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Flex your Talon Talent and learn the nail business from tip to toe. Our Pro Nail Program combines art, science and business to help you develop the diverse skill set you need to succeed in the vibrant Nail industry. Pop the tops off your favourite polishes and create spectacular, wearable art in our creative studios. Train with leading industry experts at a globally renowned college. Join the ranks of our prestigious alumni who are sculpting the Pro Nail world.

Within our walls you’ll find a caring community that values creativity and nurtures confidence. You’ll meet industry insiders and expert professionals who will guide you, mentor you, and set you up for success.  Whether you’re hoping to dive into the high-pressure thrill of fashion photoshoots, add a fresh coat to your at-home business, let your artistry and talent shine within a salon team, or create a space of your very own, our Nail Studio program will give you the base coat to set your passions to action.

Program Overview

Pro Nail Artists create petite wearable masterpieces that interact with the world in a flutter of gestures and actions. From the fierce talons strutting across office keyboards to the Swarovski-encrusted sculptures of the Avant Garde, Nail Art is an extension of our creativity. It’s also a lucrative business.

That’s why Blanche Macdonald’s nail education goes far beyond product and technique. From the natural and organic to the artificial and high tech, we examine all of the professional practices and creative possibilities of the Pro Nail World. Over six hands-on months of painting, creating, experimenting and exploring, you will develop the essential skills and tools to build the career that is right for you.

Starting with a strong foundation of basic anatomy and physiology, you’ll gain a thorough knowledge of current natural and artificial nail techniques, treatments, equipment and products. Learn to uphold the highest standards of presentation, conduct and hygiene. Develop your creative skills as you perform manicures, pedicures, specialty nail treatments, acrylic nails, gel nails and nail art. We’ll coach you in developing a loyal and lasting client base, and hone your customer service skills to perfection. Together we’ll explore the latest products, tips and tools to keep you at the tip top of industry savvy.

With our base coat of knowledge set and prepped with your unique and vibrant design personality, we’ll seal it all with entrepreneurial polish. From curating your signature service menu to developing a marketing plan and self-branding, we’ll buff up your biz whiz to set your business to shining. We’ll coach you in client communication, retailing fundamentals, entrepreneurship and industry networking to ensure you’re primed for success, and ready to launch into your career as a Nail Professional.


The order of the Nail Studio Program modules that each student receives may vary due to instructor scheduling needs. Each student receives the exact same modules and total amount of training but the order of some modules may vary for certain groups.

The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

Nail Studio Brochure


Level 1Pro Nail Fundamentals
Level 2Creative Nail Studio




Lesson One: it’s all about the client. A professional, considerate and caring service will naturally lead to sales and re-booking. In this level we will teach you how to consult your customers about their unique desires, health concerns and lifestyle needs so you can customize a service that is safe, comfortable and perfectly suited to them. Your personal presentation and workspace are extensions of that care and professionalism. We’ll help you ensure your demeanor, posture and attire exude expertise, elegance and openness to the needs of your client. Learn the proper composition of your station as we coach you in the correct order and arrangement of implements, accessories and supplies.


Let’s get acquainted with our subjects! The hands and feet hold many secrets, together making up more than half of the bones in the human body. We’ll explore the basic anatomical structure of the hands and feet, learn how a nail grows, and discover the chemical composition and shape of the nail – from oval and squoval to round, pointed and square. We’ll teach you how to identify nail irregularities, diseases and disorders, and you’ll learn the characteristics and terminology for a range of nail and general health conditions. With this vital knowledge, you can determine the safest course for your service. You’ll also develop the analytical skills that will allow you to revise your treatment protocol to provide the best service according to each individual’s wellness.


The client comes first – and with that, their health. In this crucial module you’ll learn how to create safe and healthy treatment environments by using the correct processes and materials. We’ll uncover the Nail Industry standards of hygienic procedures and infection control practices, and teach you how to meticulously sanitize your tools, implements, and nail station. By understanding our Provincial Personal Service Establishment Guidelines and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), you will be able to properly store chemicals and control infection. It all comes together in the creation of a wholesome, clean and legitimized space where you can ease your clients’ bodies and minds.


