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Makeup School: Global Makeup Program

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Technique. Creativity. Professionalism.

These are the core foundations of Canada’s best Makeup Artistry Program. That’s why it’s the ideal training for aspiring artists who are serious about making makeup their career.

Blanche Macdonald is more than Vancouver’s top beauty school. Fashion, TV and Film, Special Makeup Effects, Retail, Bridal, and even Medical applications. The opportunities for professional makeup artists are endless. Our instructors understand. Their work has appeared in Hollywood movies, major television series, and in top publications and on fashion runways around the world. And it’s their insider expertise that provides our College’s unparalleled training in every aspect of the makeup industry.

Designed by Emmy Award-winning Artist Todd McIntosh, our Global Program starts with the fundamentals and continues as our instructors guide you through every aspect of makeup, inspiring you to embrace your own creativity.

Artistry goes hand in hand with professionalism. Blanche Macdonald’s Makeup School career directors are continuously connected to the industry, providing you with volunteer and job opportunities with employers that matter. Our instructors know what’s demanded in every professional environment, and the Global Makeup Program highlights the communication skills and etiquette you’ll need to succeed.

So when it’s your time in the spotlight, you’ll be fully prepared to shine. 


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