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One Program. Endless Possibilities.

Makeup is more than a creative career. It is a multi-billion dollar global industry full of exciting opportunities. Join us in Canada and train for a professional career in a field you love.

If you are an International Student hoping to study Makeup at a prestigious College, our Diploma Program has been designed for you. You will learn Makeup Artistry from leading industry experts at Canada’s Top Makeup School. Invest in yourself, discover your creativity and build your skills in Vancouver, Canada.

Whether you are new to makeup or already have some experience, we will train you to become a Makeup Professional. You will discover North American beauty, experience Canadian culture and meet global experts. You’ll improve your English Language Skills and make new friends from around the world – all while learning the art and business of global makeup.



Moving to a new country is one of the most exciting things you can do. It also takes a lot of courage. Your journey will be filled with new experiences, new friends, new adventures and new challenges. But don’t worry. We are here to support you throughout your experience.

At Blanche Macdonald we will welcome you with open arms. We celebrate your courage, and we honour your commitment to your future. We will offer our advice and assistance as you settle into life in Vancouver. If you need someone to talk to, someone to help you, or someone to be by your side, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

As a student here, you will gain more than an education. You will become part of a global family.




Since 1960, the Blanche Macdonald Centre has offered the highest quality training in Makeup Artistry. We have a rich heritage, and a history of educational excellence. Yet we remain on the cutting edge by constantly innovating our programs with the latest technology and techniques. Today we are recognized as the leading Makeup college in Canada.

The Blanche Macdonald Centre is a hub of creativity. We are a globally renowned college with three campuses – and yet we maintain a welcoming, family atmosphere. We provide the guidance, networks and tools required for a professional makeup career. We embrace diversity, and encourage excellence by nurturing and supporting each one of our students throughout their education.



Blanche Macdonald is recognized globally for producing top industry professionals. Our faculty and graduates have received international accolades and awards including Emmy, Gemini and Leo Awards for Outstanding Makeup. They have worked with prestigious global brands including MAC, Makeup For Ever, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Top Shop, Nike and Adidas. Their work has been featured in major international films and television programs, on the runways of Paris, New York and Milan, and on the covers of global magazines including Vogue and Elle.

Many International Students who have graduated from our International Makeup Studio Program are now successfully working around the world as top Makeup Artists. They have built their own careers in Fashion and Wedding Makeup, in TV & Film, or as business entrepreneurs. Some have stayed in North America. Others have returned to their home countries, or have continued to travel the world doing what they love.



Vancouver is truly an international city. Often voted as one of the world’s most livable cities, it is a safe, clean metropolis of diverse cultures. Located on the Pacific Ocean, it is surrounded by water, forest and the beautiful Coast Mountains. The world-renowned ski resort of Whistler is within two hours of downtown. Vancouver Island, home to spectacular natural beauty and the provincial capital city of Victoria, is just a ferry ride away. Our welcoming coastal city also offers an unparalleled quality of life, excellent shopping and world-class dining. It’s a wonderful place to live, and we are proud to call it home.

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Program Overview

Our International Makeup Studio Program has a proven history of turning students into full-time Pro Makeup Artists. Our award-winning instructors you will teach you the art and business of professional makeup. In hands-on classes you will learn professional techniques and develop your technical ability through extensive practical application. You will also gain the communication and self-marketing skills needed for a successful career.

Upon graduation you will earn a Canadian Diploma in Makeup, and be prepared to begin your career as a Makeup Professional in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond.


Our International Makeup Studio Program focuses on practical work and visual learning rather than theory and written work. You’ll collaborate with fellow students on creative projects. You’ll experience real-life makeup environments, from retail to fashion shows to live demos. You’ll take part in professional photo shoots for your own Portfolio, produced to a high industry standard and ready to be brought to job interviews and professional events.


