Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics

Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics – Full Time & Part Time

360 Degree Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Education

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.


Change the world, one client at a time.

Global Esthetics/Medical Estheticians blend skills and solutions to heal and soothe, improving every life they touch. They know that Esthetics is more than a growing industry full of opportunity. It’s a way of life. Esthetics is a compassionate calling and a passionate, giving career. Gain the essential skills and tools to build a future that is fulfilling and financially rewarding. Train with award-winning industry experts at a globally renowned college. Join the ranks of our prestigious alumni who are shaping the Esthetics world.

Within our walls you’ll find a caring community that values compassion and nurtures confidence. You’ll meet industry insiders and expert professionals who will guide you, mentor you, and set you up for success. Whether you hope to open your own spa, build a home-based businesses, heal at Medi-Spas and skin clinics, curate compounds for skincare brands, or travel the world working for cruise ships and destination spas, our Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Program can open the door to unlimited possibilities in the local, national and international industry.

Join us on a journey into the heart of Esthetics, and see where your own path takes you.

Program Highlights

• Medi-spa Treatments• Professional Grade Chemical Peel
• InMode Diolaze XL Laser Diode Hair Removal – NEW!• Vapozone and High Frequency Machines
• InMode FORMA Radiofrequency (RF) – NEW!• Dermalogica — Dermal Institute Certificate
• IPL Laser Skincare Rejuvenation and Hair Removal Art and Tech: Business Practices and Marketing Materials
• DermaLase™ IPL Laser Certification• Sustainable Practices
• HydraFacial® Training with LED• Body Care incl. Hot Stone, Swedish and Ayurvedic Massage
• Authorized HydraFacial® Certification• PreEmpt Certification – Infection Control, for Best Practices
• BioTherapeutics LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy• Dragon’s Den: Entrepreneurial Challenge
• Professional Grade Microdermabrasion Machines• Makeup Fundamentals
• Medical Esthetics Certificate• Successful Graduates + Extensive Industry Network
Training esthetics students with InMode machine

Tuition Grants

Tuition grants for our Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics diploma program can range from $1,000 to $4,000 CAD for specific program start dates.
Please contact an Admissions Director to find out more about our tuition grants and upcoming start dates.

Student Loans

Student loans are available for this program.
The BC portion of student loans are always interest-free.
The Canadian portion of student loans are always interest-free.


Program Overview

The creation of beauty is more than skin deep. Our holistic approach to education reaches far beyond the standard textbooks and techniques to encompass the study of a person’s mind, body, spirit and lifestyle. As an emerging Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Professional you will learn to provide a total experience – fostered through effective communication and positive emotional connections – that leaves the client feeling pampered, healthy, glowing, relaxed and renewed.

At Blanche Macdonald we have been teaching and advancing Esthetics education for over 40 years. To keep on top of this ever-changing industry, we continually develop and enhance our program’s curriculum to incorporate cutting edge technologies, products, methodologies and treatments. Our instructors are all experienced Esthetics professionals who will mentor you in every aspect of the industry. They will share their extensive knowledge and experience to support you on your path to your future career.

Our classrooms are “learning labs” where you will gain a thorough knowledge of current spa therapist techniques, holistic and medi-spa treatments, products and equipment, supported by an understanding of basic anatomy, chemistry and physiology. You will be taught to uphold the highest standards of professional esthetician presentation, conduct, and hygiene. Developing an extensive practical repertoire in makeup, nails, body care, relaxation massage and more, you will become a skilled technician, learning how to transform services and solutions into transcendent rituals and effective remedies. And you will put these skills to practice on real clients in real time during our regular Client and Friends and Family Days.

This specialized training is complemented with coaching in effective communication and retailing fundamentals, entrepreneurial studies, managerial and leadership skills, and guidance in industry specific career development. From entrepreneurial essentials to business wizardry, you will learn how to market yourself as a professional Esthetician, and build your own spa, business or brand through effective management, marketing and social networking.

You will emerge as a qualified and multi-skilled Esthetician/Medical Esthetician, ready for your journey into the professional world. Whichever path you choose, our Esthetics/Medical Esthetics program will give you the map to your success.

The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.


students perform PIL laser treatments in class

Students make product presentations in Dragons Den like setting


Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Brochure

The Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Program is comprised of four Core Modules. Each Module focuses on one major area of Esthetics. The order of the modules is not set, but all four modules are required to complete the Program.

Level 1

Skincare, Bodycare & Medi-Spa / Medical Esthetics

Level 2

Nail Care

Level 3

Art & Tech/E-Spa

Level 4

Esthetics Makeup Artistry



Blending traditional with alternative, and art with science, our holistic approach to skincare and body care celebrates the synergy between internal health and external beauty. In this intensive module we’ll start with a theoretical study of anatomy, physiology, sanitation, cosmetic ingredients and esthetics equipment. Moving on to practical application, you’ll master facial and body treatments to soothe the skin, heal the body and uplift the soul. Guided by your instructor, you will rotate roles between Esthetician and client, learning how to become comfortable providing and receiving services. This approach cultivates the empathy and emotional awareness that are essential to your role as Spa Therapist.



Take care of the body’s largest organ – the skin! Perform a winning facial by developing skills in skin analysis, client consultation, draping, cleansing, toning, rinsing, exfoliation, steam therapy, extraction, disinfection, application of concentrates, masques, and protectants, and massage for the face and back. Learn how to create a natural looking and evenly applied tan for your client with airbrush tanning and body bronzing treatments. Master the basics of cosmetic chemistry and skincare products, learn to safely use electrical equipment, and explore the latest skincare technologies and techniques.   


