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Esthetics Schools Course Description

Professional Esthetics / Spa Therapist: COURSE DESCRIPTIONS


Total of 1100 hours
Full-time Day program, 2.5 days per week

Program Overview

Level 1 Mastering Makeup: Fundamentals, Bridal and Fashion
Level 2 Nail Files: Natural and Artificial
Level 3 Face Values: Skincare Services – Facial Analysis, Products and Treatments
Level 4 Body Glow: Body Care Services, Products and Treatments
Level 5 Massage Around The World: Reflexology, Swedish, Hot Stone
Level 6 Eco Beauty: Organics, Cosmetic Kitchen and Sustainable Practices
Level 7 Wellness to Well-Being: Yoga, Meditation, Detoxification, and Simplicity
Level 8 Medi Spa: Cosmetic Rejuvenation And Lasers
Level 9 E – Spa: Spa Management and Entrepreneurship
Level 10 Art And Technology: High Touch to High Tech
Level 11 Life Coaching

Esthetics Schools Course Description


Spa Glossary

Aroma- Therapeutics:  Essential Oil Treatments
Essential oils are liquid substances that have been extracted from certain species of flowers, fruit, roots and trees. Used to improve blood circulation, to bring oxygen and vital nutrients to the tissues or to create beneficial calming and restorative effects, students will develop an understanding of these uses and how they are applied in various salon or spa treatments.

Anatomy & Physiology
As the basis of skincare science and technology, anatomy and physiology is crucial to the professional practice of Esthetics. Students receive an extensive grounding in the overall structure and chemical composition of the skin and structures and functions of the human body. Learning how to analyze various skin types, conditions, and disorders, students are then able to recommend corrective skin care products with the appropriate treatment objective. A general understanding of medical terminology with relation to Esthetics is acquired.

Art and Technology – High Touch to High Tech
To give our graduates the competitive edge and to help them successfully market themselves as Estheticians / Spa Therapists, Spa Managers or Entrepreneurs, the college has created a truly unique program with Art and Technology. In this module, students will learn how to transfer their skills from High Touch to High Tech, to market their services, products and businesses in the digital world.

Students will be come familiar with the Macintosh computer by using the Mac operating system. They will gain a working knowledge of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Projects will include creating layouts and designing computer generated promotional materials such as Spa menus, business cards, brochures, magazine and newspaper advertising.

Additionally, students will learn how to create an effective E-Marketing campaign and how to integrate E-Marketing into their business plan through the development and compilation of an Email database, Email blasts, E- spa promotions, contests and giveaways.

And where would we be without the World Wide Web. The Art and Technology module includes the “How-to’s” of learning how to create, post and maintain your own Spa website. Learn the essentials of an effective website, HTML and Flash, search engine positioning and more.
Become proficient in marketing via Social Networks from the North American dominated sites of Facebook and Myspace, to the popular network in the UK – Bebo, or Mixi in Asia. Learn how your social network profile can generate traffic to your website and to your business.

An ancient lifestyle practice originating from India, Ayurveda aims to create harmony within the body. Based on the belief that each individual has a unique mix of energies, called “doshas” that must be kept balanced and healthy. Ayurveda can be applied through a variety of techniques ranging from detoxification, diet, herbs, yoga, and meditation to massage therapy. These treatments and therapies are personalized and customized to the individual’s “dosha” for maximum effectiveness and optimal health.


Identifying the types and classifications of bacteria, as well as bacterial growth and reproduction, is essential for respecting clients’ safety and reducing the possibility of transmitting diseases.

Body Care Airbrush Tanning
Over exposure from UV rays from the sun or traditional tanning beds or booths can be detrimental to your health and can create sun damage to your skin. A safer alternative to acquiring a healthy glow is Airbrush tanning. This is a form of spray tanning using an Airbrush and compressor. The process involves the use of a sunless tanning lotion that is atomized and converted into a fine spray that is sprayed evenly over your client’s skin. Students will learn how to use a professional Airbrush and compressor and practice applying Airbrush tans. Information on how to best prepare your client for the treatment, customizing the tan, product selection and availability and post care tips are reviewed.

Body Bronzing
With the alarming damage of UV rays, salons and spas are meeting consumer demand with body bronzing treatments. After an exfoliation and moisturizing treatment, students carefully administer a self-tanning cream over the client’s full-body. The end result is a natural looking and evenly applied tan.

Body care and Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is the use of hot and cold water, ice, and steam to facilitate the healing process. Water therapy, also called Aqua therapy or Hydrotherapy, is a premier spa treatment.

You will discover how water therapy treatments are used to cleanse, rejuvenate and detoxify. Learn the theory and practice of hydrotherapy techniques including exfoliations and wraps.

