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Professional Hairstyling Advanced: Program Overview

Full Time Diploma Program

This program has been approved by the Registrar

Blanche Macdonald Pro Hair Program Overview

Moving well beyond the traditional paradigm of hair school training, the college provides you with an unparalleled approach to Hair education. With a thorough and complete immersion into all aspects of Hair, this progressive curriculum will allow you the flexibility and fluidity to work in a diversity of work environments and industries, from salon, editorial, runway, television production studios to film sets.

This is the first Hair program in Canada to integrate the essential skills and application relating to Hair for television and feature films.

Whatever your path, the Blanche Macdonald PRO HAIR program will ensure that you will acquire all the necessary skills and confidence that will propel you to success.

Throughout your training, practical skills are honed and sharpened with countless hours spent working on outside clients. This is not a program that can be condensed into a few short months. In order to ensure your successful outcome as a top Hair professional, you need to have the hundreds of hours of practice and practical application. Only by cutting, colouring, and creating on a continual basis can you develop the skills, the discerning aesthetic, the competence and the confidence that you need to compete and excel.

As you become fully proficient in the processes and principles of Hair, the emphasis shifts from your role as a student to a Hair professional. Fundamental career skills in resumé building, networking, job search techniques are reviewed. In addition, you are provided with expert advice in navigating the complex world of unions (i.e. IATSE and ACFC) with its vast array of standards, requirements and industry etiquette.

Furthering your career development, you will acquire much needed business skills as a salon manager or entrepreneur. From essential accounting practices, retail and merchandising strategies, inventory control, and the ability to market yourself and your business, ultimately, you will be prepared to succeed in a competitive environment.

Leading the Hair industry in its role as an educator, the Blanche Macdonald Centre is the first college to introduce Art & Technology into a Hair curriculum. Within a state-of-the-art MAC computer lab, students are given instruction in using Photoshop, compiling and composing their photos in a digital format and creating an e-portfolio. This is the only Hair program that will give you what you need to compete in today’s wired world.


Hair: Course Highlights

Pro Hair Courses at Blanche Macdonald

Shampooing and shampoo massage techniques
Hair and scalp conditioning
Basic and advanced blow drying
Haircutting and advanced haircutting
Cutting procedures for texturing the hair
Layering, graduated shapes, one length cuts
Long hair design
Cutting tools, scissors, razors,...
Styling tools, blowdryers, curling and flat irons...
Perming and perm wraps
Perm products and procedures
Chemical texturizing
Chemical relaxation and straightening
Thermal straightening techniques
Colour formulas and colour charts
Colour correction
Colour application
Creating texture with foils, special f/x placement, zoning
Freehand colour
Advanced colour theory
Finishing techniques
Styling procedures and techniques
Roller setting, fingerwaves, pincurls
Hair extensions and additions
Men’s haircutting
Razors, clippers
Hair Ventilating and Hair Laying
Script breakdown for Hair plots
Continuity for TV and Film
Set etiquette for TV and Film
Hair pieces
Wigs - blocking, cleaning and maintenance
False facial hair pieces – beards and moustaches
Natural and synthetic hair
Hair competitions
Platform artists
Photoshoots and fashion editorials
Fashion shows
Fashion trends and styles
Entrepreneurial skills
Effective communication skills
Client consultation
Developing and retaining your clientele
Client product recommendations
Inventory control
Retail sales and merchandising
Promotions and marketing
Developing a digital portfolio
Scanning printed images
Image editing and production using Photoshop
Power point slide show and presentation of e-portfolio
DVD portfolio
Student website creation
Salon internships
Pivot Point delivery system
Career networking and introduction to salon owners and managers


Note: The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

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