Body care means something different to each client. Learn how to create that perfect comfort level through consultation, consideration and respect. Master the essentials of station set-up, sanitation, bacteriology, draping and exfoliation as you learn how to perform body wraps, body scrubs, and finishing massage. Remove hair by tweezing and waxing, and apply eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Explore aromatherapy, ayurveda, and emerging body care trends and techniques.


Master the art of massage in this hands-on exploration of three key methods from across the globe. From smooth flowing Swedish Relaxation Massage to healing Hot Stone Massage and detoxifying Ayurvedic massage, we’ll show you how to create a regenerating and relieving treatment. Learn how to customize pressure and technique according to your client’s individual needs, and adopt the correct stance and ergonomic principles that will allow you to perform multiple massages during a busy spa day.


Hair removal is a growing industry, and niche Wax Bars are now popping up everywhere. Master the art of gentle yet effective waxing and you’ll have return clients filling your books on the regular. We’ll teach you how to work proficiently with two types of wax: hard wax, also known as hot wax; and soft wax, also known as cold wax. Starting with the all-important art of client consultation, we’ll help you determine the safest and most effective treatment for your clients, including the type of wax to use. We’ll complement your practical work with vital pre- and post-service care, including preparing and testing the wax, cleaning and prepping the skin with powder and oil, sanitation – no double dipping! – applicator and disposable sheet use, and how to reduce redness. You’ll learn to wax all parts of the body, and practice your skills on clients and fellow students.


If eyes are the windows of the soul, then brows and lashes are the decorative frames that enhance and beautify the view. Brows and lashes are now an essential part of any spa menu, requiring careful preparation and knowledge of the depth and shape of the eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. You’ll learn eyebrow shaping techniques such as waxing and tweezing, and master the basics of eyelash tinting.


Make your esthetics career good for you and the planet. We’ll explore how products and methods are being adapted to ecological and cruelty-free philosophies in the “greening” of the spa industry. From the definitions of ‘organic,’ ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ to the use of eco-friendly packaging and carbon neutral processes, you’ll learn how to meet the demands of the ethical consumer. Develop responsible and sustainable practices that communicate ethical values and create a culture of trust with your brand.


Welcome to D.I.Y. Beauty – Do It Yourself! What better way to understand the principles and formulations of skincare than to create your own? Work in teams to develop your own signature product, from concept to design to marketing. Experiment with ingredients, aromatics, essential oil blends and herbs – then get creative as you develop a marketing strategy to promote your product and build your brand. In this hands-on creative intensive we’ll explore both the scientific and business sides of beauty.


‘Medical’ or ‘cos-medic’ esthetics is a rapidly growing industry, with Medical Estheticians and Laser Technicians working for leading Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Laser Clinics and Rejuvenation Centres. Explore medical exfoliation such as microdermabrasion, medical lasers, and light therapies for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatments.

Learn about the varying methods of chemical exfoliation, including glycolic (AHAs), salicylic (BHAs), blends (PHAs), trichloracetic acid (TCAs) and enzymes including papain, bromelain and yeasts. We’ll train you in the foundational theory for using light therapies including Lasers, IPL and LED for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatments, and how to deal with contraindications, possible complications and necessary pre- and post-treatment care. Specialists from the medical community will share their expertise and advice on working in this ever-growing part of the industry. 

Learn about how Doctors and Registered Nurses administer injectables and fillers. We’ll explore advances in dermatology and plastic surgery, and discuss the role of Estheticians in pre- and post-operative surgical care. 


HydraFacial® is one of the most in-demand Medical Esthetics/Medi-Spa services facial treatments. One is performed every 15 seconds around the world. Due to its high impact results with very little downtime, this is an essential treatment to add to your clinical esthetics portfolio. Using a patented Vortex Fusion delivery system, the HydraFacial focuses on three steps: exfoliate, extract and hydrate. Clinical Estheticians can charge anywhere from $150 to $300 per HydraFacial treatment.

As the only authorized Educational partner of HydraFacial in Western Canada, HydraFacial has created a comprehensive certification process for qualifying Blanche Macdonald Centre students. Upon successful completion of the HydraFacial training, students will receive a HydraFacial® Certificate.

HYDRAFACIAL® training:

  • Hygiene & Disinfection
  • Vortex Technology
  • Skin Health
  • Hands-on HydraFacial training
  • Skin Types and Conditions
  • Pre and Post Treatment Consultation
  • Professional Client Consultation
  • Integrating LED Light Therapy with HydraFacial
  • Treatment Planning
  • Authorized HydraFacial Certification



InMode’s up-to-date technology is known as the gold standard in the industry and can be found in over 100 Medi-Spa clinics and physicians’ offices in BC alone!

This breakthrough technology combines laser and radio frequency. Its all-in-one approach has the flexibility to blend multiple treatments through adaptable applicators.

Blanche Macdonald is BC’s first authorized Educational institute for the prestigious InMode DiolazeXL Laser Diode Hair Removal and InMode FORMA Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening and Contouring! InMode’s DiolazeXL and Forma are both approved by Heath Canada and the FDA in the United States.


InMode’s advanced DiolazeXL Laser Diode is considered the fastest hair removal on the market. Precisely-controlled pulses of energy heats the hair and safely destroys the active hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin. It uses the newest technology with an incredibly fast laser wavelength of 810nm that is safe for all skin types, including tanned skin. It has up to 5 pulses per second during the glide mode and can cover up to 6cm²/second. 