The Director of our Makeup Program is Emmy-Award Winning makeup master Todd McIntosh. He has created our industry-leading curriculum. Our incredible team of instructors includes Emmy Award winners, industry experts and globally renowned professionals. Their work has appeared in major publications and on productions and runways around the world. Each one brings a lifetime of professional experience to our classrooms.


The International Makeup Studio Program features the same high standard of instructors and curriculum as our other Makeup Programs, but with one important difference: it has been specially designed for International Students who wish to improve their written and verbal English. You will be encouraged to speak English only, in the classroom and on campus. Interacting with native English instructors, guest speakers, industry experts, models and photographers will strengthen your language skills and improve your confidence.

If you are insecure about your language skills, don’t worry. This program is hands-on, meaning that the majority of class time is spent doing practical creative work. Assignments, lessons and exams are practical and visual, so you don’t have to worry about too many written exercises. You’ll be learning by doing, applying makeup on models and other students in your class.


If you are planning to study in a program in Canada that lasts six months or less, you do not need a study permit. That means you can take our 3-month accelerated program without having to worry about getting extensive documentation. However, you must complete the course or program within the period authorized for your stay in Canada.

Even if you do not need a study permit, it is a good idea to apply for a permit before you come to Canada. If you decide that you want to continue your studies in another program after you complete your short-term course or program, you must apply through a Canadian visa office outside Canada for a study permit if you do not already have one.

There are many benefits to having a Study Permit. Study Permit holders are legally allowed to work “off campus” for the same number of hours per week as their studies. For example, if you are taking our program 20 hours per week, you can also work 20 hours per week while you are studying. This is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the Canadian makeup industry. It will help you prepare for your career while funding your studies and living expenses.

As a Study Permit Holder you could also choose to take our Co-op Work Experience Program.


You may choose to expand on your studies by adding on a six-month International Co-op Work Experience, giving you the opportunity to spend a full year in Canada. Our Co-op program allows you to work up to 40 hours a week and gain valuable industry experience.

Our dedicated Makeup Career Department will help you secure a relevant Co-op Work placement, enabling you to gain professional industry experience even before you graduate. Our Career Directors will help you transition into work and develop your confidence so that you can train to become a professional.


The International Makeup Studio Program is a full-time program. Upon completion students earn a Canadian Diploma.

Our programs are scheduled so that you can balance your school and work life. If you have a study permit, you can work off campus for the same amount of hours per week as your course. You will also be able to do volunteer work. These opportunities will allow you to gain valuable experience and insight into the professional makeup industry.  

There are two scheduling options to choose from:

  1. Six month program: 3 days a week, Monday to Wednesdays or Wednesdays to Fridays
  2. Three month accelerated program: 5 days a week, Monday to Fridays  


If you wish to continue your studies and extend your stay in Canada, you can transfer all of your credits to the Global Makeup Program. You will be able to learn makeup for TV & Film, special effects and digital makeup, and continue to expand your knowledge and technical ability. It’s the perfect way to continue on your professional path. Many International Students choose to upgrade their studies this way.




Students can get lost in the shuffle, but not here. We care about you, and we prove it day in and day out. You’ll always find someone here to connect with and to help. Our circle of support extends to the classroom and beyond. Once you are part of the Blanche family, you are part of our global network for life. We will always be here for you.


There is no need to worry or feel insecure about your language skills. Our Program has been designed for students whose first language is not English. We focus on practical skills and visual learning, not theory and written tests. Our emphasis is on group projects, professional mentoring, networking and sharing. You will be graded on your work, attitude, creativity and work ethic – not your English. Our instructors anticipate that you may have language challenges. They are patient and kind, and will take the time to ensure you understand all program material.


We are a Canadian College. When you are a student here you will learn about North American beauty, style, social media, techniques and technology. You will also have the opportunity to meet the best of North America’s Makeup Industry. We often invite global beauty leaders to the College for speaking events, master classes and demonstrations. Past VIPs have included Dany Sanz, the founder of MUFE; Oscar winners Ve Neill and Howard Berger; and Emmy winners Eve Pearl and Todd McIntosh, our Makeup Director.


