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Global Makeup – Full Time

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education & Future Skills.

Face Forward

One year. One future. A thousand possibilities.

Our Global Makeup Program will put you at the face of the Pro Makeup Industry. Gain the essential skills and tools to build a world-beating Makeup career. Train with award-winning industry experts at a globally renowned Makeup School. Join the ranks of our prestigious alumni who are shaping the Makeup world.

Within our college you’ll find a caring community that values creativity and nurtures confidence. You’ll meet industry insiders and expert professionals who will guide you, mentor you, and set you up for success. Whether your focus will be fashion or freelance, TV & Film or special effects, beauty or bridal, our intensive one-year program can open the door to unlimited possibilities in the local, national and international industry.

This is how makeup futures are born. This is where passions become careers. Join us on a journey into the heart of Makeup, and see where your path takes you.

Program Overview

Over twelve life-changing months our program will transform you into a versatile and well-rounded Makeup Artist, ready to enter the competitive global industry. Under the mentorship of our award-winning instructors you will take a step-by-step journey of the makeup world, developing a broad set of tools and techniques. You’ll learn the business inside out and discover the thrilling, challenging, messy and infinitely rewarding creative process. As you grow as an artist and discover your own voice, you’ll develop the confidence and creativity to become a successful makeup professional.

Our industry-forward curriculum is recognized the world over as a leader in Makeup education, and our Global Makeup Program is a benchmark for excellence. With no stone left unturned, our expert instructors will equip you with the most comprehensive makeup training possible – from Beauty and Bridal makeup, Cosmetic Retailing, Hairstyling, and Makeup for Fashion to TV and Film, Airbrushing, Special Effects, Prosthetics and Digital Makeup.

Moving beyond theory, you’ll gain countless hours of practical experience. We’ll immerse you in real-life makeup environments, from behind-the-scenes retail and fashion shows to live demos, competition platforms, masterclasses with makeup superstars and more. You’ll take part in a series of professional photo shoots, capturing your work in an industry-standard Portfolio. Watch as your classroom extends beyond the walls, and your education encompasses the wider makeup community. Flourish under the leadership of our award-winning, expert faculty. Rub shoulders with the Makeup elite and form a network of professional relationships. Benefit from the lifetime support of our dedicated Careers Department and seize industry opportunities – all before you graduate.

As you develop your techniques and confidence, you’ll grow into your role as a makeup artist, learning to harness the tools and technology of the trade to market yourself and your brand. Any successful makeup artist knows that professionalism and communication are just as important as your technical and artistic abilities. That’s why we dedicate so much time to helping you develop confidence, maximize your professional potential and hone your communication skills. We do more than teach you how to perform great makeup. We prepare you to become an industry professional.


Program Structure and Hours

The Global Makeup Diploma Program is a full-time program.

Classes are scheduled on a three day per week basis, for a total of twenty hours per week.

Class schedules run Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.
Program Duration:

One year. 

Two years with Co-op Work Experience option available for International students.

The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.


Global Makeup Kit Highlights

Each program kit* is stacked with all the products and tools you need to embark on your makeup journey. The kit includes products from iconic brands like MAC Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Danessa Myricks, Kryolan, RCMA and more! 

global makeup kit logos

*Kit contents are subject to change without notice


Global Makeup Brochure

Level 1Makeup Fundamentals
Level 2Cosmetic Retailing
Level 3Hair for Bridal and Fashion
Level 4Bridal Makeup
Level 5Makeup for Fashion
Level 6Airbrushing
Level 7Resume Preparation & Job Search Skills
Level 8Hair for Stage, TV & Film
Level 9Makeup for Stage, TV & Film
Level 10High Fashion & Cutting Edge Makeup
Level 11Makeup for Special Effects
Level 12Digital Makeup Design
Level 13Makeup for Prosthetics
Level 14Social Media

Level 1: Makeup Fundamentals

Under the close mentorship of your instructors, you will perform your first makeup applications on different faces in class.

You will learn by doing, gaining techniques for blending, contouring, shading and highlighting through practical applications in classic, natural, glamour, bridal, mature and dramatic styles.

Discover how to select the right foundation, correction, concealer and powder for each unique client and their specific ethnic group, age, skin tone and skin type.

