At the Blanche Macdonald Centre we employ around 150 exceptionally qualified and caring instructors.

All of our instructors are active professionals who balance their careers with their commitment to teaching and have an average ten years of educational experience. Each has forged a successful career in their chosen industry. Many have won awards and garnered international recognition. They may be fresh from the set of an Oscar winning movie, the boardrooms of international brands, or the runways of International Fashion Weeks. They bring that experience and expertise directly to the classroom – and straight to you.

Though their individual paths differ, they are united in a commitment to excellence, a passion for education, and proven expertise in their field. The success of the college and our graduates is largely due to our team of instructors and directors who provide a highly personalized approach to education and an unwavering commitment to world-class education.

Every student deserves the chance to receive the education and develop the skills that will lead to a productive and meaningful place in the world. Our faculty will work closely with you in setting and meeting educational, creative, and professional goals. They are fiercely dedicated to helping you explore and cultivate your unique potential to become a successful and skilled professional.

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