A celebrity fave by the likes of the Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen, Emma Roberts and Shay Mitchell, InMode’s Forma is known as the non-surgical Celebrity Facelift!

Esthetics students will receive hands-on, practical training on InMode’s Forma Radiofrequency Skin Tightening. InMode’s FORMA is powered by Radio Frequency (RF) and heat to stimulate new collagen and elastin production to dramatically improve skin tone and texture. It’s a non-invasive treatment and is considered an effective alternative to fillers or surgical facelifts. It’s a popular choice for those wanting to slow signs of aging, tighten the jawline, remove nasolabial folds, sculpt their cheekbones and raise and lift their brow bone area.

Medical Clinics and Medi-Spas are charging an average of $600 for one session with InMode’s Forma, recommending patients book for 4 to 6 sessions.


In our state-of-the-art Esthetics classrooms you will have direct access to contemporary technology, hands-on training on the same equipment used by the Pros. On our Microdermabrasion machine you will learn to make your client’s skin firmer and more youthful by gently resurfacing and buffing with our professional wands and pens. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to be in-the-know – and in-the-now – whenever and wherever you practice. 



Working with our DermaLase™ IPL Laser, you will receive hands-on training on how IPL hair removal therapy eliminates unwanted hair from the hair root to the tip. Learn how the IPL hair removal adopts photo-thermal therapy to eliminate the hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding skin. 


Our students are trained on using the IPL laser to provide skincare treatments that deliver a broad spectrum of light onto the skin’s surface. These wavelengths of light penetrate deep into the skin tissue to stimulate the cells beneath the surface. IPL skin rejuvenation treatments are a non-invasive solution for treating:

  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Spider Veins
  • Acne


For our Blanche Macdonald students who successfully complete our IPL Laser Training, DermaLase™ awards each student a Certificate for the DermaLase™ IPL Laser.


Light Therapy Machine – our comprehensive light therapy machine features Red, Blue, and combination lights to address a variety of skin conditions and needs. Students will be provided with hands-on practical and theoretical training. Learn how to adjust and adapt treatments and access the benefits of light therapy, including treating acne, regulating natural oil production, stimulating collagen and elastin, reducing redness and wrinkles, and clearing skin tone.


As technology changes, so do our clients. That’s why we train you to identify and respond to the demands of a shifting market. Today’s personal care consumers are choosing targeted, express services, and they want to be Social Media polished at all times. With the demand for fast, focused and fun treatments, these new “re-engineered” menus place estheticians as artisans and technicians crafting bespoke services, customizing and creating unique treatments. 


Flex your Talon Talent and develop the diverse skill set to provide a range of professional nail care services to your clients. Starting with a study of the anatomical structure and composition of the hands and feet, you’ll learn about nail growth and nail shapes, and develop proper sanitation techniques. We’ll teach you how to evaluate nail irregularities, diseases and disorders to determine when it is and isn’t safe to provide a treatment. Master the art of manis and pedis, discover how to enhance your spa services with cutting edge treatments and techniques, and let your creativity run wild with nail art.



Learn the secrets of an outstanding manicure and pedicure, from cuticle care, shaping and polishing techniques to the perfect soak, hand massage and finishing treatments. Refine your polish, file and nipper techniques, and master the iconic French design. Soothe away the stress of daily life and whisk your client off tired feet with a relieving pedicure treatment. Develop your nail drill skills to offer dry (waterless) manicures and pedicures.


Progressing beyond basic manicures and pedicures, we’ll coach you in those special extra steps that will transform your spa service from ordinary to extraordinary. Explore a range of innovative treatments and techniques to add to your, or your spa’s, personalized menu options. Soothe your clients’ work-worn muscles with a paraffin treatment; nurture with nourishing hand exfoliants and masks; and learn the rituals of the “foot facial”. Enhance your spa concept with signature manicures and pedicures.


Time to get creative! We’ll dip into our stock of top-of-the-line traditional and gel polishes to show you how to swirl, dot, stencil and speckle your way to fabulous free-hand design. Combine colours and techniques with nail accessories to create customized nail art designs. Mesmerize with water-marbling techniques, fade away with ombre transitions, and indulge your inner artist with acrylic paint miniatures. Develop the techniques to offer your nail services for grads and bridal service packages.


Whatever avenue of Esthetics you choose to follow, you’ll need to successfully market your services and products to the world. Transfer your skills from High Touch to High Tech to promote yourself in the digital realm. Learn how to create effective on-line marketing and social media campaigns, and develop the design and search engine optimization skills that will drive clients to your business. Learn the marketing essentials and professional practices to transform your entrepreneurial spirit into a successful career.


Our Art and Tech module will give you the power to market yourself in this ever-growing industry. In our state-of-the-art Mac labs you’ll gain a working knowledge of Photoshop to create layouts and design promotional materials including Spa menus, business cards, brochures and ads. Learn how to create an effective E-Marketing campaign and design, post and maintain your own Spa website.


The spa industry has its own language and culture. We’ll study the nature and design of spas, explore different spa categories, and examine the diversity of services to determine the ingredients for an optimal spa experience. You’ll develop an intimate understanding of the Spa business — and learn how to set yours apart from the rest.