Learn how to choose and employ a range of professional tools and product formulations, and step onto the floor in our very own CurliQue Beauty Boutique to develop hands-on product knowledge from industry pros.

Level 2: Cosmetic Retailing

Many professional makeup artists begin their careers in retail. An ability to connect with individual clients and work with different skin types, facial structures and a diverse client base will open doors across the retail industry. In this module, you will understand cosmetic merchandising, brand loyalty, trend cycles, counter-culture, and customer behaviour. Through role-playing exercises and interactive opportunities, you will develop and improve your customer service skills, master the art of the customer experience, and learn how to build a loyal clientele. You’ll develop the confidence to network with industry professionals and effectively communicate with prospective employers.

Putting theory into practice, you’ll experience behind-the-scenes retail first hand at CurliQue, our Pro Beauty Boutique.

We will coach you on product selling and customer experience. You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to play with a wide range of professional products, from luxury brands like MAKE UP FOR EVER, Kevyn Aucoin, Oribe, coveted cult brands like Danessa Myricks, Embryolisse to Pro TV and Film brands including Cinema Secrets, RCMA, Premiere Products and Kryolan.

At its heart, retail is all about relationships.

Level 3: Hair For Bridal & Fashion

Learn fundamental hairstyling skills so that you can create a total look from head to toe. Our industry expert instructors will train you in basic hair styling techniques to upgrade your skills to suit a range of bridal and special event hairstyles. You will research vintage to contemporary styles as you begin to integrate hairstyling trends into your designs. By the end of this level, you’ll have the tools to offer a complete professional package for weddings, events, and the fashion industry.

Level 4: Bridal Makeup

Discover the creative and business sides of the lucrative bridal market. Through practice consultations, you will learn the collaboration process with the bride in determining their makeup looks in relation to the wedding dress, accessories, hair, etc. Analyzing natural, celebrity, editorial, and culturally diverse weddings, you will learn to sharpen your application skills for bridal and build on the knowledge learned in Makeup Fundamentals.

Level 5: Makeup For Fashion

In this level we will explore historical, contemporary and futuristic perspectives and their effects on the makeup industry. We will analyze the trend cycle, discovering how makeup is influenced and how trends can be predicted. You will learn to identify makeup eras and decades of the 20th century and examine current makeup fashions and trends.

Taking matters into your own brushes, you will create a face chart for a runway or fashion show based on the clothing, the type of show and venue, and then realize the looks through practical applications. Working with a creative team — hairstylist, fashion stylist, photographer and model — you will collaborate on an artistic vision. You will learn about the process of designing a makeup look to work with a wardrobe stylist, photographer or designer’s “big picture”. You will discover how to effectively execute a variety of different looks for a model test or actor’s headshot. 

With bolstered confidence and an expanded palette of skills, you will continue to advance your application speed. As you develop an eye for detail and self-critique, you will further define your own makeup voice. Understanding the proper etiquette for working with a production team, client, artists’ agency, art director, and creative team, you will be prepared for the collaborative makeup industry you will be joining.

Level 6: Airbrushing

Airbrush artists combine pressurized air and liquid makeup to create works of living art.

In this level, the body becomes a canvas for the realization of your own creativity and imagination. We will review the safety and mechanical considerations of airbrushing, and you will learn how to efficiently clean, assemble and load an airbrush.

Working on paper as a primary canvas, you will move to face and body as you experiment with patterns and textures. We will cover the concepts of masks, shields, templates and friskets and how to create character charts for airbrushing. You will use the airbrush to cover tattoos and skin discolourations. As your techniques are refined, you will perform airbrush application on hair, and create and apply airbrush tattoos.

By the end of the course, you will have the practical airbrushing skills to apply beauty, glamour, fashion, fantasy and body makeup, and be able to tell visual stories through this expressive medium. As your techniques are refined, you will perform airbrush applications on hair, and create and apply airbrush tattoos.

Level 7: Resumé Preparation & Job Search Skills

Self-esteem is the most valuable item in your professional tool kit. In this career coaching intensive, you will develop the confidence to network, build relationships, and communicate with prospective employers. We inventory your artistic, technical, individual, and interpersonal skills, and show you how to cultivate professional success. You will learn how to speak publicly, write a standout cover letter, produce an industry resume, and conduct a winning interview. By the end of the course, you will have a personal marketing strategy that will set you on a steady course to your makeup future—and you will have the skills and confidence to get there.