We bring the best global and local brands into your Makeup Kit. With our school + salon + store, our students are exposed to thousands of products and continual product knowledge. This is only possible because of our in-house Pro Beauty Boutique, CurliQue. You’ll learn about prestige brands, cult brands, organic, paraben free, vegan, clean/ethical beauty, and all the latest trending products.


We are proud of our diverse mix of students from around the globe, united in a passion for makeup. We don’t just teach you “our style” of makeup – it’s a sharing experience. Each student has the opportunity to express their cultural heritage and interests through the creative process. That way, we learn from each other. We encourage you to build on our training to express your own vision and tap into your heritage. Our International Students are a great resource. You bring your culture, your character and your experience. You already have creativity within you – we are here to help you express it in your own unique voice.

Level 1 Makeup Artistry
Level 2 Bridal Makeup
Level 3 Bridal Hair
Level 4 Intro to Art & Technology
Level 5 Fashions in Makeup & Photographic Makeup
Level 6 Airbrushing
Level 7 Fashions in Makeup: High Fashion & Cutting Edge Makeup
Level 8 Cosmetic Retailing & Resumé
Level 9 Art & Technology


Develop a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to build upon throughout the program. Gain the essentials of makeup application as you work with different skin types, tones, ages and ethnic groups. Our instructors will share their winning techniques for blending, contouring, shading and highlighting. Learn about face shape, eyes, lips, brows and skin care. Perform practical applications in daytime and evening makeup, classic, natural, glamour and dramatic styles. At CurliQue, our Beauty Boutique, you will develop hands-on product knowledge with Industry Pros.


Learn the creative and business sides of the lucrative bridal industry. Our instructors will teach you how to conduct a bridal makeup consultation, build client relationships and negotiate a contract. Create and apply traditional, contemporary, ethnic and avant-garde bridal makeup styles. Learn the secrets of flawless, sheer and natural bridal makeup. We’ll show you how to work with different skin types and styles, and incorporate bridal gowns and accessories into your makeup designs. Learn to work with a hairdresser and photographer on a professional bridal photo shoot, and begin compiling your portfolio images.


Learn fundamental hairstyling skills so that you can create a total look from head to toe. Our industry expert instructor will train you in styling techniques including roller setting, blowdrying, backcombing and finishing, and updos including scrunching, teasing, braiding and easy buns. Learn to create vintage looks and contemporary styles as you begin to integrate hairstyling trends and current fashion looks into your designs. Upgrade your skills with a range of bridal hairstyles including the French twist, French roll, back bun, Spanish bun, knot tying, easy beehive and top head bun. We’ll show you how to position bridal hair accessories and incorporate twists and knots for contemporary styles.


Learn how to capture your work through effective photography, and create eye-commanding visuals to project your makeup talent in the digital realm. With a professional photographer as your guide you will execute an industry-standard photoshoot. Discover how to maximize your digital camera to produce high quality results, select effective backdrops and lighting, and learn the essentials of photoshoot etiquette. You will produce industry standard shots of your work, receive professional feedback from a photographer, and learn first-hand the relationship between makeup and photography. We’ll identify the key features of a great portfolio, and help you choose your personal design elements to create your own winning portfolio.


Explore the history of makeup as we study different eras of the 20th century and examine current makeup trends. You’ll create face charts and perform practical applications for runway and fashion show looks, model tests and actor headshots. Develop corrective and camouflage techniques and discover how lighting impacts makeup. Working with a creative team – hairstylist, fashion stylist, photographer and model – you will collaborate on a makeup look for a professional fashion photo shoot. Learn the role of a Makeup Artist in runway and print environments as you develop etiquette for working with production teams, clients and agencies.  