Discover how Balneotherapy (baths), Thallasotherapy (seawater) and Affusion therapies (Vichy showers) have evolved and are incorporated in today’s leading spa treatments. You will create companion treatments that incorporate water therapies with essential oils, muds and seaweeds.

Body care Trends
The proliferation of emerging trends and techniques, from the use of Moor Mud, Ayurvedic massage, manual lymphatic drainage to Hot Stone therapy can create misinformation and confusion. It is the responsibility of the Esthetician to evaluate and assess which trends and treatments have merit and which ones are potentially harmful. Students will discuss and review a variety of these innovative developments.

Body care Treatments
The ability to integrate client comfort with recommending the appropriate body care treatment is fundamental. Specific treatments are designed to nourish, exfoliate, balance and/or detoxify the body. Full body care services require a highly sensitive approach. To create the right comfort level, you will receive extensive practice in approaching and handling your client with consideration and respect. The right skills will assist your client in overcoming a self-conscious or negative body image and lead to a positive spa experience.

Through client questionnaires and interviews, students will be able to make an informed assessment specific to the client’s needs. Recommendations based on optimal treatment objectives and beneficial products can then be made with accuracy and confidence.

Body Scrubs
Body scrubs remove the top layer of dead skin, leaving the skin soft and supple. Various methods are used to improve circulation, slough off dead skin cells and to create invigorating skin sensations. Students will acquire aptitude in performing exfoliation treatments such as gommage, dry brush with gloves, and a variety of body polishes.

Body Wraps
In a body wrap, chosen solutions are applied directly to the body and the body is then wrapped. This method results in the drawing out of accumulated toxins from the body and the elimination of impurities. The creation of heat in body wraps relaxes the muscles and revitalizes the skin. Students perform body wraps such as seaweed / algae, clay / mud, and thermal / paraffin. This latter technique involves coating the body with a liquid wax and as it solidifies, the warm vacuum created increases hydration and induces relaxation.

Client Preparation and Care
An Esthetician learns to create a strong rapport with the client through the considerate care, detailed preparation, and quality of service provided. By gently guiding and informing your client of the selected salon or spa treatment, verifying medical information to guard against contraindications, preparing a soothing and tranquil environment, and providing beautifying and enhancing treatments, you will create an optimal client experience.

CPR – Basic Lifesavers Course

Receive Certification in First Aid. In the Basic Lifesavers class you will learn the “ABC’s” of First Aid: A is for Airway, B is for Breathing and C is for Circulation.

This interactive and entertaining workshop introduces the different types of emergency situations and how to respond to them. You’ll learn how to assess a First Aid emergency and begin a “first response” action. You’ll also learn what NOT to do in order to keep yourself out of danger.

Eco Beauty - Organics

Learn how the Cosmetics and Skincare industries are adapting and developing product lines and production methods to a more holistic, ecological, environmental and cruelty free philosophy: from the definition of what is Organic, to the selection and analyses of pure natural ingredients, to the use of environmental friendly manufacturing processes and the development of Carbon Neutral or biodegradable packaging.

Discover how more and more product lines are opting out of synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances and chemicals (e.g. Parabens, Glycerols, Titanium Dioxide). Learn about beauty products that are developed from certified organic sources such as plant oils and extracts, pure medicinal essential oils, butters and highly energized plant essences.

Ethical consumerism: learn how to best meet the needs and demands of the eco-ethical consumer, their habits and purchase decision practices, how to communicate your ethical values and create a culture of trust with your brand.

Review and experiment with a variety of organic Beauty products. Gain access to a growing network of natural, organic beauty product lines and suppliers.

Eco Beauty – Cosmetic Kitchen
Consider it as D.I.Y. Beauty – Do It Yourself! What better way to understand the principles and formulations of skincare than to create your own. By experimenting with everyday kitchen ingredients like coffee grounds, sea salt or sunflower oil, adding in the natural aromatics of essential oil blends of grapefruit, rose, or ylang ylang or the selection of simple herbs from your garden, you will learn how to create your own mud masks, body scrubs and anti-aging skincare treatments.

Eco Beauty - Eco Spas, Sustainable Spa practices
Today’s esthetician is responsible for self-care and client care; caring for the environment is therefore a natural progression. Topics such as the “greening” of the spa industry and responsible spa practices for environmental sustainability are reviewed. Progressive clients want to maintain their commitment to wellness with products and treatments that support their ideologies.

