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Professional Esthetics / Spa Therapist Director & Faculty Highlights

Debbie Nickel

Executive Program Director

Debbie Nickel Esthetics Career Director Debbie has been a leader and visionary in the spa/esthetics industry for over twenty-five years.

She has enjoyed an extensive career as an esthetician, salon owner, instructor, writer, public speaker, mentor and educational director. She has served as a technical chair, committee member and judge for Skills Canada and numerous other industry committees. She has made numerous appearances on both Breakfast TV and OMNI as an expert in the spa industry. She also works as an auditor in a chair and program specialist capacity for a provincial agency.

As an Executive Program Director at the Blanche Macdonald Centre, Debbie continues to lend her expertise and talents in overseeing and developing the Esthetics Program. She has developed an extensive network of industry relationships that she enthusiastically encourages the Blanche Macdonald esthetic and nail students and graduates to connect with. She loves to connect people with possibilities as they explore and embrace change in their lives and new careers.

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Simona Gozner

Program Director, Esthetic and Nail Departments

Simona Gozner Esthetics Career Director As a new immigrant from Romania, Simona turned adversity into achievement. After she graduated from the Esthetics Program from Blanche Macdonald in 1998, she began her career with the award winning Absolute Spa, the most luxurious spa chain in Canada. Within a handful of months, she was promoted to the Director of Esthetics for the spa.

It was the springboard for a remarkable career. Simona returned to Blanche Macdonald with a wealth of experience across the esthetics industry spectrum, having transferred her spa training into directorial positions with prestigious cosmeceutical product companies The Stal Group and Nordic Selfcare, for whom she was Development Manager for the whole of Western Canada. Now her professional life has come full circle and she has returned to Blanche Macdonald as the Esthetics Director.

Simona understands how Blanche Macdonald changes lives. Her warmth, modesty and enthusiasm for esthetics, education, the school and its philosophy continue to inspire new generations of students.

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