Create your career—Fashion Design Grad Jasper Cote’s New Collection

Create your career—Fashion Design Grad Jasper Cote’s New Collection

I wanted to create something that felt joyful yet artistic, something that would spark happiness and radiance when worn.

In his inaugural collection, Fashion Design graduate Japer Cote drew inspiration from abstract and psychedelic art, and combined it with club kid/retro-futurist fashion. A hybrid of streetwear and clubwear, Jasper’s work combines various handmade textiles, such as tie dye, splatter paint, and individually-sewn fabric fringe.

My experience with the Fashion Design program at Blanche MacDonald was intense at times, but ultimately worth it to see what I (and my fellow classmates) was capable of doing if I push myself and stay focused. It was awesome to have full creative freedom.

I learned that a lot more goes into the process of creating garments than one might think. It was also a unique experience in the sense that I was in a classroom with other people who have similar creative interests/mindsets. I’ve always felt awkward and slightly out of place in other academic settings, but I didn’t at Blanche MacDonald.

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