In this interactive business intensive we’ll show you how to build your Esthetics business from the ground up. Learn how to structure and register your business, apply for a license, build an effective team, hone your vision and develop a winning brand. Explore inventory systems, marketing strategies, staffing, service pricing and learn how to attract and retain clients. We’ll help you develop the professional strategy to make your personal career goals a reality.


All makeup artists begin with a good foundation. Our makeup curriculum has been created by Emmy Award-winning Makeup Director, Todd McIntosh. Master the basics of beauty makeup and learn the essentials of application as you explore colour, texture and light. Discover how to care for the skin and work with different skin types, tones, ages and ethnic groups. Learn techniques for blending, contouring, shading and highlighting, and follow industry standards for cleaning and hygiene. Develop hands-on product knowledge direct from industry pros at CurliQue, our Beauty Boutique.



Starting with an analysis of facial shapes, skin composition and bone structure, you’ll learn how to contour, shade and highlight, and correct facial, lip and eye shapes. Building on this foundation, you will create basic day looks and then transform them into evening. We’ll introduce you to bridal and fashion makeup, and you’ll learn how to create a makeup face chart.


Explore the language of colour and how it creates specific psychological reactions and fashion statements. Learn the primary, secondary and tertiary colour wheels in conjunction with colour application techniques to create a unifying colour palette. Discover how to choose and adjust colour for tonality and harmony.


Learn how to distinguish and choose the most effective products for specific clients and applications. Our instructors and the Pro Team at CurliQue will guide you as you gain the confidence and expertise to create looks with a variety of products on a diversity of faces. Learn about the advances in treatment-oriented makeup formulations and mineral makeup.



Learn to create safe and healthy treatment environments by using the correct processes and materials, and follow Industry standards for hygienic procedures and infection control. We’ll show you how to sanitize your tools, implements, and station to create a clean and legitimized space to ease your clients’ bodies and minds. Accurate analysis of skin types, conditions, and disorders will enable you to recommend the appropriate products and determine the safest service for each client.


The relationship between an Esthetician and a client is sacred. We’ll coach you in creating intuitive, caring and sensitive client relations while respecting distinct professional boundaries and client confidentiality. Learn how to consult your clients about their unique health concerns and lifestyle needs so you can customize a safe and comfortable service. Your personal presentation and workspace are extensions of that care. We’ll help you ensure your demeanor, posture and attire exude professionalism.



Practice makes perfect! Throughout your Skincare, Body Care and Nail Care Modules you will practice your skills on friends, family and clients during our regularly scheduled Friends & Family and Client Days. This is your chance to test yourself within industry time standards, develop your skills in customer care and client consultation, and refine your services. Take in criticism and feedback and move forward with renewed insight. These real life experiences will help to boost your confidence and prepare you to enter the professional world.


The order of the Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Program modules that each student receives may vary due to instructor scheduling needs. Each student receives the exact same modules and total amount of training but the order of some modules may vary for certain groups.

The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

During Covid-19, the school may suspend Client Days and Family & Friends Days when necessary.

A selection of Blanche Macdonald Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics graduates and their career placements.