Turn air into an artform as you learn how to clean, assemble, load and operate an airbrush. Design character charts and experiment with patterns and textures. Learn to use masks, shields, templates and friskets. You will apply beauty, glamour, fashion and fantasy makeup with an airbrush. Your instructors will teach you how cover tattoos and skin discolourations, and create airbrush tattoos. Then, design and perform an airbrush makeup application on the face, body and hair for a professional photo shoot.


Fashion makeup meets the cutting edge as we explore contemporary makeup and avant garde looks. We’ll explore the fashion trends in makeup that are on the cutting edge of style and show you how to forecast future makeup trends. Discover how art, music, high fashion and street culture influence makeup, and analyze high fashion runway looks through discussions, visuals and video. As you continue to develop your skills and confidence in makeup application, you’ll take your talent into the future as you design, develop and apply a futuristic hair and makeup look for a professional photoshoot.


In this hands-on career-coaching intensive, we’ll help you polish your professional style and develop your skills in business communications, career awareness and job search. Learn how to write a standout cover letter, produce an industry CV and conduct a winning interview. You’ll develop the tools and confidence to network, build relationships, and identify and communicate with prospective employers. Since many professional Makeup Artists begin their careers in retail, we’ll cover the essentials of “counter culture,” including the language of retail, sales and marketing techniques, customer service and client consultations. At CurliQue Beauty our Talent Team will guide you through their winning “The Art of the Sale” technique and coach you on sales and customer care.


Combine your creative talents with technology as you learn how to promote yourself as a Makeup Professional using digital graphic design tools. Create your own digital portfolio presentation with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint, and produce finished images for your portfolio. Optimize your photo shoot images for different media and learn how to synthesize your work with other digital content. Design a business card, retouch your images and produce a multimedia presentation. We’ll give you a portfolio masterclass so you can design and compile a professional portfolio for marketing your talents and developing industry connections. These tools will create impact and results as you begin your Makeup career.



The order of the International Makeup Studio Program modules that each student receives may vary due to instructor scheduling needs. Each student receives the exact same modules and total amount of training but the order of some modules may vary for certain groups.

The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

Every single person who walks through our doors has a unique story. They come from different worlds, from all walks of life, from diverse backgrounds that speak of a global community. In our classrooms you may be sitting next to a former lawyer or surgeon or a professional dancer; you may encounter someone from Argentina, Taiwan or Morocco. These differences make up the beautiful mosaic of our diverse, dynamic culture. Yet we are all united in a passion for the creative world.

At Blanche Macdonald we will greet you with open hearts and open minds ready for collaboration. Within our walls you’ll find a community of creative peers. Your classmates today will be your colleagues tomorrow, the first links in the professional network you’ll start to form even before you graduate. Group assignments will prepare you for the collaborative industry you’ll soon join.

We celebrate diversity and difference, and hold creativity as your most prized possession. In the embrace of our caring community, you will connect with mentors and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Walk through our doors and you will gain more than an education. You will gain a family for life.

Career Services

The Makeup industry offers endless opportunities for rewarding, creative and flexible careers. The skills that you develop on our Program can be transferred anywhere in the world – so there’s no limit to where you can go. Whether your focus will be on Fashion, Bridal or Beauty, there’s a place for you in this industry.

Our full-time Career Services Team have powerful connections in the makeup industry. They will connect you with volunteer, internship and employment opportunities. You will be invited to join an exclusive web page where Career Directors will post opportunities in wedding, fashion and retail events to help you build your experience, network and portfolio.

Our Career Directors are dedicated to you and your success. They will support you in finding your perfect career fit, assist you in building your network, and help you in developing your confidence. Their guidance is good for life. It starts on your very first day and continues throughout your career.


Industry Overview


On red carpets and runways, Blanche Macdonald graduates are finding success in the Fashion Makeup world. Their work is featured on the stages of global fashion events and the pages of top fashion magazines. From Vancouver to Taipei, New York to Tokyo, London to Seoul, Mexico City to Beijing, our students are transforming their makeup passion into fashion careers.