Level 8: Hair For Stage, TV & Film

In this level you will breakdown, design, execute and complete various hairstyling techniques for TV and video personalities and scripted characters. You will learn how to wrap hair for precision bald cap and wig cap wrap applications, and groom and trim beards, moustaches and sideburns. Learning the responsibilities and proper etiquette of a stylist on set, you’ll understand the importance of maintaining continuity and working within industry standards. Then, you will let your creativity run wild as you design and realize your own unique, avant garde hair creation.

By the end of the course, you will understand the Makeup Artist’s role on the production set, and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to offer your services as a total production artist.

Level 9: Makeup For Stage, TV & Film

Makeup’s transformative power takes on new meaning in this level. You will change young faces into old, creating wrinkles, veins, liver spots, and broken capillaries.

Honing your technical abilities and attention to detail, you will learn techniques to camouflage skin imperfections, add additional pigmentation and produce surface irregularities. You will discover how to use highlights and shadows to depict hair growth.

You will manifest a character’s breakdown by producing the effects of tears, dirt, perspiration, road rash and drawn cuts. We will analyze and compare commercial and professional products to enhance your understanding of product formulations. As your confidence and skills grow, so will your appreciation for speed, accuracy and lighting.

Your models aren’t the only ones who will be transforming. In this level you will continue your own transformation into a makeup professional, learning about the requirements of the TV and Film industry.

We will review skills proficiencies, makeup kits and their maintenance, and the application process for union membership. You will learn how to read a call sheet and work within professional time and budget restraints. You will create script breakdowns for character makeup and prepare and execute a continuity chart.

As this course comes to a close, you will have a deepened understanding of the roles and responsibilities on the production set and know how to project a professional image of confidence and competence.

You will be able to design, develop, prepare and apply the appropriate makeup to bring a character from script to screen and stage.

Level 10: High Fashion & Cutting Edge Makeup

Fashion makeup meets the cutting edge as we explore conceptual, extremely unique, and avant-garde makeup looks. Discover how history, art, music, fashion, and street culture have influenced high fashion makeup.

Students will further develop their understanding of high fashion through applications, discussions, visuals, video, & photography in this collaborative and experiential environment.

Level 11: Makeup For Special Effects

In this level, fantasy becomes reality as you take your art of storytelling to the next stage. You will produce realistic manifestations of trauma by creating scars, bullet holes, lacerations, bruises, scabs, cuts, blisters and burns. Experimenting with latex, silicones and gels, you will discover how to create texture, colour and contour. You will learn how to create and apply your own bald cap and lay beards with crepe hair. Then, building on the momentum of previous levels, you will be challenged to tap even further into your creative resources to conceive and create a complete special effect makeup. You will apply a foam appliance and blend edges and colour for film to transform your vision into a living, breathing being.

As you develop your skills, you will refine your industry savvy, preparing and executing continuity charts and learning about the budget and time limitations for special makeup effects applications. You will learn to identify, analyze and compare professional products and their uses. By the close of the course, you will understand current industry standards and practises, and be equipped with the techniques to create realistic and fully realized characters.

Level 12: Digital Makeup Design

Combine your creative talents with technology as you expand your Photoshop techniques from basic makeup corrections to advanced character designs.

We will take a step by step journey through the process of character creation, from research and development to practical application. Create finished images for your portfolio and learn how to synthesize your work with other digital content.

By the end of the course, you will be able to design, create, and develop digital makeup. You will understand how digital makeup fits within the bigger picture of the makeup industry and how digital skills can enhance your marketability and employment as a well-rounded cutting-edge makeup artist.

Level 13: Makeup for Prosthetics

Learn the creative and technical process of mould and prosthetic piece making in our fast-paced shop environment.

In this course, you will be advised by one instructor and up to two assistants, to acquire valuable theory and actively participate to create your very own prosthetic piece from start to finish. Students will experience a lifecast of the face, conceptualize a character, sculpt their designs, and make a plaster mould to turn their sculpture into a wearable gelatin piece for prosthetic application and colouration.

You will further develop your education by learning how to create 3D-Bondo Transfers – the ‘go to’ prosthetic appliance for TV and film. From plaster to gelatin mould making, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to further advance your makeup career in the motion picture industry.