Ahn Do, Owner, Antiquity Dayspa 
Aimi Sakino, Esthetician, Absolute Spa
Alexis Masaro, Owner, Alexia Day Spa 
Alicia Whitehead, Esthetician, Raintree Day Spa 
Alisha Smith, Esthetician, Cutie Pie Wax Bar
Allison Diotte, Retail Manager, Vida Wellness
Anne Lauener, Owner, Beverley’s on 4th
Amie Smith, Esthetician, Bloom
Amy Harris, Esthetician, Atlantis Day Spa
Amy Luong, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Braun 
Amy Roesler, Esthetician, A Dream’s Touch Day Spa
Ana Vila-Cha, Senior Esthetics Instructor at Utopia Academy, Abbotsford
Angela Fu, Esthetician, Perfect Health
Angela Green, Esthetician, Manager – Urban Body Laser
Angela Gladu, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Braun 
Anita Nanda, Owner, Feeling Great           
Anita Saiking Lam, Esthetician, Biotherm 
April Aquino, Esthetician, Pure Nail Bar
Arlene Guy, Esthetician, Rockwater Spa – Sunshine Coast 
Ashley Fletcher, Esthetician, The Fainting Couch Spa – Gibsons BC 
Ashley Mainwaring, Esthetician, Skoah
Ashley Sim, Owner of Mother Earth Day Spa – Lacombe AB 
Bich Ngoc Le, Owner, Le Everlashes – Surrey
strong>Billie Rose Clark, Skin Care Expert, Sephora – Robson
Bita Jayez, Esthetician, Hennessy Spa
Bonnie Coleman, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Rivers 
Brittany Clyde, Esthetician, Bare Elegance Medspa
Caitlin Vodnoski, Esthetician, Joie De Vivre – Yellowknife NT 
Carmen Perez, Owner, Narcissus Beauty Services 
Carla Sage, Pre-Opening Spa Director for the first Park Hyatt Spa and Wellness Centre in China
Carola Alder, Owner, No Time Skin Expert 
Channa Ourn, Esthetician, Urban Body Laser 
Chantalle Bevers, Esthetician, Bblonde Salon & Spa 
Charlotte Jomphe, Esthetician, Skoah – Calgary AB
Charmaine Richards, Owner, The Fainting Couch Spa – Gibsons BC
Cheryl Hamada, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Braun 
Cheryl Rose, Owner, Zen Wellness Centre
Chetanpal Randhawa,Esthetician,Spa Utopia Langley
Christina Hickey, Esthetician, Spasation – Sherwood Park
Christina Myhre, Esthetician, Escape – Dauphin MA
Christina Sather, Esthetician, Hummingbird Spa – Langley BC
Claire Vaughan, Esthetician, Spirit Spa – Halifax ON 
Crystal Rosengren, Esthetician, Hairsoda
Cynthia Stephens, Spa Director, Aru Spa – White Rock BC 
Daniella Van Eck, Esthetician, Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care
Danika Powell, Esthetician, Beverly’s Spa On 4th
Danna Johanson, Esthetician, Bliss Day Spa & Laser – Surrey BC
Dawn Loewen, Sales Rep, Nova Beauty Supply
Deborah Peterson, Esthetician, Great Cuts
Diana Narong, Esthetician, Tranquility Day Spa 
Elizabeth Creighton, Esthetician, Absolute Spa – Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel
Elnaz Yousefian, Esthetician, Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa
Erica Knox, Esthetician, Eccotique Spa – Langley BC
Erica Vargas, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Jang
Erika Swanstrom, Esthetician, Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa
Erin Worrod, Esthetician, Solaris Spa – Whistler BC 
Emerald Stock, Esthetician, Eco Chic Aveda 
Emily Anaskan, Esthetician, Spa Pure
Esther Unsinn, Owner, Esther’s Mobile Spa
Evelina Spurek, Esthetician,Rosewood Spa at Hotel Georgia
Everjoy Kriekenbeek, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Morel
Fame Maleknia, Esthetician, Educator – Cara Mia Associates
Farhana Rehman, Owner, Sashey Spa
Filomena Balletta, Owner, Filomena’s
Gerald Mari, Senior Spa Therapist and Laser Technician, Chi Spa In The Shangri La Hotel
Gillian Cooper, Esthetician, Bloom
Gwen Nguyen, Owner, Euphoria
Hailey Nehring, Esthetician, Bloom
Harmanpreet Bhathal, Esthetician, Tranquillity Health & Day Spa – Delta BC
Heather Joy Wheatley, Esthetician, Chambers Salon 
Hee Jung Daisy Kim, Esthetician, Suki’s
Irene Ropcean, Esthetician, EvelineCharles Salons and Spas
Jamie Gemmell, Spa Director, Integrative Healing Arts
Jamie Van Erkelens, Educator, Somak International 
Janet Nguyen, Esthetician, Eccotique Spas and Salons
Janine Thompson, Owner, Spa Above the Bay, Sechelt
Jaspreet Nagra, Esthetician, BeautyMark – Vancouver BC
Jeanne Trang , Owner, Granville Day Spa, Vancouver BC
Jenelle Tongol, Esthetician, Hummingbird Spa – Langley BC
Jenn Brown, Owner, Chill’a Cubbie – Kelowna BC
Jenna Thomson, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Shah
Jennifer Thompson, Esthetician, Hummingbird Spa – Langley BC
Jennifer Valentine, Esthetician, Absolute Spa
Jessica Dennison, Esthetician, Spa Villamoura
Jessica Mahon, Esthetician, Elizabeth Arden – Saskatoon AB
Jessica Mathies, Skin Care Expert, Sephora – Robson
Jessica Rouse, Owner, Grizzly Bare Waxing Studio, Montana
Jessica Slaneff, Esthetician, Shoppers Drug Mart  
Jillian Ware, Esthetician, Vanishings Laser Esthetics
Jo-Ann Scott, Owner, Twiggleberries, Bowen Island
Joanne Phillips, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Stasiak 
Jose Macuroy, Esthetician, Absolute Spa
Judy Drew, Owner, Atlantis Day Spa – Tsawwassen BC 
Justine Ducharme, Esthetician, Absolute Spa – Airport
Kadie Ridgway, Esthetician, Spa Time, Tsawwassen BC
Kaileigh Schofield, Esthetician, Wild Orange Spa – Abbotsford BC
Kaitlyn Hill, Esthetician, Beverly’s Spa On 4th 
Kaithlyn Rauscher, Esthetician, Total Bliss Salon
Ka Ling Leung, Esthetician, Horseshoe Bay Laser & Beauty Clinic – West Vancouver BC
Karen Jane Lee, Esthetician, Decleor
Karen Melnychuk, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Braun 
Katelyn Quinnell, Esthetician, Temptations Salon & Spa
Katelynn Perrin, Esthetician, Healing Springs – Harrison BC , 
Katie McGrory, Esthetician, Newbury Spa – Calgary
Katie Tolborg, Esthetician, Spa at the Madison – Burnaby BC
Kelsey Fenton, Esthetician, Razor’s Edge – Prince George
Keri Patterson, Esthetician, Linda’s Urban Spa 
Kim Marshall, Esthetician, Casbah Day Spa
Kimberley Oldham, Owner,  Spa Vilamoura
Krista Balliston, Esthetician, Absolute Spa
Krista Fleishauer, Esthetician, Metropolis Laser Centre
