Blanche Macdonald Centre

Recognized as Canada's #1 College for Makeup Artistry, Hair Design, Fashion Aesthetics and Nail Artistry

Emmy award-winning instructors and graduates. Contessa award-winning stylists. International Beauty Show Nail Pro winners. "Stitched" Fashion Television series winners. IMATS Makeup winners in Vancouver, Toronto, LA, New York and Sydney Australia. Skills Canada Student winners, Pro Hair. Vancouver Fashion Week Award winners.

The Blanche Macdonald Centre has always been at the forefront of advanced education. Our College is recognized worldwide for delivering an international-based curriculum that responds to the needs of the industry.

At our foundation of our world-class education is the superior calibre of our award winning and highly distinguished educators and industry experts. We will guide you, mentor you and train you as you learn and practice every aspect of your new found education.

Our industry-forward program and our focus on professionalism provide unparalleled training for the real world. Our collaborative approach to education, paired with our progressive, cutting-edge curriculum, prepares you for a seamless transition from classroom to industry. You’ll develop your creativity and technique in the pursuit of mastery and the realization of a rewarding career.


Our Story

1960 to 1988

Blanche Brillon Macdonald established the Blanche Macdonald Modelling School and Blanche Macdonald Modelling Agency in 1960. She was of Métis heritage and was a life-long champion of Indigeneous peoples' rights.

Early in her career, she became a professional model and began teaching modelling and self appreciation. Her focus on self appreciation was not about appearance but about confidence. In her later years, Blanche became a board member of the Aboriginal Friendship Centre and co-founder of the Professional Native Women's Association.

Blanche was a pioneer, an advocate and a powerful role model to many. She passed away in 1985.

In 1988, Blanche's family made the decision to pass the company to the next generation of leaders.

1988 to Current

The school was renamed the Blanche Macdonald Centre, moving into professional Diploma programs for the Applied Arts, Business and Entrepreneurship.

Our current collective leadership is founded on the principles of diversity and inclusivity. We celebrate our differences and we are bonded by our core values, connecting and creating a community that provides access to education, artistry and entrepreneurship.

Walk through our doors and you will receive a world-class education that has no bounds, and knows no boundaries. It is our hope and belief that you will discover friends and mentors within our walls and that these rich connections will endure a lifetime.

We have seen our graduates succeed in every way, big and small. Whether it's achieving the ultimate career recognition with winning an Emmy for Outstanding Makeup, seeing their Fashion Design collection debut at Paris Fashion Week, opening their own successful businesses or taking that first step into a classroom, finding their voice and personal authority and speaking up, or taking a leap of faith in trusting in themselves and learning to trust in others.

It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of their journey and perhaps, a part of yours.

Makeup School

Makeup School

Our Makeup Programs put you at the face of the Pro Makeup Industry.

Learn Professional Makeup Artistry at Canada’s leading Makeup school. In our state-of-the-art studios, you’ll train with award-winning industry experts to master the skills to build a world-beating career. Our makeup courses cover every aspect of the business. Whether you hope to be a TV & Film pro, bridal specialist, freelance makeup artist or special FX master, we’ll prepare you to join the ranks of our prestigious alumni who are shaping the Makeup world in Canada and across the globe.

Fashion School

Fashion School

Get runway ready with our cutting-edge Fashion Programs.

Our industry-leading fashion courses take you into the beating heart of the fashion world to give you the most comprehensive training available. From Fashion Management and Styling to Fashion Illustration and Merchandising, our expert instructors will show you the business inside out. In our creative labs you will style, design, create and produce. On collaborative projects you will develop creative, business and teamwork skills. In our classrooms you will delve into fashion history and learn about fashion careers. Over one life-changing year you’ll gain the skills to become a world-class Design or Marketing Professional.

Hair School

Hair School

Hands-on-hair training meets real salon experience.

Join us for a year of intensive Pro Hair training with top Industry experts. Our cutting edge hair styling courses will equip you with the business and technical skills to open career doors. Learn from a team of industry experts and master a range of professional hair styles and techniques as you gain real salon experience at Q&A, our professional student salon. In our hair studios and on the salon floor you will gain the competitive edge to step straight into the heart of the hair industry.

Esthetics School

Esthetics/Medical Esthetics School

The creation of beauty is more than skin deep.

Gain the essential skills to build a meaningful career in Spa Therapy. From business development and spa management to esthetician training and laser technician courses, our program will transform you into a skilled spa therapist. Our expert instructors will mentor you in the areas of spa therapy, cosmetology, and medical esthetics. Our holistic approach to Esthetics education integrates the study of a person’s mind, body, spirit and lifestyle. Integrating the science of skin with extensive product knowledge, hands-on practical treatments and the latest cutting edge techniques and equipment, our Esthetics curriculum has launched thousands of Esthetics careers, with graduates working around the world.

Nail Technician Courses

Nail School

Learn the business of Nail Art from tip to toe.

Our Pro Nail Program combines art, science and business to give you the diverse skill set you need to succeed as a professional Nail Technician. From masterful manicures and perfect pedicures to acrylic and gel nail art, our expert instructors will give you the most complete nail training possible. Develop business skills, cultivate client care techniques and get creative with nail art designs. Over six hands-on months of painting, creating, experimenting and exploring, our Nail courses will give you the base coat to transform your passion into a rewarding career.

The Blanche Macdonald Centre has been an industry leader in fashion and beauty education since 1960. Today, over five decades of experience and expertise inform and shape our innovative, cutting-edge programs that change with the needs and demands of the industry. But one thing will always stay the same: our fearless commitment to world class, exceptional education.