Level 14: Social Media

Social media has globally transformed the way we communicate with one another on a personal and professional level, allowing us to reach previously unimaginable networks, to engage with our audience and to showcase our artistry. Whether you want to build a creative community or to build a successful business, developing a social media presence is essential.

Your social media platforms are a reflection of your digital signature and an extension of your creative portfolio.

As such, what do you want your social media to say? How do you want these platforms to best reflect your identity, your voice and your talents?

In this module, students will learn how to promote their work through various social media channels, through the participation of group interactive projects and digital components.



The order of the Global Makeup program modules that each student receives may vary due to instructor scheduling needs. Each student receives the exact same modules and total amount of training but the order of some modules may vary for certain groups. For example, some groups may receive the Resumé module in the middle of the program, others may have this scheduled at the end of their program.

The college reserves the right to change course offerings, course content, kit contents, facilities, faculty, tuition fees, and course schedules without notice.

A selection of Blanche Macdonald Makeup Artistry graduates and their career placements in Television and Film.

Alyssa Satow, a graduate of 2006, has worked in theatre, film and at events around Vancouver. She has had the opportunity to work on independent feature and short films, creating special makeup effects and prosthetic pieces and limbs for the horror films Gutterballs and Dead Hooker in a Trunk. Alyssa also works at Blanche Macdonald as an Administrative Associate and a Lab Associate for the Prosthetics Lab portion of the Makeup Diploma Program.

Amy Van Wormer, a graduate of 2003, has an extensive career as Makeup Department Head or Key for a variety of film and television productions. Some of her of credits in these leadership positions are Stormworld, Ice Twisters, Personal Effects, Wyvern, Under One Roof, Fatal Kiss, Riddles of the Sphinx, Mom, Dad and Her, Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists, Blood Ties, Past Lies Love Notes, The Perfect Child and I Know What I Saw. Amy has recently completed the Val Kilmer, Cuba Gooding Jr. feature Hardwired.

Andrea Manchur, a Leo Award nominee for Best Makeup in a Short Film – Regarding Sarah, has accumulated a very strong list of credits while working in Vancouver’s film industry. In addition to numerous Movies of the Week, Andrea has worked on the television series Sanctuary, Kyle XY, Supernatural, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda, Poltergeist, Voyage of the Unicorn, and DaVinci’s Inquest. Her feature film credits include X-Men: The Last Stand and Santa Clause 2.

Beth Boxall has established herself as a makeup department regular for major Hollywood productions visiting Vancouver. She was part of the team for hits like The Chronicles of Riddick, X-Men: The Last Stand, Aliens vs Predator Requiem, 2012 and Fantastic Four, a movie the saw her take the role of key makeup artist for the second unit. When she’s not working on blockbusters Beth has keyed multiple episodes of the American comedy-drama police series Psych.

Calla Syna Dreyer nominated in 2005 for the Best Makeup Leo Award for the feature length drama Marker continues to work on a variety of productions filmed here locally in Vancouver. A sample of some of her credits include Ratko: the Dictator’s Son, The Boy Next Door, While She Was Out, Ba’al, Poison Ivy: The Secret Society, Men in Trees, Making Mr. Right, The Uniquiet, Devil’s Diary, Normal, Beneath, Write and Wrong and Blond and Blonder.

Carol Ann Ransaw relocated to New York and has worked on a variety of hit television shows as well as big feature films since graduating in 2000. Some of her TV credits include Gossip Girl, Project Runway, Law & Order – SVU and The Whitest Kids U Know.  Carol’s film work: Fighting starring Terrence Howard, I Am Legend with Will Smith, Gardener of Eden, Made In Brooklyn, The House of the Living and The Dead and the Revolving Door to name a few. Carol has also worked on the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, The Lion King.

Cindy Barlow is another industry professional that has gained stature in the film and television community. Some of her credits from the past decade include Smokin’ Aces: Blowback, Caught on Tape, Mr. Troop Mom, Messages Deleted, jPod, Control Alt Delete, Another Cinderella Story, Every Second Counts, Playing for Keeps and Blade: The Series to name a few. Cindy has just completed Deep Cove starring Lucy Hale and Haylie Duff.