E-Spa: Spa Management and Entrepreneurship

This is an introduction to Spa Management and Business Entrepreneurial practices with an emphasis on learning how to create a successful combination of creative, technical and financial opportunities, concepts and strategies. This course challenges students to balance technical expertise in promoting product sales and effective inventory controls with the creative marketing of retail and merchandising strategies and the financial constraints of budgets and operating costs.

Being an effective Spa Manager or Entrepreneur requires a multitude of skills and talents. These are extremely taxing and challenging career choices but infinitely rewarding ones, in many ways. From utilizing skills in time management, human resources, finance, to sales and marketing, you must be able to handle the day-to-day operations of your spa or business. While you are pulled in ten thousand directions, you have to keep your eye on the bottom line (cash flow, revenues, profits) and stay focused on building an effective team, a strong clientele, a positive working environment and a strong corporate vision.

While it is an integral part of the Esthetician’s role to create an emotional connection with the client, to be intuitive, caring and sensitive, it is essential that there remains a distinct professional boundary. Professional ethics, emotional, physical and confidential guidelines must be respected. You will learn how to work with respect and create trust.

Eyebrows and Lashes
A prevalent salon treatment, eyebrow services require careful preparation and knowledge of the depth and shape of the eyes and eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping techniques such as waxing and tweezing are completed. Eyebrow and eyelash tinting are performed with the completion of a patch test for allergic reactions prior to application of a vegetable based tint.

For a professional Esthetician, genuine concern for a client’s health is imperative. Ensuring a salon or spa environment meets proper hygienic procedures and standards is essential. Rigorous attention must be paid to the thorough sanitation of tools and implements, the cleanliness of the Esthetics cabine, and to your own personal hygiene and grooming. The challenge for the professional Esthetician is to create spotless sanitation and care within an atmosphere of relaxation and beauty.

Life Coaching
Life is a complicated business these days. We are all multi-tasking and juggling but how can we pare things down to more simplistic and authentic elements? How can we refocus and reshape our lives and ourselves so that we can appreciate, enjoy and fulfill the life that we are given?

By creating a structured, driven and supportive process, the Life Coaching module allows students to discover, create awareness and to make considerate choices regarding their personal and professional paths.

How can you build your best life? Through individual assessment of your own values, we will help you set the right foundation: identify your power source, your core motivation and desires, define and set measurable goals, create positive change and manifest success.

Create concrete and focused action plans. Learn how to build sustainable organizational strengths, time management techniques, problem solving skills and effective communication practices that will improve your success as an individual and as a valuable team member.

Makeup Fundamentals
Instruction begins with the analysis of facial shapes, skin composition and bone structure. Building on this foundation, students create basic day looks and then transform them into evening. Once the basics are honed, students expand into bridal makeup for a wedding party, designing a complimentary makeup “croquis” for a design collection, and designing fashion looks using magazine “tear sheets” as inspiration.

Makeup Colour Theory
You will learn the primary, secondary and tertiary colour wheels in conjunction with colour application techniques to create a unifying colour palette. Explore the language of colour and how it creates specific psychological reactions and fashion statements. Learn how to choose and adjust colour for tonality and harmony.

Makeup Lab

Playing with colour and painting faces – the makeup lab is where students can be expressive, experimental and creative. Our comprehensive curriculum has been developed and updated by our award-winning Makeup Director, Todd McIntosh. A multiple Emmy award nominee and one-time Emmy award winner for Outstanding Makeup, Todd has designed a program that is progressive and industry responsive.

Makeup Product Knowledge
Retail and professional lines have different ingredients and formulations that create different results. Learning how to distinguish and choose which product is the most effective for a specific makeup is an integral part of your training. Advances in treatment-oriented makeup formulations and mineral makeup are discussed. You will gain confidence and expertise by applying a variety of products on a diversity of faces to create a variety of looks.

Massage Around the World – Ayurvedic Massage

This module teaches students the foundational practice of Ayurvedic Massage as it applies to the Esthetician and the Spa environment. Incorporating the ancient Indian lifestyle practice of Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic massage uses essential oils to balance out the individual’s body and to create an overall sense of wellbeing. Each Ayurvedic massage is customized to fit an individual’s “dosha”. No two massages are alike. Students will learn how to focus on the client’s “marma” or Indian pressure points and apply various massage techniques of tapping, kneading and squeezing. These various massage strokes and techniques are designed to detoxify and cleanse and to improve the individual's overall immune system.

Massage Around the World – Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage has become a much requested service in Spas and Salons but practitioners need to be thoroughly trained in the effective application, safety precautions and correct sanitation practices required. Students learn the various placement options for the heated stones, how to provide additional massage strokes while holding heated stones in the palms of their hand, how to vary the pressure of the massage to suit their client’s needs and how to adapt the treatment to maximize blood flow circulation, muscle relaxation, stress relief and accelerate the healing process.