Our graduates and faculty have worked for some of the world’s most influential designers, including Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. They have collaborated with globally renowned artists, photographers and megabrands like MTV and Nike, and worked at high profile events including global Fashion Weeks and the Oscars.  



Flawless glamour, timeless grace: here comes the Bridal Makeup Artist. Many of our graduates have become successful wedding makeup artists, winning awards and building lucrative businesses. Constantly in demand, their calendars are filled year-round. They can choose their clients and decide their own schedule, enjoying creative freedom and flexible schedules.

Wedding Makeup is a global business. It’s also an opportunity to express your creativity and draw from your heritage. With diverse styles from Indian Bollywood to Asian Glamour, many artists travel around the world to work at destination weddings. It’s not just a rewarding career – it’s a chance to connect with people from different cultures, and make their celebratory day truly special.



Many successful Makeup Artists begin their professional careers in Retail. Starting at a major retailer or cosmetic counter, they advance to Account Executive, Manager, District Manager, Area Supervisor, and even Regional and National Director. Others choose to focus in on one brand, training fellow Makeup Artists locally or on an international platform, educating about specific products, performing demos and giving presentations.



In this fast-paced digital age, Social Media is where makeup stars are created. Many of our graduates are high-profile Social Media influencers who have thousands of followers, leading them to professional success and lucrative careers. They channel their creativity through blogs, images and video to attract subscribers from across the world. Makeup careers are made on Instagram and YouTube, making Social Media one of the fastest-growing fields in the Industry.


Career Opportunities

Create couture looks for editorial, the runway or the red carpet as a Fashion Makeup Artist.

Provide the precious and personalized service of wedding makeup as a Bridal Makeup Artist.

Connect with customers, curate product and demonstrate your technique as a Retail Beauty Specialist, Retail Manager or Freelance Demo Artist.

Share the story, vision and concept of a brand with other makeup professionals as a Trainer or Pro Educator.

Curate product as a Makeup Purchasing Coordinator, using your skills for inventory control, buying, purchasing and negotiating to ensure the best mix for your market.

Promote your passion, build a brand and influence the makeup world as a Social Media Professional.

Share your insights and ideas as a Beauty Blogger or Vlogger, and build a subscriber base that will tune in to follow your creative journey.

Join an established company or brand as a Social Media Influencer, combining your makeup expertise with a keen sense of trends and an ability to engage an audience.

Tell compelling makeup stories as a Beauty Writer, captivating readers with reviews and editorial.

Go on a world tour with a band or performer, or create makeup looks for the stars, as a Celebrity Makeup Artist.

Use your eye for colour, design and form to advise shoppers, private clients and celebrities as a Beauty Consultant.

Develop your own makeup line and mix essences, compounds and colour as a Brand Creator.

Open your own business: start a mobile makeup biz, pop up a shop, or use your creativity to fill a unique niche in the makeup market as an Entrepreneur.

Share your passion and knowledge with the next generation of Makeup Artists as an Educator or Instructor.

Master the art of the Airbrush and paint your ideas to life as an Airbrush Artist.

Create living works of art for events, performances, ads, editorial and competitions as a Body Painter.


They’re winning Emmy Awards and creating looks at global Fashion Weeks. They’re jetsetting from blockbuster film sets to exclusive red carpet events, gracing the covers of Vogue magazine and commanding makeup and special effects departments on major TV shows. They’re our grads, and they’re leading lights of the makeup world. From Andrea Tiller, personal Makeup Artist for Amy Schumer, to celebrity groomer Kumi Craig – who works with the hottest A-Listers from Leonardo Dicaprio to Jay Z – we have thousands of successful makeup alumni. Our graduates consistently rise to the top of the makeup business, bringing their artistry to every corner of the industry, garnering international recognition and making us proud. We want you to reach these same heights. So we have lovingly crafted Programs that will train you for the industry, coach you in professionalism, and prepare you for a successful career in Makeup once you graduate.



