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Blanche Macdonald is now a Canadian Designated Learning Institute!

We are thrilled to announce that the Blanche Macdonald Centre is officially a Canadian Designated Learning Institute! Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently introduced new regulations that permit International students studying with a Canadian Designated Learning Institute to work in Canada. Blanche Macdonald’s new CIC designation (effective as of June 1st, 2014) allows our International students the phenomenal opportunity of working off-campus during their full-time study at Blanche Macdonald Centre.

International Students enrolled in one of the following Full-time diploma programs are eligible to work up to 20 hours off-campus while attending their studies at Blanche Macdonald Centre:

CIC Designation Off-Campus Work Permit for Blanche Macdonald Full-time International Students

Note: Students need to hold valid Study Permits and apply for a Social Insurance Number at Service Canada to work off-campus.

Blanche Macdonald also offers Full-time Co-op Diploma programs (see below) in our Global Makeup Artistry, International Makeup Artistry*, Fashion Merchandising, Esthetics/Spa Therapy and Professional Hairstyling programs. Students will require a Canadian Co-op work permit.

Along with our exceptional International Team, our fantastic Career Directors of each program are highly acclaimed and respected professionals in the industry and they work around the clock to place our current students and graduates with extraordinary work opportunities while studying in Canada. Every journey begins with a single step and we are so excited to have you be a part of our journey towards a brilliant future for our International students!

Please contact our International Marketing Team at our Atelier Campus should you have any questions. See below for details. 

Canada's #1 Makeup, Fashion, Esthetics and Pro Hair School, NEW Work-Study Program for International Students


Blanche Macdonald’s New Co-op Programs



Blanche Macdonald Centre is pleased to announce that the College has received official government approval for a 2 year Full-time Co-op Diploma program in our Global Makeup Artistry, International Makeup Artistry*, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design, Esthetics and Pro Hair programs. This will allow International students the phenomenal opportunity of studying with us for one year and then working in Canada for one year in their area of study and gaining valuable work experience in their field of study. Students will require a Canadian Co-op work permit.

makeup artist co-op program canada

* International Makeup Artistry = 6 month Study + 6 month Canadian Working Permit

With our International students who choose Co-op, they will first study full time in their Blanche Macdonald Program followed by the same duration of their Co-op work experience program.

Blanche Macdonald has a team of fully dedicated Career Placement Directors for each program. Our Directors will work closely with our Co-op students right from the beginning of their study period through to their Co-op program to coordinate work experience and volunteer opportunities (both paid and unpaid).

For information on upcoming Co-op program start dates, please contact a Blanche Macdonald Admissions Director (details below).

international student co-op program

Established since 1960, Blanche Macdonald Centre is a world class educational institution in Vancouver, BC, focusing on the creative and applied arts. We are a fully government accredited college and a Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI # O19257719332) enrolling over 1300 students per year. We currently have three Vancouver campuses, CurliQue Beauty (our pro beauty store) and Q&A Hair Salon (a student-run Pro Hair salon).

Five-time Emmy Award-winning Makeup Artist Eve Pearl recently called Blanche Macdonald "the Harvard of Makeup". We teach our students to the very highest industry standards. Our curriculum is authored by two-time Emmy Award-winning Blanche Macdonald Makeup Director, Mr. Todd McIntosh. Throughout the year, some of the top talent in the Beauty industry take time out of their busy schedules to visit our campuses and speak and demonstrate their talent and knowledge to our Makeup students. International VIP Guest instructors and artists include Oscar Award-winners Ve Neill (Makeup Designer/Makeup Department Head for The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean) and Howard Berger (Makeup Department Head for The Chronicles of Narnia) and the Celebrity Makeup Artists for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine - Sharon Gault and James Vincent

Recent award-winning Blanche Macdonald Makeup Artistry students and graduates:

International Makeup Artist Awards Toronto 2012 – Kiki Xiang, 1st place; Kara Alaric, 2nd place

International Makeup Artist Awards NYC 2012 – Taylor Dunn, 1st place; Cristina Adrianzen - 2nd Place; Nikki Dobsinsky - 3rd Place

International Makeup Artist Awards Vancouver 2012 – Catlyn Jeong, 1st place

International Makeup Artist Awards Vancouver 2011 – Veronica Duk Soo Cho, 1st place; Shawnna Downing, 2nd Place; Isabelle Champigny - 3rd place

Canada’s Best Beauty Talent for Makeup 2012 – Marcia Garnes

Procter & Gamble's Beauty and Grooming Awards: Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year 2013 - Blair Petty

Dior's 'Best North American Makeup Artist' Competition 2013 – Aya Coulter, Gold 

International Makeup Artist Awards NYC 2014 - Marina Hume, 2nd place



Please contact our International Marketing Team for more information regarding our admission process or start dates:

Atelier Campus

Jaye Wong Klippenstein, International Marketing Director

Lina Lee, Associate Director International Department
Lina is also fluent in Korean

Colin An, Associate Director International Department
Colin is also fluent in Mandarin

By phone: 604.685.5560

City Square Campus

Josephine Lee, Associate Director
Josephine is also fluent in Mandarin and Spanish. 

makeup artist work & study program canada

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