Massage Around the World – Swedish Relaxation Massage

An uninterrupted, smooth flowing style or massage that promotes general relaxation, improves circulation and range of movement, relieves muscular tension and stress. This is a whole-body, hands-on treatment that helps you relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

Relaxation massage principles are combined with application techniques such as effleurage, tapotement and petrissage to create customized massage treatments.

You will learn proper massage stance and ergonomic principles that will allow you to perform multiple massages during a typically busy spa day. You will learn how to create an optimal environment for your client to maximize comfort and discretion and how to provide a massage treatment that will enhance your client’s health and well-being.

Medical Esthetics
A rapidly growing segment of the industry is the emergence of “medical” or “cos-medic” esthetics. This is where you will find the partnering of Estheticians with medical professionals. Scientific advances in cosmetic ingredients and equipment technology has produced a plethora of treatment possibilities.

Medical Esthetician / Laser Technician

The College has successfully placed many of our Esthetics graduates with leading Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Laser Clinics and Rejuvenation Centres as Medical Estheticians and Laser Technicians. Our graduates are a much sought after commodity and are actively recruited for top salons, spas, clinics and physician’s offices throughout North America, Asia, Australia and more.

Medical Exfoliation

There are many different methods of chemical exfoliation that can be used within a clinical setting: AHA’s (glycolic), BHA’s (salicylic), PHA’s (blends of glycolic and salicylic), TCA’s (trichloracetic acid), and enzymes (papain, bromelain, yeasts etc.) to name a few. Students will gain an understanding regarding which method of exfoliation and percentage strength are best suited for varying skin types, skin conditions, patient’s sensitivity and reactivity. Potential contraindications, complications and essential protocols are also reviewed.

Medical Lasers

Students learn the theoretical foundations of light therapies, such as Lasers, IPL and LED, how they are applied for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatments, contraindications, possible complications and the necessary care required pre and post treatment.

Exploring light therapies for hair removal begins with a “Laser 101”workshop delivered by a prominent specialist in the medical community. The session covers the physics of light, the types of laser technologies available, as well as pretreatment consultation for setting realistic outcomes and contraindications for laser hair removal treatments.

Medi – Spa
Your next steps toward understanding Lasers take you to leading industry distributors. You will be introduced to a variety of laser platforms for medical and for spa environments. You will learn the questions to ask when considering which types of equipment to purchase, how to integrate each into your treatments and how to maximize on your investments as part of your business strategies.

Hands on workshops include Microdermabrasion and Microcurrent technologies with leading industry equipment distributors and educators. Mesotherapy and the use of injectables and fillers, such as Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm are reviewed. Please note that only Medical Doctors or Registered Nurses are allowed to administer injections. Administering injectables is not within the scope of practice for a Medical Esthetician.

Building on the foundational study of cosmetic chemistry, advances in cosmeceutical formulations and nanotechnology are explored. Lectures by medical professionals provide the opportunity for you to hear about the advances being made in the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery and how Esthetics is becoming an integral part of pre and post-operative surgical care.

Nail Essentials
In preparation for the effective application of treatments and products, fundamentals such as the anatomical structure of the hands and feet and the practice of proper sanitation techniques are studied. Learn about the basic structure and composition of nails, nail growth and nail shapes. The evaluation of nail conditions offers many clues to an individual’s general health. By learning how to identify various nail irregularities, diseases and disorders, you will be able to determine when it is safe to provide a treatment and when it is not.

Nails – Manicure and Pedicure

Students develop fundamental skills in the care of hands and feet. In addition to proper cuticle care, shaping, and polish techniques, you will learn how to enhance these treatments by incorporating Swedish massage and reflexology movements.

Nails – Spa Treatments
Progressing beyond basic manicures and pedicures, you will discover innovative techniques and treatments. With the arrival of services such as spa ritual “foot facials” and spa paraffin treatments, nail care has evolved as an integral component of holistic service offerings. You will learn how to create signature manicures and pedicures for a variety of spa concepts.

Nail Art and Gel Overlays
Combine polish colours and techniques with nail accessories to create customized nail art designs for your client’s fingers and toes. You will learn how to apply gel overlays for nail repairs and for special events like grads and bridal service packages.

Skin Care

A synergy exists between internal health and external beauty. The skin is our interface or boundary with the environment and other people. As our largest organ, composing 16% of our total body weight, it serves as an essential protective barrier, a purification system, and a modulator of our body temperature. Our comprehensive skincare curriculum is a unique blend of traditional with alternative and of art with science – all integrated into a holistic approach to treatments.