Learn the secrets of an outstanding manicure and pedicure: from the perfect soak to the ooh-ahh factor of a hand massage, the intricacies of cuticle care, and how to seal the deal with a paraffin treatment. Refine your polish, file and nipper techniques, and master the iconic French design. Soothe away the stress of daily life and whisk your client off tired feet with a caring and relieving pedicure treatment. Our expert instructors will coach you in honing the technical and customer care skills that will win you a loyal return clientele. You will also have the unique opportunity to develop your nail drill skills to offer dry (waterless) manicures and pedicures.


Make everyday a Spa Day. In this level we’ll train you in those special extra steps that will transform your spa service from ordinary to extraordinary. Explore a range of innovative treatments and techniques to add to your, or your spa’s, personalized menu options. Soothe your clients’ work-worn muscles with a paraffin treatment; nurture with nourishing hand exfoliants and masks; and learn the healing art of reflexology. We’ll teach you how to enhance your spa concept with signature manicures and pedicures, so you can offer your own unique range of services to pamper your clients.


Let’s get hue happy! We’ll dip into our stock of top-of-the-line traditional and gel polishes to teach you how to swirl, dot, stencil and speckle your way to fabulous free-hand design. Mesmerize with water-marbling techniques, fade away with ombre transitions, and indulge your inner artist with acrylic paint miniatures. Stay on top of the creative trends and bespoke colours of the season. Create Nail Art with extended shelf life using on-trend gel polish formulations.


Creating Nail Art is like baking a cake. We’ll give you the recipe for a great base, then it’s up to you to customize the flavours and add your imaginative flair to the decoration. Practice makes perfect – so throughout each module you will practice your skills on friends, family and a few patient strangers during our Friends & Family and Client Days. Scheduled regularly throughout your term, this is your chance to test yourself within industry time standards, develop your skills in customer care and client consultation, and refine your service. Take in criticism and feedback and move forward with renewed insight. These real life experiences will help to boost your confidence and prepare you to enter the professional nail world.


In this high-octane, interactive business intensive, we’ll set you on the path to making your personal career goals a reality. Polish your entrepreneurial skills as we show you how to build your own Nail business from the ground up. We’ll begin by exploring the options – salon, spa, nail bar, mobile and home-based – and help you hone your vision. Learn how to structure and register your business, apply for a license, build an effective team, and develop a winning brand. We’ll explore inventory systems, marketing strategies, staffing, service pricing and how to attract and retain clients. Business is all about relationships, and we’ll make the introductions as you begin to build a network of industry equipment and product suppliers. Together we will map out your journey to success, and help you develop the professional strategy to get you there.


You’ve learned how to provide the service, cultivate the caring connection with your client, and get the results. Now, with the ever-expanding world of social media, you can connect with an immense potential for growth. Learn how to create captivating online content and use social media platforms to glean priceless insight into your market. Broaden the scope of your brand awareness, fortify existing client relationships, and forge new ones. We’ll show you how to utilize your social media accounts as effective and powerful marketing tools. Observe, listen, participate and connect actively in your virtual community, and watch your business and personal brand flourish.  






First developed for dentists – yes, really! – the acrylic formulation has now been adopted and transformed by innovative Nail Artists around the globe. The world of artificial nails is a thrilling mashup of science and art, a vibrant mix of monomer, polymer, pigment and line. How far does your creativity extend? Acrylics and gels allow you to push your artistry beyond the confines of the nail bed. Our expert instructors will guide you in developing cutting edge techniques as you indulge your inner mad scientist.


