Tracey Payne, Makeup Program Director

Tracey Payne, Makeup Program Director

From the beginning of her own career as a two time Blanche Macdonald graduate (Makeup and Fashion Marketing), Tracey Payne has been a sought after talent; a gentle yet powerful force who has impacted every environment she touches. She has helped cultivate an open and engaging structure within Canada’s artistic communities, cementing Blanche Macdonald’s connections with industry professionals and high profile organizations including Film and Television Unions IATSE Local 891 and ACFC, and international makeup organizations Make-up Artist Magazine, IMATS and The Makeup Show. Tracey has built successful and enduring relationships with some of the World’s leading Makeup Artists and brought them through Blanche Macdonald’s doors to share their wisdom with our students. She’s played a pivotal role in welcoming Emmy Award-winning artists Eve Pearl, David DeLeon and Todd McIntosh, Academy Award-winners Howard Berger, Tami Lane, Maurice Stein and Ve Neill, and Celebrity Makeup Artists including Lyle Reimer, Mimi Choi, Timothy Hung, Roque Cozzette, Sharon Gault, Janeen Witherspoon and Ayami Nishimura to our School.

Committed to educational excellence, Tracey regularly draws upon her own vast and inspiring experience, sharing her stories, insights and dazzling passion with each person that she encounters. The strength of her spirit and the warmth of her smile encourage students to bring out their ‘A game’ and reach for their fullest potential.

It’s so important to remember that we need joy in our careers!

“We practice what we teach,” explains Tracey. “It’s essential that we acknowledge every student’s specific needs, their individual effort and their personality. My favourite thing about this job is being able to witness each student’s artistry develop and inspiring those artists to be accountable for their own future.

“We thrive on doing great work and we love to champion the creative journey. It’s so important to remember that we need joy in our careers!” The Makeup Department is inevitably filled with laughter when Tracey is around. Her sense of humour celebrates the power of a great giggle. She is a burst of colour and personality on campus, shining in a style utterly her own, bringing on smiles and leaving us in anticipation to see which custom designed skirt and limited edition Fluevogs she’ll be sporting next. Not to mention the magnificently bold and masterfully blended shadows of her eye-du-jour!

Strong, beautiful, compassionate and fierce, we’re grateful to have Tracey at the heart of our Makeup Program.

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