Skincare: Facial Treatments
You will begin with the basic facial elements of client consultation and draping, cleansing, toning, rinsing techniques and masque application. Moving beyond these basics into treatment facials in the European tradition, your extensive hands-on training will continue with skin analysis, exfoliation, steam therapy, extraction and disinfection techniques, massage, application of treatment concentrates and masques and finishing with protective products.

Guided by the instructor, students rotate their roles between Esthetician and client. This is a highly anticipated and significantly challenging experience, as students learn how to overcome their inhibitions about providing services and receiving them. This creates empathy and cultivates the emotional acuity and awareness that are integral elements of our holistic approach to Esthetics education.

Skincare: High Touch
Creating a memorable facial experience requires caring hands. You will learn how to perform Swedish massage, digital-pressure massage and stone massage for the face and back. You will also learn how to create “manual” only treatments that do not require equipment - optimal for offering mobile facial services.

Skincare: High Tech
Advances in technology have created an incredible variety of products and equipment used to produce optimal treatment efficacy. You will learn the theoretical basics of electrical currents and safety precautions in order to incorporate esthetic equipment into advanced facial treatments. You will work with Magnifying Lamps to correctly analyze the skin, Vapozones for steam treatments, Lucas for misting the skin, High Frequency machines for disinfection, Galvanic machines for product penetration, and Spray/Vac machines for misting and facilitating blemish extraction.

Skincare: Product Knowledge and Selection
You will learn how to choose and apply the products that are the most compatible and effective for your determined treatment objectives. Your selection criteria will include screening for allergens, matching skin type and factoring in skin conditions, ethical considerations, and financial budgets. You will explore and work with products that respect a variety of philosophies: organic, vegan, naturally derived, synthetically derived, biological, marine-based, and botanicals.

Spa Days and Client Services
Spa Client Days – Designed as a continual interactive learning experience, students are challenged to apply and integrate their skills with Professional Client Days. The constant discipline of working within time constraints, providing consistent and quality client service and care and handling ongoing critiques from professional instructors, all serve to help our students polish their skills and gain professional confidence. There are numerous Client Days and Friends/Family Days scheduled throughout the program.

We ensure that Students are not placed with Clients until they are ready. Our goal at the College is to support your success. It is critical that students have ample classroom experience, instructor feedback and supervision, treatment knowledge and customer service training BEFORE they are placed in a work environment treating clients. We want you to develop the confidence and competency to succeed. Once you have received the requisite training and knowledge, you will be able to work on numerous clients and a diversity of services and treatments throughout your one-year program. By the time you graduate, you will feel fully prepared to handle the career demands of the Esthetics/Spa, Medi-Spa and Cosmetic industries. With your Blanche Macdonald Diploma, you will excel.

Spa Elements
The spa industry has its own language and culture. Through familiarization with the nature of spas, different spa categories, the diversity of spa services and the development of signature spa treatments, students will learn the essentials needed to create a positive spa experience. Whether it is the innovation of a signature treatment, learning how to distinguish the spa menu of a destination spa from a resort spa, or the assembly of a spa glossary, this section provides students with an excellent overview of a thriving industry.

Trichology, which is the study of the hair, focuses on hair composition and the hair growth cycle. You will learn professional hair removal techniques for all parts of the body using hot and cold wax techniques. Client comfort, sanitation and contraindications to waxing are studied.

Wellness and Wellbeing

Spas aim to blend elements of mind, body and spirit for memorable experiences. As a member of a spa team, you will need to be mindful of your own health and wellness and support clients as they work toward theirs. Seminars and workshops on nutrition, meditation, balance and energy therapies are offered to encourage you on your wellness journey.

Wellness and Wellbeing – Meditation

Meditation involves turning your attention to a single point of reference. Learn to meditate for change through guided meditation and personal meditation techniques. Develop your natural intuitive abilities to create a calm, relaxed and centered state for yourself and for your clients. Adopt relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and focused concentration to create greater focus, creativity and awareness.

Movement therapies are becoming more and more prevalent within the Esthetics and Spa Therapy field and are being integrated as treatment options on a variety of Spa Menus. Explore the application of Yoga as it applies to connection of Body, Mind and Energy.

Study how Yoga affects the physical components of the body - the alignment of various exercises and postures to stimulate the rejuvenation of cells, the circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids and the detoxification of the body.

Learn the relaxation techniques that can balance energy flows by lowering the stress levels in the muscles, the nervous system and the mind. Develop the mental techniques (concentration and meditation) to create greater clarity of perception, tranquility, emotional stability and direction. Experience the real quantum benefits of Yoga, of putting things into “alignment” and creating harmony.

Note: The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

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