Become a tip-top Nail Artist by learning to employ acrylics and gels in our creative labs. Discover how to apply and blend a variety of tips, before building a nail with acrylic and gel overlays and creating fully sculptured nails using acrylic, traditional gel and soak-off gel formulations. We’ll train you in the proper ways to prep the nail, and help you develop advanced techniques to create smooth and crisply defined acrylics and gels. Learn to use the hand drill safely and efficiently for backfill and gel removal procedures.


Add texture and bling to your Nail Art creations! Learn how to stud your gel and acrylic applications with crystals, beads, appliques and charms using soft gel securing and nail glue. Whether it’s cute, elegant, or full-glitter glamour that your client is looking for, 2D Nail Art adds flourish to your artistry, and expands your service offerings. You’ll have clients lining up to indulge in these mini creations.


Blast your Nail Art into the third dimension! From whimsical to glamorous to avant garde, and everything in between, 3D nail applications allow you to create petite sculptural fantasies for competitions, editorials, and your everyday clientele. Play with colour and form by sculpting acrylic ornaments, and learn the pros and cons of build-and-stick versus build-up techniques. This module culminates in a practical 3D Nail Art project, where you will utilize your knowledge and amplify your creativity in a fantastic stretch of imagination and skill.

A selection of Blanche Macdonald Nail Parlour graduates and their career placements.

Afrooz Ghazinoor, Nail Technician, Shanaz Spa 
Alla Borisova, Freelance Nail Technician
Allison Johnston, Nail Technician, Holt Renfrew Spa 
Alysha Thompson, Nail Technician, The Nail Zone 
Amanda Massey, Nail Technician, Id Salon 
Amanda Yu, Owner/Nail Technician, Extra-Ordinails 
Amy Nguyen, Owner/Nail Technician, Socialite Nails  
Amy Tadeuszow, Nail Technician, Tropical Oasis Tan and Spa
Ana Carbonneau, Nail Technician, Elements Spa, Yaletown 
Angie Riddle, Nail Technician, Get Nailed, Whistler 
Anissa Ng, Nail Technician, Absolute Spa 
Ashley Stephenson, Nail Technician, Skin Concepts, Surrey 
Azadeh Saki, Nail Technician, Angelos Salon and Spa, Port Moody
Barbara Mcgowan, Nail Technician, Beauty Solutions 
Brenda Valkenier, Nail Technician, Crysalis Urban Refuge 
Caroline Fisher, Nail Technician, Spa Utopia 
Cass Schiffer, Freelance Nail Technician
Courtenay Markle, Nail Technician, Head To Toes 
Debbie Campbell, Nail Technician, Heads Up 
Denise Little, Owner, Nail Spa – Osoyoos 
Elena Sebastiano, Nail Technician, Polished Piggies
Guylaine Gagnon, Nail Technician, Steiner Cruises 
Jenny  Tran, Nail Technician, Vanessa Nails
Jey Reyes, Freelance Nail Technician
Jody Belanger, Freelance Nail Technician 
Ju Yu Cheng, Nail Technician, Lepetit Spa 
Julianne Harper, Nail Technician, The Pier Spa, Sidney 
Kelly Brulotte, Nail Technician, At your fingertips
Kim Palmateer, Freelance Nail Technician 
Kimberley Manning, Nail Technician, Infinite Mobile spa – Lower Mainland 
Krista Verhagen, Nail Technician, Honey Dew Dayspa 
Kyung Lussier, Nail Technician, Absolute Spa 
Leah Verpy, Nail Technician, Dolce Speranza 
Lyssa Maclaren, Nail Technician, The Nail Bar 
Maiko Sueta, Nail Technician, Glam Nail Studio 
Maryam Anwari, Nail Technician, Spa Utopia
Melissa Gauthier, Nail Technician, Spa Utopia
Micheline Brennan, Nail Technician, Get Nailed – Whistler 
Michelle Catton, Freelance Nail Technician
Michelle Guenther, Freelance Nail Technician
Min Pak, Nail Technician, Diva Deva – Korea 
Petrina Soiseth, Nail Technician, Pillars 
Rosanna Marano, Nail Technician, Holt Renfrew Spa 
Sabrina Bajwa, Owner/Nail Technician, Beauty Mantra 
Sabrina Wagner, Freelance Nail Technician 
Sherrel Baby, Nail Technician, Holt Renfrew Spa 
Stacy Wang, Nail Technician, Bella Nails
Tanya Izatt, Freelance Nail Technician
Tencia Wong, Nail Technician, Shine Nail Bar – Richmond
Vicky Monterrosa, Nail Technician, Junior Instructor – Blanche Macdonald Centre 
Wendy Duong, Nail Technician, Salon Beauty Bar
Yue Hua Ding, Nail Technician, Eccotique Dayspa 
Zaharenia Chnarakis, Nail Technician, Absolute Spa
Zahra Jaffari, Nail Technician, Socialite Nails – White Rock