Over the years we have developed a global network that connects us – and our students – with luminaries of the makeup world. As part of our commitment to exceptional education, we invite these makeup masters to share their expertise and experience in exclusive seminars, presentations and demos, just for our students. Past events have featured Oscar winners Ve Neill, Bill Corso, Howard Berger and Tami Lane; multiple Emmy winners Eve Pearl, Thomas Suprenant and Todd McIntosh, our Makeup Department Director; celebrity Makeup Artists Sharon Gault, James Vincent and Siån Richards; Fashion superstars Janeen Witherspoon and Ayami Nishimura; and Makeup visionaries Maurice Stein, Roque Cozette and Dany Sanz, founder of MAKE UP FOR EVER -, among others. As a Blanche Macdonald Student you will have the unique opportunity to learn from – and rub shoulders with – the makeup elite.



From exclusive internships to onsite employment fairs and industry partnerships, your success is our business. That’s why we have a dedicated Careers Team focused 24/7 on career placement. Their vast network of industry contacts, top employers, powerhouse brands and exclusive agencies know that Blanche Macdonald is the first port of call for anyone seeking makeup talent. Our Career Directors offer their lifelong support and one-on-one attention to help you find employment and opportunities – whether it’s the day you start, the day you graduate, or anytime from now to forever. As a graduate you are part of a global network, connecting you not just to top brands, experts and employers, but also to your fellow students. Our grads hire each other, partner up, put each other forward, inspire and support one another. Your classmates today will be your colleagues, collaborators and co-creators tomorrow, the first – and often most important – links in your own professional network. This is the unbroken circle of the Blanche Macdonald family.



Our Makeup School is strategically placed at the epicentre of Hollywood North. Whether it’s hit TV series like Riverdale, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural or A Series of Unfortunate Events or blockbuster feature films Deadpool 2, Wonder, Star Trek Beyond and countless others, run the credits and you’ll find a Blanche Macdonald graduate. With hundreds of TV shows, films and commercials being produced every year, Vancouver’s TV and Film business is now worth over $2 billion – and growing. Blanche Macdonald’s coveted location, coupled with our industry connections, gives our students potential access to endless opportunities right on our doorstep. Our expert instructors are often arriving to class directly from set, where they are key makeup artists and department heads on a wide range of productions. Just by being a student at Blanche Macdonald you are instantly connected to the vast network of active makeup artists working in TV and Film. This is your all-access pass to Hollywood North and beyond.



Your Makeup Kit is your artist’s palette, your creative arsenal and your best friend. On your first day of class you’ll receive a ZUCA makeup kit – widely considered to be the industry standard – loaded with the best of the best, giving you the chance to work with the hottest brands on the planet, including MAKE UP FOR EVER, MAC, Cinema Secrets, Kryolan, Premiere Products and many more. You’ll also work with the industry’s best tools, including Morphe Brushes, Beauty Blender and top-of-the-line IWATA airbrush and compressor, the trusted brand of Oscar and Emmy award winners. And then there is your student discount and ongoing student workshops at our Pro store CurliQue Beauty, where you will be given access to thousands of products including Kevyn Aucoin, ILIA, Cozzette, Eve Pearl, Lit Cosmetics, Velour Lashes, Love for Lashes, Rituel De Fille, RCMA, Sappho New Paradigm, Senna Cosmetics, Stila, The Ordinary, Dermalogica, Eminence, Oribe and the list goes on. As a student, being able to actually play, experiment, learn and create with thousands of makeup products is critical to your education and to your career. When you know which product creates which effect, or provides a certain sheen or texture, or is paraben free or organic, this knowledge expands your creative repertoire and your ability to meet the needs of your client.

Note: the College reserves the right to change Kit contents and brands as needed.

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