Connie Parker has been working makeup magic across a huge array of movies and TV series for two decades. Her incredible resume includes her time as key artist on critically acclaimed movies including Things We Lost In The Fire and Flight 93, and makeup effects-driven hits like The Santa Clause 2, Scary Movie 3 and White Chicks. A major figure in the movie makeup business, her crowning glory has arguably been her role as key makeup artist on the box office sensation 2012.

Debbie Lelievre is another BMC grad who is extremely active in the film industry. Debbie’s impressive resumé also boasts training at a makeup school in Australia—where she also worked as an assistant makeup artist on Moulin Rouge. Back in BC, Debbie has worked as a makeup artist for Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood, Merlin and the Brook of Beasts, Knights of Bloodsteel, Flash Gordon, Kickin It Old School, Partition, Lesser Evil, Stranger in My Bed and many more. She has also been the Head of Department on a number of local features including Firefight (starring Stephen Baldwin) and the award-winning Emile (starring Deborah Kara Unger and Sir Ian McKellan).

Devyn Griffith is both a graduate of and former instructor at Blanche Macdonald. In addition to teaching, Devyn is a member of the film industry. Co-Keyed as Head of the Department with Michelle Pedersen on the Gemini-nominated New Addams Family and was Head of the Department for the hit series Cold Squad, Godivas and Robson Arms. She has also worked on All I Want (Starring Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore), Elektra (starring Jennifer Garner), and Edison (starring Justin Timberlake and Kevin Spacey), which was later named Edison’s Force. Devyn is also a member of both IATSE local 891 and ACFC.

Dorothee Deichmann a 2004 Leo Award Winner for Best Makeup in a Dramatic Series, Stargate SG-1 – Enemy Mine is an active member in the local film community. Some of Dororthee’s credits include Stargate: The Ark of Truth starring Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping, A Dog’s Breakfast, Due East and the TV series Hostage Negotiator to name a few.

Doug Morrow built himself a significant list of credits in the Canadian film industry after graduating from Blanche Macdonald. His recent credits include keying horror film The Haunting in Connecticut with Virginia Madsen, Makeup Department Head for New in Town with Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr., special makeup effects artist for Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale and The Horsemen with Dennis Quaid. Doug’s impressive range of projects as a special makeup effects artist include Hideaway, The Lazarus Project Reindeer Games, eXistenZ, Texas Rangers, Happy Gilmore, The X-Files, The 13th Warrior, Jumanji (where he helped create the “monkey boys”), and a vast array of other features and MOWs.

Elke Winters has worked on several film and television productions as special makeup effects artist. Her most notable work for the short film Spank earned her a nomination for Best Makeup & Hair Design at the 2004 Wild Rose Indie Film Festival. Elke, an I.A.T.S.E. Local 891 member, has also worked on Project GREY, The Shell and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.

Emanuella Daus has been working nonstop in film and television for the past decade. Her impressive list of credits include the feature films Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Tooth Fairy, I Love You Beth Cooper starring Hayden Panettiere, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Watchmen, White Chicks and Walking Tall. Her television highlights include: No Heroics, Mistresses, Split Decision, Saved and The Immortal.

Faye von Schroeder has been a longstanding member in the film community. Her career spans over two decades and has worked on a variety of productions. Some of these include the TV series Men in Trees with Anne Heche, Impact, War starring Jet Li, Kyle XY, War, X-Men: The Last Stand, Scary Movie 4, Tru Calling, Cats & DogsThe Outer Limits, Happy Gilmore, and Highlander.

Eva McKenzie, a 2004 makeup graduate has worked on several locally produced features including High Noon, Northern Lights, Promise, What if God Were the Sun, Blue Smoke, Angels Fall, The Muffin Man and The Sound of Willie Nelson’s Guitar. Currently, Eva is working on Santa Baby 2 starring Jenny McCarthy and Dean McDermott.

Felix Fox, a 2001 Emmy Award nominee for the children’s fantasy film Voyage of the Unicorn, has an extensive background in prosthetics and special makeup effects. Felix is also a co-founder, with fellow Blanche alum Toby Lindala, of the F/X lab Lindala Schminken FX Inc. Some of her credits include The Cabin in the Woods, Reaper, Scary Movie 4, Final Destination 3, Elektra and Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical.

