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Critics agree. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Known as the Jewel of the Pacific Rim, Vancouver is a city that is vivid and vibrant, a multicultural hub that has international sophistication, rich cultural resources and breathtaking scenery. Set against the spectacular landscape of snow-capped mountains, primitive rainforests, and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver’s natural splendour will dazzle and engage you.

So will the people you meet. Vancouver is a safe, friendly city, where cultures and cuisines exchange ideas and influences.

The cosmopolitan city centre, home of both Blanche Macdonald Centre campuses, is perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. Vancouver’s temperate climate, with mild winters unlike the rest of Canada, ensures its streets and cafes are always bustling. Vancouver is a city brimming with cultural events, world class shopping, gourmet restaurants with an endless array of International cuisines and a vibrant nightlife.

With miles of pristine public walkways, beautiful beaches that hug the coastline, and numerous bike paths and hiking trails, Vancouver’s outdoor activities are endless. The international ski resort of Whistler is easily reachable within a two-hour drive and the provincial capital Victoria, with its touches of British Colonial Architecture, is a simple ferry ride away.

Hundreds of movie and television productions have been filmed in and around Vancouver. The city has a well-deserved reputation as Hollywood North, with local film production revenues exceeding over a billion dollars annually. After even a brief visit to Vancouver, you’ll understand why the entertainment industry can’t stay away.

Vancouver is a wonderful place to visit. It’s an even better place to live.



Current Weather Forecast (The Weather Network)
What To Wear (Tourism Vancouver website)

   Average High Temperature
   Celsius / Fahrenheit
   Average Low Temperature
Celsius / Fahrenheit
   January   5 C / 42 F
  1 C / 34 F
   February   7 C / 44 F
  1 C / 34 F
   March  10 C / 50 F
  3 C / 37 F
 14 C / 58 F
  5 C / 41 F
   May  18 C / 65 F
  8 C / 46 F
   June  21 C/ 69 F
 11 C / 52 F
   July  23 C / 74 F
 13 C / 55 F
 23 C / 74 F  13 C / 55 F
   September  18 C / 65 F
 11 C / 52 F
 14 C / 58 F
  7 C / 45 F
   November   9 C / 48 F
  3 C / 37 F
   December   6 C / 43 F
  1 C / 34 F


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Please visit for more information on this beautiful and diverse city, or contact:

Vancouver Tourist Info Centre
Plaza Level, 200 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6C 3L6
Tel: 604.683.2000
Fax: 604.682.6839

Tourism Vancouver
The Greater Vancouver Convention and Visitors Bureau
Suite 210 - 200 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6C 3L6
Tel: 604.682.2222
Fax: 604.682.1717



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