Kristie Caron, Owner, Essential Beauty Lounge
Kristin Cabeza-Erickson, Esthetician, Sonora Island Spa
Kristen Foote, Owner, Honey Dew Day Spa 
Krystalynne Freeman, Esthetician, Element Spa – Whitehorse
Kristy Edwards, Owner, Kristy’s, Ft. St. John
Krystle King, Esthetician, La Dolce Vita Day Spa & Salon – Kamloops
Laura Kidd, Esthetician, Sante Wellness Spa – Nanaimo BC
Laura Weaving, Esthetician, Glenmore Spa – Winfield
Laura-Lee Harrison, Esthetician, Vida Wellness Spa
Laura Gobbo, Owner, Fruition Day Spa, Deep Cove BC
Lauren Lee, Esthetician, Skoah
Leah Podgurny, Medical Esthetician & Manager, Dr. Shah 
Leanne Saulnier, Europe Cosmetiques – Burnaby BC
Lee Windecker, Esthetician, Beverly’s Spa On 4th 
Ligia Hutiu, Esthetician, Dona Lucia Esthetics Salon
Linh Lam, Esthetician, Perfect Health
Lisa Digeso, Owner, Pampered Pretty – Kamloops BC 
Lisa Tran, Esthetician, Vanessa Nails – Whiterock
Lola Pablos, Spa Utopia, North Vancouver BC 
Lorraine Raynor, Owner, Beautiful You Mobile
Lori Zubko, Owner, Escape Tanning
Louise Dannhauer, Owner, Spa Time, Tsawwassen BC
Lydia Smith, Esthetician, Beverly’s Spa On 4th
Lyndsey DeSilva, Owner, Time Defiance Day Spa
Lyndsay Perham, Esthetician, Fairmont Hotel – Jasper AB 
Madeline Chow, Esthetician, Chi Spa In The Shangri La Hote 
Mandeep Singh, Esthetician, Skoah, Vancouver BC
Marcia McBride, Esthetician, The Spa at Uplands / Merle Norman Cosmetics – Nanaimo BC
Maria Gorgounis, Esthetician, Absolute Spa
Maria Teczynska, Esthetician, Manager, West Coast Beauty 
Maria Vu, Esthetician, Vanessa Nails – Whiterock
Marianne Gilbert , Esthetician, Safra Day Spa – Victoria BC
Marie Paquin, Esthetician, Skoah
Mary Banovac, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Braun
Meagan Huibers, Esthetician, Sanctum Day Spa – Palm Cove, Australia
Megan Diell, Esthetician, E-Clips
Megan Valin, Esthetician, Pampered Pretty – Kamloops BC
Meghan Herle, Esthetician, Zazoo
Melissa Gauthier, Esthetician, Spa Utopia
Melissa Lawson, Esthetician, Kiss And Makeup 
Melissa Morris, Esthetician, Eccotique Spas and Salons 
Melissa Weselake, Esthetician, Absolute Spa
Michelle Ambrosone, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Jang
Michele Lyle, Owner, Serenity Wellness Clinic
Michelle Hobbs, Esthetician, Faces Cosmetics – Kelowna
Mikki Maccumber, Esthetician, Out Of The Blue – White Rock BC
Misti Llewelyn, Esthetician, Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas, NV
Monika Keodouangdy, Esthetician, Eccotique – Metrotown
Mutlu Jones, Owner, Butterfly On Burrard
Nadia Torres, Esthetician, Miraj Hammam Spa
Nasante Demere, Owner, Soul 2 Soul      
Nathalie Thomann, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Stasiak
Neena Bhogul, Owner, Beautopia, Williams Lake 
Nicole Bisgrove, Esthetician, Eccotique Spa
Nicole Desmarais, Esthetician, Urban Body Laser 
Nichole Duncan, Esthetician, Cutie Pie Wax Bar
Nicole Fishbook, Esthetician, Just For You – Vernon BC
Nicole Macdonald, Esthetician, Bloom
Nicole Myhra, Esthetician, Temptations Spa – Maple Ridge BC
Nita Sharma, Esthetician, Eminence Organic
Oanh Thi Nguyen, Owner, Oanh’s 
Pamela Bonaparte, Esthetician, Vida Wellness Spa – Whistler BC
Paula Boulanger, Owner, Crimpers
Queeny Luong, Manager, Eccotique Spa
Ramona Suciu, Esthetician, Spa Utopia
Raquel Schleppe, Esthetician, Tigh-Na-Mara – Parksville BC
Renu Bawa, Spa Director, Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa – Victoria, BC 
Reshana Hussain, Esthetician, Spa Aqua Vitae – White Rock BC
Rosa Chiesa, Owner, Head to Toes
Sabrina Jamal, Owner, Paradise Salon and Spa
Sabrina Mael, Skin Care Expert, Sephora – Robson
Sadaf Almasi, Esthetician, Déjà Vu Spa
Samantha Diotte, Esthetician Manager, Spruce Body Lab
Sarah Casorso, Esthetician, Kingfisher Spa – Courtney BC
Sarah Kowall, Esthetician, Beverly’s Spa On 4th
Sarah Wilford, Esthetician, Silk Road Spa – Victoria BC
Sayaka Hongo. Esthetician, The Westin Hotel Toyko, Le Spa Parisien – Tokyo, Japan 
Serena Slade, Esthetician, Absolute Spa – West Vancouver
Shannon Shum, Esthetician, Eccotique Spa
Shirley Choi, Esthetician, Raintree Day Spa
Shirley Lim, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Thompson
So Yeon Hong, Esthetician, Alex Cosmetics
Susan Turner, Owner, The Garden Spa – Langley BC 
Stacey Birk, Owner, Stacey’s, Quesnel
Star Podwinski, Esthetician, Better Than Chocolate
Stella Io, Owner, Beautio Spa
Stephanie Jones, Medical Esthetician, Md Cosmetics And Laser
Stepahnie Richmond, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Shah  
Suzane Dimichele, Medical Esthetician, Dr. Mosher 
Suzanne Allan, Owner, The Coddled Dog         
Suzene Pernia, Esthetician, Vida Wellness Spa
Tabitha Swanson, Esthetician, Absolute Spa – Vancouver BC
Taeko Ikehata, Esthetician, Chi Spa In The Shangri La Hotel
Tahera Khaku, Owner, Skinsavvy
Tanya Agecoutay, Esthetician, London Drugs
Tanya Wilkinson, Esthetician, Eco Chic Spa Whistler
Taralyn Matte, Esthetician, Spa Aqua Vitae – White Rock BC 
Taryn Wilson, Esthetician, Spa Utopia & Salons
Tatiana Petrova, Esthetician, Deserving Thyme Lifespa
Tatihanna Fergurson, Esthetician, Chatters Hair | Beauty | Salon – Surrey BC 
Tierra Sengotta, Esthetician, Refine Express Spa
Tina Eriksen, Esthetician, Elizabeth Arden
Tina Sadek, Esthetician, Skin Concepts  
Tory Jackson, Owner, Home Spa, Calgary 
Tracy Haubrich-Zambrano, Sales Rep, Clarion Medical Technologies  
Valerie Bruneau, Esthetician, Bioethique Spa on 4th – Vancouver, BC
Vanessa Stephens, Esthetician, The SPA at Painted Boat – Pender Harbour, BC
Veronica Espino, Esthetician, Chi, The SPA at Shangri-La – Vancouver, BC
Victoria Belcher, Owner, Victoria’s Place              
Victoria Nyden, Esthetician, Spa Ethos
Wendy Duong, Esthetician, Salon Beauty Bar
Winnie Cheung-Pozo, Owner, Tao Day Spa – Richmond BC  
Yavanna Arnold, Owner, Lavish  
Zoe Wan, Customer Relation Officer, Strip (Waxing salon under Spa Esprit) – Hong Kong

