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We're mixing up fresh looks and brushing out locks to love in our cutting edge, student-operated Q & A Salon! Forever buzzing and stocked with gorgeous product – from the luxe Cuban lily scent of Oribe, to the yummy, eco-conscious pastels of the Kevin Murphy collection – our Q & A space is where we welcome you in to our world to connect with our Pro Hair students and pamper yourself with a new 'do. All services are performed by students under the close supervision of our qualified instructors. Thank you for being a part of our learning community! 

Want to know about chops and colours on the cheap? Each month we have a new special services treat – we'll keep you posted on all of the best deals! Join our hair client list!

Blanche Macdonald Hair Services, cutting, colouring, styling


Appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays will be held at Q&A Hair Salon. All other Hair appointments will be held at our Robson Downtown Campus one block away. 

Haircuts and styling appointments are available between 9:00am and 3:30pm 
Chemical services appointments are available between 9:00am and 1:30pm

When you arrive at the school for your confirmed appointment, please check in at the reception desk. Services are provided in an open co-ed classroom environment. Please keep your valuables with you at all times. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We welcome you to our Learning Laboratory. This is an Adult Learning / Teaching environment. As such, the College cannot provide Hair services to minors, under the age of 12. As there are chemicals used for processing hair colour and perms, it is advisable that parents who are having services done do not bring infants into the salon.


January Specials



*Please note that we do not offer colour services on Wednesdays.
**These offers are not applicable with any other discounts.

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Student Hair Services

Please note that Taxes are not included.

Shampoo & Style $15.25
Shampoo, Style & Flat Iron $21.50
Flat Iron Only $15.25
Conditioning Treatment $20.50

Long Hair Design

Corn Rows $4.25 per
Braiding $13.00 & up
Long Hair Updo $24.50 & up

Hair Cuts

Men $14.75
Ladies $17.30
Ladies Cut / Flat Iron $25.75
Bang Trim / Fringe Trim $8.50
Wednesday Special Men & Ladies Cuts $12.60

Full Head Colour

Short - Chin Level $51.00
Medium - Shoulder Level $59.50
Long - Past Shoulder $70.00

Color Re-touch (Roots Only)

One Colour $49.00

Bleach & Tone Full Head

Short - Chin Level $77.00
Medium - Shoulder Level $81.30
Long - Past Shoulder $102.50
Ombre $84.00
Ombre Intense $105.00 

Bleach & Tone Re-touch

All bleach & Toner Root Re-touch $77.00
Colour Corrections All corrections start at $105.00

Depending on the hair length and consultation


Individual Foils (5 Foils Max) $12.00 each

Half Head Foils

Short $45.70
Medium $50.00
Long $57.25

Full Head Foils

Short $72.50
Medium $77.75
Long $89.25

Full Head Colour & Full Head Foils

Short $111.50
Medium $123.00
Long $134.50

Full Head Colour & Half Head Foils

Short $84.50
Medium $101.50
Long $110.75

For extra long hair, product charge of $20.00 may apply

Chemical Texturizing & Perming

Short $51.00
Medium $62.50
Long $71.00

Chemical Relaxer

Short $52.50
Medium $63.00
Long $78.75

Hair Extensions
Pricing for application only. Extension Hair to be purchased separately.


Per Track $32.00
Per Fuse $4.75
Cornrow (per) $4.25

The college reserves the right to change Hair services prices, salon schedules, product lines and services without notice.

Blanche Macdonald