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The one-year Fashion Design program is divided into four semesters. This comprehensive program is comprised of 22 subjects for a total of 63 credits. All subjects must be successfully completed in order to receive a diploma.

Program schedule: Fashion Design students attend six classes per week. Classes are scheduled on a three day per week basis, for a total of twenty hours per week. Class schedules run M-T-W or W-Th-F.

Course Number Fashion Design Courses
ARTT 410 Art & Technology
RES 240 Career Preparation
FDES 110 Design Collections I
FDES 210 Design Collections II
FASA 150 Fashion Awareness I
FASA 250 Fashion Awareness II
FELM 350 Fashion Elements
FASA 100 Fashion History
FILL 110 Fashion Illustration I
FILL 210 Fashion Illustration II
FILL 310 Fashion Illustration III
FPRO 350 Fashion Promotion & Marketing
CONS 100 Garment Construction I
CONS 200 Garment Construction II
CONS 300 Garment Construction III
CONS 400 Garment Construction IV
MANU 305 Introduction to Manufacturing
PATT 100 Patternmaking I
PATT 200 Patternmaking II
PATT 300 Patternmaking III
PATT 400 Patternmaking IV
PORT 405 Portfolio Presentation
SEW 115 Sewing Labs
TEXT 120 Textiles

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Note: The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

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