Post-secondary education can be a daunting endeavour. No matter the distance, whether you are relocating from another continent, another country, another city or travelling from another neighbourhood, the prospect of change and making this commitment can be exhilarating, exciting and nerve wracking. We understand. That’s why we focus on creating environments and support systems that guide you through your education with helping hands. With over 1000 students a year, we consciously designed our college not as one large building but three individual campuses with intimate classroom settings. Instead of anonymity, we all become familiar faces. There is educational, career and personal support at each campus and within each department. Our multilingual staff go to supreme efforts to help our students settle into their new college life. Our Financial Aid Department help students and their families create financial budgets, assist them step by step through the student loan process and even after graduation, advise them with government loan repayment. Our students and our creative community work together. Students move between campuses, the store and the salon, collaborating with other creative talent and industry professionals.


At the Blanche Macdonald Centre we employ around 150 exceptionally qualified and caring instructors.

All of our instructors are active professionals who balance their careers with their commitment to teaching and have an average 10 years of educational experience. Each one has forged a successful career in their chosen industry. Many have won awards and garnered international recognition. They may be fresh from the set of an Oscar winning movie, the boardrooms of global brands, or the runways of International Fashion Weeks. They bring that experience and expertise directly to the classroom – and straight to you.

Though their individual paths differ, they are united in a commitment to excellence, a passion for education, and proven expertise in their field. The success of the college and our graduates is largely due to our team of instructors and directors who provide a highly personalized approach to teaching and an unwavering commitment to world-class education.

Every student deserves the chance to receive the education and develop the skills that will lead to a productive and meaningful place in the world. Our faculty will work closely with you in setting and meeting educational, creative, and professional goals. They are fiercely dedicated to helping you explore and cultivate your unique potential to become a successful and skilled professional.




The Blanche Macdonald Centre has three state-of-the-art campuses across central Vancouver, Canada. To set up an appointment to visit one of our campuses, please contact us by phone or email, or fill out our online form here and an Admissions Director will be in touch with you.


Our Uptown Campus houses the departments of Professional Makeup Artistry, Global Esthetics and Nail Studio, a full Mac Computer Lab and administrative offices. Located inside City Square, an award-winning, architecturally spectacular mall, the 30,000 square foot campus features a stylish and spacious interior. From our bright makeup studios and serene, atmospheric Esthetics wing to the airy atrium of the grand reception area, it is a unique learning environment designed to emulate Blanche Macdonald’s makeup, esthetics and nail training ethos.


The Downtown Campus is a multi-million dollar facility on Robson Street, located in the hub of Vancouver’s fashion and shopping district. This 18,000 square foot campus houses the Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing faculties, the Professional Hairstyling and Professional Barbering Program with numerous Hair studios and theory rooms, and a 24-station Mac Computer Lab. Stylish, sleek and modern, the Downtown Campus is an ideal environment for the highest levels of professional hair and fashion education. Not only does it feature the very best training facilities and technologies, it places students in the enviable position of learning in the very centre of one of North America’s most exciting cities.


The Atelier campus is our state-of-the-art, multidimensional learning space where education, retail and entertainment converge. An architectural jewel of polished concrete, glass, and engineered hardwood, the campus is the second home to our Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Programs as well as our first ever student-operated Hair Salon, Q&A Salon, and our very own storefront, CurliQue Beauty. The soaring, contemporary gallery space extends over 25,000 square feet, commanding a coveted corner of Robson Street. Atelier’s contemporary makeup and hair classrooms provide the perfect setting for our progressive programs, with spacious, open-plan learning studios and floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over Vancouver’s most important fashion and shopping hub.



CurliQue Beauty is our professional retail space nestled into the bustle of Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. Our shelves are stocked with a diverse and carefully selected collection of products that has made CurliQue a hot spot for makeup, hair, and skincare lovers, professional artists, and everyday product aficionados alike. CurliQue is much more than a beauty boutique – it is our creative classroom where we celebrate education, retail and entertainment. It is a vital field for practice, a launching pad for our future Makeup Superstars, and a unique venue where we regularly host industry events, speaker seminars, retail training and professional workshops.


Q&A Salon is our Learning Laboratory where our Pro Hair and Pro Barbering students take their skills to the salon floor. Located in the busy hub of Robson Street in Vancouver, our student-operated salon is always bright, buzzing and stocked with gorgeous product – from the luxe Cuban lily scent of Oribe to the eco-conscious pastels of the Kevin Murphy collection. Over countless hours, our Pro Hair and Pro Barbering students provide cuts, colour and chemical services to real clients in real time. This hands-on, practical approach to education gives our students the invaluable opportunity to hone and sharpen their technical skills while building a loyal clientele – all before they graduate.


The Blanche Macdonald Centre holds a designation certificate with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education & Future Skills, and is an Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designated institution. Both of these quality designations are issued by the provincial government of British Columbia, Canada, under the authority of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education & Future Skills.

The EQA designation is Canada’s first and only provincial brand of quality for post-secondary education, indicating that a post-secondary institution meets or exceeds the provincial government’s quality education standards. The Blanche Macdonald Centre’s EQA designation is recognized globally as a symbol of quality education and consumer protection.



The Blanche Macdonald Centre is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). A DLI is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. Our DLI Number is O19257719332. For more information about studying at Blanche Macdonald as an International Student, please see our dedicated page.

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