Note: some of these Nail graduates may have changed positions in the interim.

The multibillion-dollar Pro Nail business is booming. Once a symbol of wealth and excess, Nail Art is no longer a luxury – it’s an everyday affair. Manis and Pedis are now a part of our daily ritual: a way to relax, rejuvenate, celebrate and connect with others. And in the powerful wake of social media, a career in the nail industry can as stable as a home-based business, as movable as a luxury cruise spa, and as accessible as establishing a kit and instigating word of mouth. Career possibilities are endless.

If you’ve been dreaming of this world, we’ll open the door for you. We were once dreamers too. Now we are a worldwide network of success stories and outstanding creative careers. Our Nail Studio Program drives the agenda and sets industry standards in hygienic practices, client consultation and artistic exploration. By joining us, you are launching your professional career – whether it be part-time, full-time or freelance – out into the larger world of Nail Artistry.

Our Career Services Team will help you transform your passion into a fulfilling creative career. They will be your guides as you navigate the Pro Nail world and find your place in it. That guidance is good for life – beginning on your very first day and continuing throughout the evolution of your career.

Our Career Directors have established powerful connections throughout the Beauty and Fashion industries, and it is their mission to help you find your perfect career fit. They will work around the clock to connect you with volunteer, retail internship and employment opportunities. They will assist you in building your network, boosting your confidence and, ultimately, crafting your own career.


What kind of career would you like to sink your nails into?

Kick your independence into high gear as a Mobile or Freelance Nail Artist for weddings, special events and home visits, or rent a table and set up shop in integrated and innovative boutiques.

Make home your base and open up a personalized Home Nails Business as your primary or secondary career, or to complement your existing lifestyle.

Join a spa or salon family as a Nail Technician, or take the helm as the Salon or Spa Manager.

Be your own boss! Open up a nail bar or spa of your very own as a Business Owner.

Take your passion for product across the country as an Account Executive or Educator for prestigious nail brands.

Keep stars camera-ready from fingertips to toes as a Celebrity Nail Artist.

Utilize your technical knowledge, client care know-how and business savvy to advise major Nail Art market players as an Industry Consultant.

Travel the world while performing magnificent manis and perfect pedis at every port as a Cruise Ship or Resort Nail Artist.

Capture the attention of, and sign on with, an Artist Agency, and collaborate with other creatives on high fashion, commercial and beauty photo shoots.

Blend your passion with compassion and help those in need as a roaming Nail Specialist and caregiver in hospices, seniors centres, children’s hospitals and for charities.

Become a Fashion Nail Artist and work with a line to lacquer runways and Fashion Weeks across the globe.

Integrate industry knowledge with business acumen and scientific method to create your own kit must-haves as a Product Developer or Brand Owner.

Share your insights and ideas as a Beauty Blogger or Vlogger, and build a subscriber base that will tune in to follow your creative journey.

Promote your passion, build a brand and influence the Nail world on your preferred platform as a Social Media Professional.

Connect with customers, build relationships, curate product and demonstrate your technique as a Retail Beauty Specialist, Retail Manager or Freelance Demo Artist.