Note: Some of these Esthetics graduates may have changed positions in the interim.


With our proven reputation, Blanche Macdonald is a first stop for Spa Owners and Employers looking for esthetics professionals. Our specialized training will enable you to work in a variety of environments including day spas, destination spas, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, medical laser and anti-ageing clinics, and in a vast array of roles including esthetician, laser technician, spa therapist, makeup artist, nail technician, spa manager, cosmetic retailer, business entrepreneur, sales rep, distributor and technical trainer. As a Blanche Macdonald graduate, a world of possibilities will be open to you.

Our full-time Career Services Team will help you transform your passion into a fulfilling career. They will be your guides as you navigate the esthetics/medical esthetics landscape and find your place in it. That guidance is good for life. It begins on your very first day and continues throughout the evolution of your career.

Our Career Directors have established powerful connections throughout the beauty industry, and it is their mission to help you find your perfect career fit. They will work around the clock to connect you with volunteer, internship and employment opportunities. They will assist you in building your network, boosting your confidence and, ultimately, crafting your own career.



The origins of Esthetics are rooted in a history of healing that stretches back millennia: the sacred practice of the laying of hands, handed down through generations of therapists and healers. Estheticians are the quiet heroes of the beauty industry – humble practitioners who bring bliss and balance to the lives of their clients, communicating through the healing power of touch.

That legacy of care is what makes a career in esthetics so rewarding. Esthetics is a humanitarian field, and caring for others resides at its heart. Estheticians are making meaningful connections every day. They are changing the world, one person and one service at a time.

Just as each client is different, so is each career. The booming Esthetics industry is evolving everyday, transforming and morphing into every form, function and fashion imaginable. Whether it’s Spa Fusion, Eco Culture or Global Sampling, you can ­cross the globe to an exotic multi-million dollar locale or pare things down to the simplest elements with the casual comfort and intimacy of the neighbourhood day spa. As an Esthetics Professional you will be able to choose from an amazing variety of opportunities and pathways.



Provide soothing services and healing hands to grateful clients as a Professional Esthetician, Medical Esthetician or Spa Therapist.

Realize your unique vision, and be your own boss! Open up a space of your very own as a Spa Owner.

Make everyday a Spa Day and lead a team of Estheticians and Therapists as a Spa Manager.

Kick your independence into high gear as a Mobile or Freelance Esthetician for weddings, special events and home visits.

Use technology to improve lives and increase confidence as a Laser Technician.

Perform magnificent manis and perfect pedis as a Nail Technician, or blend nail skills with creativity to create wearable mini-masterpieces as a Nail Artist.

Combine creativity with customer care to celebrate colour, contour and shadow as a Makeup Artist.

Utilize your technical knowledge, client care know-how and business savvy to advise major Esthetics market players as an Industry Consultant.

Take your passion for product across the country as an Account Executive or Educator for prestigious Esthetics and beauty brands.

Open your own business: start a mobile Spa biz, pop up a shop, or use your creativity and ambition to fill a unique niche in the Esthetics market as an Entrepreneur.

Make home your base and open up a personalized Home Spa as your primary or secondary career, or to complement your existing lifestyle.

Connect with customers, curate product and demonstrate your technique as a Retail Beauty Specialist, Retail Manager or Freelance Demo Artist.

Travel the globe and offer your world-beating spa services at every port as a Cruise Ship or Resort Spa Therapist.

Focus in on one brand, sharing that story, vision and concept with fellow members of the Esthetics community, as a Technical Trainer or Pro Educator.

Curate product as an Esthetics Purchasing Coordinator, using your skills for inventory control, buying, purchasing and negotiating to ensure the best mix of product for your specific market.

