then launched into her first Makeup demonstration of the day - from her most recent professional endeavour with Johnny Depp, the makeup from Sweeney Todd.

Here are some highlights from today's lecture and demo:

Some pearls of advice from Ve:

“Never say NO to a job; don’t let someone else take the experience away from you...HUGE opportunity to learn, connect and deal with people when starting out...”

“Tests in school teach you critical thinking skills when on set”

Cooking/Makeup analogy mindset/skill level:

“If you know how it tastes, you could probably make it. If you know what it (Makeup Creation) looks like, you could probably make it”

“Favourite/memorable work - All 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies – love PIRATES”

“Most challenging work – Mrs. Doubtfire – had to apply 13 pieces in the SAME spot everyday”

“Have fun in this job – no drama or prima donnas! NEVER stop learning, take in information, tips from everyone”

“Write everything down, that way you REMEMBER everything!!”

“Find a brush you REALLY, REALLY like, buy a bunch of them!”

“Knew I was going to be a MUP Artist since I was 5 years old - was always a goblin or a witch for Halloween”

“Don’t take credit for other people’s work. ALWAYS give credit to the artist who created the work”

BMC Signature Series Ve Neill Makeup Sweeney Todd 2

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