Gabriela Polakova, a native of the Czech Republic, has amassed an impressive range of international credits since graduating from Blanche Macdonald in 1999. In addition to over 70 commercials, fashion shoots for Harper’s, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire, and high-profile European TV series such as Napoleon and Les Miserables, Gabriela has worked internationally on such feature films as G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra starring Brendan Fraser and Sienna Miller, Solomon Kane, Henry IV, Babylon A.D. with Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeoh, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Blade 2, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hellboy, and The Brothers Grimm.

Gillian Scott has worked on a variety of feature films since graduating in 2000. Some of her credits include The Cleaner, I, Robot, X-Men: The Last Stand, Walking Tall and The Chronicles of Riddick. Gillian has also worked on many television series including Supernatural, L Word, DaVinci’s Inquest, Re-Union and Tru Calling.

Gitte Axen is an I.A.T.S.E. member and industry veteran of TV programs such as The Outer Limits. She has established an impressive makeup career with features, compiling a large number of credits on high profile movies. Gitte’s resumé includes Makeup Artist credits on Anne Hathaway’s Passengers,The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Harrison Ford’s Firewall, X-Men: The Last Stand, She’s the Man, Night at the Museum, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Double Jeopardy, Agent Cody Banks, I Spy, Insomnia, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Neverwas and Elf. Her recent credits include the upcoming feature films Helen, The Uninvited, The Cabin in the Woods, 2012 with John Cusack and Thandie Newton.

Gunther Schetterer is a 2003 makeup grad that has worked as a special makeup effects artist on the features The Muffin Man and Rotten Shaolin Zombies. Gunther also keyed The Sound of Willie Nelson’s Guitar. Some of Gunther’s other credits include Confessions of a Go-Go Girl, The Other Woman, Everest and September Dawn.

Jennifer Forberg graduated in 2000 and has been honing her craft ever since while working on the features Dolan’s Cadillac starring Christian Slater, The Shortcut, Ahh, Youth!, Walled In with Mischa Barton, 45 R.P.M., The Englishman’s Boy, Surveillance, Sleepwalking, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Finn on the Fly, Sabbatical and How I Married My High School Crush. Jennifer has just completed the Marvel Comic’s film Hybrid.

Jennifer Kipps another graduate who has been working steadily since completing the program has added the following credits to her resumé: On the Run, The Tortured, American Pie Presents Book of Love, Damage, Driven to Kill, Knights of Bloodsteel, Kill Switch, Tortured, The Art of War II: Betrayal, Storm Cell, Beyond Lochness, The Green Chain, Blood Ties and My Silent Partner. Currently, Jennifer is working on the Dear Mr. Gacy.

Jennifer Machnee has gained stature as a makeup artist in Manitoba since leaving Blanche Macdonald. She has worked with fellow grad Doug Morrow on Dracula: Pages From A Virgin’s Diary, and has also worked on the acclaimed local feature Hey, Happy. Since then, Jennifer has gone on to work on an incredible range of features and MOWs, most recently gaining credit on The Haunting in Connecticut with Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner, Dennis Quaid’s The Horsemen, Full of It, Fear X, The Saddest Music in the World, Society’s Child, The Lazarus Project and Shall We Dance? starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.

Jen Brown is a valued instructor at the Blanche Macdonald Centre who is another BMC graduate. Her experience includes a substantial portfolio and credits in still photography.  Her film and television stints include The New Addams Family and Cold Squad, where she worked alongside fellow grads and instructors Michelle Pedersen and Devyn Griffith respectively.

Juliana Vit, another grad who has been a long-time member of the local film community has credits that span the past ten years. Some of the productions on which she has worked include The Farm starring Famke Janssen, Cole, Nightmare at the End of the Hall, The Auburn Hills Breakdown, Supernatural and The L Word. Juliana is currently working on the sci-fi miniseries Riverworld.

Justin Ewart, a Leo Award winner with fellow grad Kevin Priebe in 2006 for Remembrance: A Soldier’s Story and nominee in 2008 for The Collinwood Campaign, is also an instructor here at Blanche Macdonald.  Justin’s film and television credits include Wyvern, Blood Ties, Last Day, Because You Demanded It!, The Night Shift and Canadian Zombie.

Katie McKinnon is a 2007 Leo Award nominee for Trans Neptune: or The Fall of Pandora, Drag Queen Cosmonaut. This 2005 grad has also worked on Bloody Mary, Sanquine and as key for the horror film The Taken.

