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Professional Hairstyling Foundations Program

Part Time Diploma Program

This program has been approved by the Registrar

The Hair Industry is bursting with opportunities. Blanche Macdonald Pro Hair graduates understand. They've gone on to become Salon Owners, Senior Stylists, Educators, Film and TV Hairdressers, and Freelance Stylists.

We recognize that not every aspiring hair professional has the time to commit to a year's full-time study.

That's why we've created the Professional Hairstyling Foundations Program, a yearlong part-time concentrated course that will give you all the tools you need to step straight out of the classroom and onto the salon floor; cutting and styling, colouring and perming.

Our instructors are all experienced and highly respected industry professionals and educators. As they mould your technical abilities and encourage your creativity, they will ensure you're fully prepared with the etiquette and interpersonal skills to impress employers and clients alike.

Honing your artistry in Blanche Macdonald's fully operational student salon, wherever you want to take your passion for hair, we'll make sure you're ready for the journey.

That journey never stops. Which is why our graduates appreciate that their relationship with Blanche Macdonald doesn't end when they leave Hair School. Our Directors' doors are always open whenever you're looking for career advice, business contacts or someone to bounce ideas off.

At Blanche Macdonald our students are family. And that's how we'll treat you forever.

Professional Hairstyling Foundations is a 600-hour Program that runs from 6pm-10pm on Tuesday evenings, and 9am-5.30pm on Sundays, with two weeks holiday over the Christmas period and an additional two-week break over summer.


Level 1: Basics

Course Length:  256 Hours Theory + 64 Hours Clinical Floor Practice

Once you understand the fundamentals, anything is possible.

Beginning with a solid understanding of hair and its cutting and styling, we’ll guide you from theory to practice with in-class demonstrations and mannequin work. Ensuring that you’re armed with all the tools needed to step into the salon, our industry instructors will be your guides through the worlds of hair terminology, product knowledge, cutting, shampooing, draping, wet setting and thermal styling. We’ll analyse individuals’ different facial structures, and how mastering and combining a handful of basic cutting techniques can allow you to replicate any style you choose to create.

Once you’ve passed your initial theoretical and practical tests, the fun starts as you demonstrate everything you’ve learned on real clients in our student salon. Our instructors will support you at every step, always on hand to answer questions and steer you as you develop the technical and confident interpersonal skills of a professional stylist.


Level 2: Colour

Course Length:  128 Hours Theory + 64 Hours Clinical Floor Practice

Hair colour is art. It’s also science.

This module breaks down the theoretical understanding and practical application behind all aspects of hair colouring, including classification, problem solving, colour correction and essential safety precautions.

All the technical knowledge in the world doesn’t win new clients, which is why our instructors will also guide you through their insider tips of client consultation and how to enhance a cut with colour. Harnessing your artistic flair with your inner scientist, you’ll expand your creative repertoire by learning how to use foils to form texture, freehand colour, special effects placement and zoning.

Sounds complicated? It is. That’s why there’s always a demand for amazing colourists.


Level 3: Chemical Technician

Course Length: 32 Hours Theory + 32 hours Clinical Floor Practice

What the world calls perming, hair professionals understand as chemical hair relaxing and texturizing.

We’ll guide you through the science behind the latest texturizing products, then expand on your knowledge by explaining a variety of straightening, perming and wrapping techniques.

As you become an accomplished Chemical Technician, we’ll ensure that you understand the importance of movement in modern hairstyles and how to work with hairs for different ethnicities, along with safety measures for using chemical products and how to deal with allergic reactions.

Clients appreciate a stylist who can approach these complex processes with confidence. That confidence comes from knowledge and experience. We’ll ensure you have both.


Level 4: Salon-Readiness Training

Course Length: 25.5 Hours

Armed with a solid understanding of cutting, styling, colouring and texturizing, you’re already equipped to step into any salon and start working. This is where we’ll ensure you blow employers and clients away when you get there. Our instructors will guide you through every detail of what to expect from a high-end hair environment, harnessing your technical skills to an etiquette expertise that future colleagues will be eager to work with.

Making sure your portfolio gets off to the best possible start, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an editorial shoot with a professional photographer, makeup artist and stylist.

And giving you a first-hand view of the apex of the hair industry, your class will visit a selection of Vancouver’s top salons, as owners and managers explain in their own words the intricacies of how they choose to run their businesses.

By the time you graduate you’ll be more than ready. You’ll be ready to shine.


After you successfully complete the academic criteria (including a final exam), fulfil your financial obligations and meet the requisite hours of attendance, you will receive a Blanche Macdonald Centre Diploma of Cosmetology. This Diploma is recognized as a First Class Standard of Excellence in Education and Training.

Note: The Blanche Macdonald Centre reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit content, facilities, faculty, tuition fees and course schedules without notice.

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