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Pedicure Nail Courses at Blanche Macdonald Centre


Over the course of your year, you will paint, file and bedazzle through two modules of 150 hours each, each one engaging your creativity in exciting new formats.

As a Nail Art Professional there is a constant flux and flow to your day, which sees you fluttering through many stages spanning outright creative, to technical and business-minded. We have carefully and lovingly composed your six months here to allow you to explore the interplay between art, science and business, weaving through the harmony of diverse skill sets that you need to become a successful member of this industry. This means that no matter where you are at in your Nail Studio journey, you will be immersed in the hands-on. We are do-ers and makers, creators and interpersonal-seekers after all!

Delve into the diverse facets of this industry, examining the natural and organic practices versus those artificial and high tech, so that you may navigate and understand each world and the clients that propel them. Hone the balance that will make the business of your Nail Art – whatever it turns out to be – fruitful, and instilled with your unique set of standards, values and ethics.  




In the end, it’s all for the client. We will give you the knowledge and tools to consult your customers to understand their unique health and lifestyle necessities, as well as their desires, and how to then compose a service that is safe, comfortable and customized for their needs. A professional, considerate, and caring service will naturally lead to sales and re-booking. 

Your workspace and personal presentation are an extension of your professionalism. Learn the proper composition of your station: the correct order and arrangement of implements, accessories and supplies. Compose your demeanor, posture and attire to exude expertise, elegance and openness to the needs of your client.  


Let’s get acquainted with our subjects! The hands and feet hold many secrets, together making up more than half of the bones in the human body. We’ll take you through the basic anatomical structure of the hands and feet, how a nail grows, as well as the chemical composition and shape of the nail – from oval, to squoval, round, pointed and square. 

Learn how to identify nail irregularities, diseases and disorders in order to determine the safest course for your service. We will educate you on the characteristics and terminology for a range of nail and general health conditions, and together build the analytical paths that allow you to revise your treatment protocol to provide the best service, with each individual’s wellness in mind. 


The client comes first, and with that, their health. We are forever improving and solidifying the industry standards of hygienic procedures and infection control practices. We’ll teach you the meticulously proper ways to sanitize your tools, implements, and nail station. You will develop the ability to create safe and healthy treatment environments using the correct processes and materials. In learning the Personal Service Establishment Guidelines, our Provincial standard of practice, you will learn effective infection control. By becoming Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) literate, you will know how to properly store chemicals, reducing hazardous exposure.  It all comes together in the creation of a wholesome, legitimized space in which your customer can ease their bodies and minds.   


Learn the secrets and sequencing of an outstanding manicure and pedicure: from the perfect soak to the ooh-ahh factor of a hand massage, the intricacies of cuticle care and how to seal the deal with a paraffin treatment. Refine your polish, file and nipper techniques and master the iconic French design. Our feet keep us grounded, and carry our whims about the world each day; soothe away the stress of rushing through life, and whisk your client off tired feet with a caring and relieving pedicure treatment. You will also have the unique opportunity to leverage your nail drill skills to offer dry (waterless) manicures and pedicures.


We’re all about those special extra steps. We’ll give you a collection of innovative treatments and techniques to add to your, or your spa’s, personalized menu options: how to soothe your clients’ work-worn muscle woes with a paraffin treatment, as well as the ins and outs of reflexology. Nurture your client with nourishing hand exfoliants and masks. You will also learn how to enhance your spa concept with signature manicures and pedicures.


Let’s get hue happy! We’ll dip into our stock of top-of-the-line polishes, traditional and gel, and teach you how to swirl, dot, stencil and speckle your way to fabulous free-hand design. Dip your toes into ‘water-marbling’ techniques, fade away with ombre transitions, and indulge your inner artist with acrylic paint miniatures. Stay on top of trending creative cravings and the bespoke colours of the season. Create Nail Art with extended shelf life using on-trend gel polish formulations. 


Creating Nail Art is like baking a cake – we’ll give you the recipe to a great base, but it’s ultimately up to you to interpret the flavours and add your imaginative flair to the decoration. And the best way to test out your experiments? Through friends, family, and a few patient strangers. Throughout each of your modules, you will put your new skills to practice and connect with clientele in our nail studios during our Friends & Family Days, as well as Client Days scheduled regularly throughout your term. Test yourself within industry time standards, develop your skills in client interaction and refine your service. Take in criticism and feedback, and move forward with renewed insight, boosting your confidence for your practice in the ‘real world.’ 


“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky, Behance Co-Founder.

This is a high-octane, interactive class of collective idea making, brainstorming and planning. It is an engaging coming together of artistry and dreams with the client care logistics and industry savvy that you have accrued to bring your personal career goals to reality. The life of an Entrepreneur or Nail Bar Manager is challenging, but infinitely rewarding. We will give you the tools to succeed: how to structure and register your business, how to build an effective team,  how to define and target your clientele, and set your brand to shining brightest on the market. Together we will explore the infinite trajectories of your career journey, and teach you how to develop your personal and professional brand along the way. 


You’ve learned how to provide the service, the results, as well as an empathetic and caring connection with your clientele. Now, with the ever-expanding and immersive world of social media, you can connect with an immense potential for growth. Learn to create captivating online content, using social media platforms to glean priceless insight into your market, broaden the scope of brand awareness, fortify existing client relationships through accessible communication avenues, and forge new ones by utilizing your accounts as effective marketing tools. Observe, listen, participate and connect actively in your virtual community, and see how your business and personal brand flourishes.  




First developed for dentists – yes, really! – the acrylic formulation has now been appropriated and transformed by the innovative, creative brilliance of Nail Artists around the globe. The world of artificial nails is a thrilling mashup of science and art, a vibrant coming together of monomer, polymer, pigment and line. How far does your creativity extend? Acrylics and gels allow you to push your artistry beyond the confines of the nail bed, whilst indulging your inner mad scientist! 


You wouldn’t give a newborn parent a sharp set of stilettos, nor a gymnast a handful of elaborate, three-dimensional rosebuds. Client consultations are where you can check in with the lifestyle of your client to ensure that you are enhancing, rather than hindering, their day-to-day. Strengthen your personal connection by remembering the shared details of your client’s life, and nail down a loyal repeat customer. 


Employ acrylics and use both traditional and soak-off gels to apply fully-sculptured nails with nail forms. Apply overlays using acrylic and french gel nail tips and blending. Investigate the proper ways to prep the nail, and develop smooth and crisply defined acrylic and gel nails with each. Learn to use the hand drill safely and efficiently for backfill and gel removal procedures.


Add texture and bling to your Nail Art creations! Stud your gel and acrylic applications with crystals, beads, appliques and charms using soft gel securing and nail glue. Whether it’s cute, elegant, or full-glitter glamour that your client is looking for, 2D Nail Art is a new way to add flourish to your artistry. 


Blast your Nail Art into the third dimension! From whimsical miniatures, to badass skull designs, beautiful golden intricacies and everything in between, 3D nail applications allow you to create petite sculptural fantasies for competitions, editorials, and for your everyday clientele. Play with colour and form by sculpting acrylic ornaments, and learn the pros and cons of build-and-stick versus build-up techniques. This module culminates in a practical 3D Nail Art project, where you will utilize your knowledge and amplify your creativity in a fantastic stretch of imagination and skill. 




Note: The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

Blanche Macdonald