Open your own business: start a mobile Nail biz, pop up a shop, or use your creativity and ambition to fill a unique niche in the Nails market as an Entrepreneur.


From exclusive internships to onsite employment fairs and industry partnerships, your success is our business. That’s why we have a dedicated Careers Team focused 24/7 on career placement. Their vast network of industry contacts, top employers, powerhouse brands and exclusive agencies know that Blanche Macdonald is the first port of call for anyone seeking Nail talent. Our Career Directors offer their lifelong support and one-on-one attention to help you find employment and opportunities – whether it’s the day you start, the day you graduate, or anytime from now to forever.



They’re creating looks at global Fashion Weeks and opening their own nail studios. They’re jet-setting from executive boardrooms to top international spas, winning prestigious Nail Art competitions and pioneering home and mobile businesses in Canada and beyond. They are blowing up on social media and making bank with their drop dead nail creations. They are our grads, and they’re the leading lights and reigning stars of the Pro Nail world. Our graduates consistently rise to the top of the Nail business, bringing their artistry to every corner of the industry, garnering international recognition and making us proud. We want you to reach these same heights. So we have lovingly crafted Programs that will train you for the industry, coach you in professionalism, and prepare you for a successful career in Pro Nails once you graduate.  



It is our mission to make you the most well-rounded, versatile and successful Nail Professional you can be, with endless opportunities at your fingertips. That’s why we train you in the three levels of the industry: technical, creative and entrepreneurial. We start with a solid grounding in the techniques that will win you loyal clients. Then we give you time and space to hone your nail art skills, play with colour, dapple with different designs, and develop your creativity. Finally, we ensure you have the business savvy and professional polish to launch your nail career.



In our quest to transform you into a complete nail professional, we will train you in both acrylic and gel applications, so that you can offer your clients the total package from tip to toe. You’ll learn how to build a nail with acrylic and gel overlays and create fully sculptured nails using acrylic, traditional gel and soak-off gel formulations. You’ll develop advanced techniques to create acrylic and gel nail art that will have clients lining up out the door, and coming back for more!



Our faculty and Directors have spent their lives in the industry, and have a vast network of connections at their fingertips. This connectedness allows them to invite exclusive guest speakers into the classroom for intimate conversations, skills building workshops, inspiring seminars and specialized training. You’ll hear the stories that have made nail industry superstars, get first-hand advice on facing challenges and building your career, and gain access to insider knowledge that will set you up for success.


Part-time Diploma program (300 hours)

There are three scheduling options to choose from:

  • Sundays (full day) and Tuesdays (evenings) – approximately 26 weeks
  • Saturdays only – approximately 38 weeks
  • Sundays only – approximately 38 weeks

For Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada: the lowest Tuition payment plan option is $6,100 for the entire program length. Canada Student Loan funding is available for those who qualify.

The Nail Studio Kit is $2,750 + GST/PST (exclusive of tuition).

Following your program acceptance, the following fee payments totaling $950 (exclusive of tuition) are required on the day of enrollment:

1. An assessment fee of $150
2. A non-refundable registration fee of $250
3. An administrative fee of $550


Tuition Grants may be available for specific programs and start dates. Please ask your Admissions Advisor about any available Tuition Grants.

Class sizes are very limited. Early registration is required to guarantee a seat in a class.

To learn more about our various payment plan options and upcoming start dates, please fill out our info-request form or connect with your Admissions Advisor.

Making an Application is simple and easy. This is our way of getting to know you. Please fill out the Application form and then an Admissions Director will arrange a time to connect with you. This is a wonderful way for us to share information and insights about the program, the industry, career development, job opportunities, potential tuition grants and financial aid options. And this is our time to learn about you, what your career goals are, what you would like to achieve with your career training, what questions and concerns we can help you with. There is no enrolment deposit made until you have been formally accepted into the program. Please submit your Application here.

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