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From the fierce talons seen strutting about office keyboards to the Swarovski-encrusted sculptures of the Avant Garde, the world of nail adornment is a spectacular one! Nail Art is an extension of our creativity that interacts with the world in a flutter of gestures and actions. It is the creation of petite wearable masterpieces, transportable treasures that you can covet throughout your day. 

To share and connect with strangers over our love for this craft; to be fiercely independent and boundless in where we take it; to engage with creative teams to bring a vision to fruition in the most intricate of details – these are just a few of the things we live for. 

Today, the culture of Nail Art is magnificently multifaceted. In a stirring blend of art, science and business, you can mix and match a career that is exactly right for you – how exquisite is that! Whether you’re looking to delve into the high-pressure thrill of fashion photoshoots, add a fresh coat to your at-home business, let your talent shine within a salon team or create a space of your very own, our Nail Studio program will give you the base coat to set your passions in action. 

The opportunities are endless and they are at your fingertips – you have only to reach for them. 

So let’s get started! We’ll begin at the basics. We’ll show you how to ‘build’ a nail and how to sculpt that perfect shape; we’ll give you the know-how of high-standard hygienics and of how to care for your clients and their specific needs. We’ll explore the latest products, tips and tools to keep you at the tip top of industry savvy. 

We’ll pop the tops of our favourite polishes and gels and make marvellous, mad science happen in our ‘creative learning labs.’ We’ll construct miniscule monuments of acrylic and jewels, taking you from classic French Manicures to 3D Japanese extravagance. 

Our base coat of knowledge set and prepped with your unique and vibrant design personality, we’ll seal it all in with entrepreneurial polish. From curating your signature service menu to applying for a business license and self-branding, we'll buff up your biz whiz to set your business to shining.

If you’ve been dreaming of this world, we'll open the door for you. We were once dreamers too. Now we are a worldwide network of success stories and outstanding creative talents. The Blanche Macdonald Centre is an internationally lauded establishment of education, and we pride ourselves in being fully accredited under the auspices of the Ministry of Advanced Education BC. Our standards have been measured, and we measure up (which means you will too). Our Nail Studio program drives the agenda and sets industry standards in hygienic practices, client consultation and artistic exploration. By joining our world, you are launching your professional career – whether it be part-time, full-time or freelance – out into the larger world of Nail Artistry.

Our inspirational team of Nail Studio Instructors and Program Directors is a family – and once you are here, you are family too. We’re here to teach, support, guide and listen while you are in school, and forever once you have graduated. Our doors are always open. We welcome you here!

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