Promote your passion, build a brand and influence the Esthetics world on your preferred platform as a Social Media Professional.

Share your insights and ideas as a Beauty Blogger or Vlogger, and build a subscriber base that will tune in to follow your Esthetics journey.

Join an established company or brand as a Social Media Influencer, combining your Esthetics expertise with an eye for design, a keen sense of trends and an ability to engage an audience.

Tell compelling stories as a Beauty Writer, captivating readers with spa news and reviews for newspapers, magazines and online publications.

Develop your own product line and mix essences, compounds and solutions as a Brand Creator.

Share your passion for Esthetics by passing on the tools and techniques of the trade to the next generation of Spa professionals as an Esthetics Educator or Instructor.

Mix people skills with product love as a Wholesale and Beauty Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

Delve into the business side of Esthetics as a Distributor, making sure beloved products hit the shelves.

Show your passion for compassion and help to reveal true beauty as a Medical Esthetician or MediSpa Therapist.


In Esthetics you have to get up close and personal. It’s touchy feely. You have to feel comfortable providing services and receiving services. Sometimes it can feel awkward walking around without any makeup on. And it can get super awkward when you have to do body care and waxing. So it’s really important to be around professional instructors and Directors who have a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity, who know how to create healthy, safe and respectful boundaries and who are truly good, kind and caring people. They are super nice. Really real. And the best of the best. And because they have all these super powers, they bring out the best in you.



It’s like learning in a botanical garden. Each practical room is accented by stunning wallpaper, specially designed and printed in the Netherlands. Influenced by the lush florals and deep colouration of the paintings of Rembrandt, the wallpaper designs feature overblown floral motifs in varying palettes. From a muted background of soft roses, to neutral borders of peonies or deep dramatic large scale florals in extravagant bloom, each classroom creates a beautiful backdrop. As an Esthetics student, you are studying with us for a full year. So it is important to us that we create an environment where you not only have the best education, the best equipment and facilities but also the best environment, creating an energy where you feel safe, calm, nurtured and inspired.



People like us and we like people. We work hard and we do good work. That makes for amazing Partnerships. Our Esthetics department has developed relationships with leading brands and industry experts, giving our students direct access to specialized training, and enabling us to host exclusive events and VIP speakers. Our exclusive partnerships with highly respected skincare brands – including professional-grade favourites Dermalogica, Institut Esthederm and organic line Elaspa – give students the unique opportunity to work with very different lines, with different ingredients and philosophies. This holistic approach provides a more profound understanding of the contemporary industry. 

Note: the College reserves the right to change Kit contents and skincare brands as needed.



From exclusive internships to onsite employment fairs and industry partnerships, your success is our business. That’s why we have a dedicated Careers Team focused on career placement. Their vast network of industry contacts, top employers, powerhouse brands and exclusive agencies know that Blanche Macdonald is the first point of contact for anyone seeking new Estheticians, Medical Estheticians, Laser Technicians and Medi-spa staff. Our Career Directors offer their support and guidance to help you with your professional journey.



Have spa will travel. Gone are the days of working 9 to 5 in the same deadbeat job. Our Esthetics grads are working as far afield as Bali, Tokyo, Mumbai, Sydney and London, as nearby as Tofino or a hop, skip and jump away to the neighbourhood spa.They’re running successful businesses and creating their own skincare brands. They’re seeing the world working on board a cruise ship and jetsetting from executive boardrooms to top international spas. They’re our grads, and they’re the leading lights of the Esthetics world. Our graduates consistently rise to the top of the Esthetics business, bringing their skills to every corner of the industry, garnering international recognition and making us proud. We want you to reach these same heights. We want the best for you. So we have lovingly crafted Programs that will train you for the industry, coach you in professionalism, help you create success and prepare you for a career in Esthetics; a career that will allow you exploration and discovery, freedom and variety, a sense of purpose and fulfillment and joy, laughter and love, ever after.

Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics

Full-time Diploma program (1,100 hours)

One year; 3 days/week

Two years with Co-op Work Experience option available for International students.

There are two scheduling options to choose from:

  • Monday to Wednesday
  • Wednesday to Friday

Part-time Diploma program (18 months)

18 months; 3 days/week

There is one scheduling option:

  • Saturdays (full day), Mondays (evening) and Tuesdays (evening)

For Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada: the lowest Tuition payment plan option is $17,500 for the entire program length. Canada Student Loan funding is available for those who qualify.

The Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Kit is $3,050 + GST/PST (exclusive of tuition).

Following your program acceptance, the following fee payments totalling $950 (exclusive of tuition) are required on the day of enrollment:

1. An assessment fee of $150
2. A non-refundable registration fee of $250
3. An administrative fee of $550


Tuition Grants may be available for specific programs and start dates. Please ask your Admissions Advisor about any available Tuition Grants.

Class sizes are very limited. Early registration is required to guarantee a seat in a class.

To learn more about our various payment plan options and upcoming start dates, please fill out our info-request form or connect with your Admissions Advisor.

Making an Application is simple and easy. This is our way of getting to know you. Please fill out the Application form and then an Admissions Director will arrange a time to connect with you. This is a wonderful way for us to share information and insights about the program, the industry, career development, job opportunities, potential tuition grants and financial aid options. And this is our time to learn about you, what your career goals are, what you would like to achieve with your career training, what questions and concerns we can help you with. There is no enrolment deposit made until you have been formally accepted into the program. Please submit your Application here.

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