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Blanche Macdonald Centre's City Square Uptown campus is located only minutes away from central Downtown Vancouver where students can shop, dine, enjoy the nightlife, or visit one of Vancouver's many beaches and parklands. The Robson Downtown campus is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Everything our students could possibly want is only a short distance from the school. The school is accessible by several major bus routes and is approximately 45 minutes from the Vancouver Airport.


Vancouver Districts

Vancouver Neighborhoods and Districts


1. Downtown

2. Fairview

3. Kitsilano

4. Oakridge

5. South Cambie

It is important to note that the Downtown Eastside area is a developing and emerging neighbourhood. While rents may be lower here, the area around East Hastings and Main Street is not recommended for students.



Find accomodation from Blanche Macdonald students and graduates

We highly recommend that you begin your search for accommodation in Vancouver by emailing our Administrative Associate, Preeti Mann who is here to help guide you through the process. If you are looking for a roommate Preeti can help connect you with other students who are looking to share accommodation.
Contact Preeti at:

Suggested accommodation websites and services:

Find out of your rental is clean, safe and in good condition: City of Vancouver Rental Database


Quick Tips on Rental Agreements:

When renting accommodations, the tenant in most cases has a written or verbal agreement with the landlord called a lease or tenancy agreement.  It is highly recommended that this agreement is in writing and it should include the following information:

1. Your name and the name of the landlord

2. Address of the accommodation you want to rent 

3. The start date of the tenancy

4. Amount of the rent and what is the due date

5. Amount of security deposit held by the landlord


Before renting any accommodation, make sure you understand the contract. Here are some questions that you can ask:

1. Who will be paying for the utilities such as water, cable, heat? 

2. Is cable TV included in the rent?

3. Do you need to pay a damage deposit? If yes, how much? 

4. Can I share the apartment with another person?

5. Are pets allowed?

6. Who will make the repairs in the unit?

7. Is the parking included?

8. What access do I have to the laundry facilities?

9. Who does the cleaning?

10. Will I be sharing cooking facilities?

Apartment rentals are regulated through the BC Residential Tenancy Office. Know your rights and responsibilities as a renter in Vancouver. For additional information, click here to contact the BC Residential Tenancy Office.


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