Kathryn Jarymy graduated from the Makeup Diploma Program in 2007. Kathryn was the Key for her first feature film “Mulligans” just four days after her graduation. By working on numerous television and film productions, she has achieved her goal of attaining full membership in IATSE Local 891. In early 2009, the International Figure Skating Competition “Four Continents Figure Skating Championships” were held in Vancouver. As the Key makeup artist for the event, Kathryn was able to combine two of her greatest passions: makeup and ice skating. This opportunity led to four time World Champion Kurt Browning requesting Kathryn as his personal makeup artist for a media tour in Edmonton.

Kevin Priebe, a Leo Award winner in 2006 for Remembrance: A Soldier’s Story and nominee in 2008 for The Collinwood Campaign has not let being in a wheelchair stop him from expanding his love of special makeup effects. Some of his other credits include the independent films Edison & Leo, Grand Opening, Ashes Fall and the Chicago International film festival winner Notes From the Space Time Continuum. A special congratulations to Kevin for achieving his goal of being accepted into the makeup union for IATSE 891 as a Makeup & Makeup F/X prosthetics permittee.

Kyla-Rose Tremblay is an extremely prolific makeup artist whose nearly decade long career has included some of the most widely known productions filmed in Vancouver. A sampling of her credits include The Haunting in Connecticut, The Day Earth Stood Still, Kill Switch, Far Cry, Lost Boys: The Tribe, Stargate Series: Continuum, The Ark of Truth and Atlantis, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, Supernatural, X-Men: The Last Stand, Final Destination 3 and Freddy vs. Jason.

Krista Young, a longstanding member in the film industry, has created a makeup career for herself that encompasses the past two decades. Her early credits include Neon Ryder, M.A.N.T.I.S and The Commish to name a few. Fast forward, Krista has worked on X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, Saved, The L Word, Reaper, Virtuality and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus starring Heath Ledger, in his last starring role, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. Currently, Krista is working on the TV drama series, Shattered with Callum Keith Rennie.

Lili Marchenski has established a solid career in TV/Film where she is often times the Head of the Department. Some of the productions Lili has keyed over the past decade include Saved, The Chris Isaak Show, The Secret Life of Zoey with Mia Farrow, Pursued, Mask of Death, Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, Deadly Vows, Sweet Dreams, and Brothers of the Frontier. She has a truly impressive resumé with a long list of credits.

Linda Chang, a graduate of 2003, has worked in a variety of TV and Film productions in Taiwan. Some of her film credits include Secret (starring famous musician/singer/producer/actor/director, 4-time World Music Award winner and Golden Horse Award winner for Best Newcomer Actor, Mr. Jay Chou 周杰倫 and multiple awards winner Anthony Wong Chau-Sang 黃秋生), Eternal Summer 盛夏光年 (starring Golden Horse Award winner for Best New Performer, Bryant Chang 張睿家), The Wall Passer 穿牆人, Catch 國士無雙 (starring Golden Horse Award for Best New Performer, Tony Yang 楊祐寧), God Man Dog 流浪神狗人, Heirloom 宅變 (starring Nominated Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress, Terri Kwan 關穎). Linda has also worked with numerous actors from Hong Kong such as Eric Tseng 曾志偉, and To Man Zak 杜文澤.

Lisa Strong is another Blanche Macdonald graduate who is the Department Head for the sci-fi comedy TV series Eureka starring Colin Ferguson. She was also the head for another TV comedy, Aliens in America. Some of Lisa’s other credits include To Love and Die, The Days, Stealing Christmas, Stealing Sinatra with David Arquette and William H. Macy.

Lorena Cabrera, another busy BMC grad, is quickly establishing an impressive resumé in Mexico. Some of her credits include working on Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, Mexico Fashion Week and ad campaigns for such notable companies as Grupo Sadasi, Universidad Intercontinental, Tetrapak and Coca-Cola.

Lyne Denomme updates us with her list of makeup credits: The Mrs. Clause, Masters of Horror, Godivas and ZeD. Lyne has been a makeup artist for Pamela Martin, Steve Darling, and Sarah Daniels at BCTV, Brian Williams and Christ Cuthbert at CBC Sports, and additional stints with CBC News and The Comedy Network.

Marianne Olsen is another Blanche Macdonald graduate and instructor. She was quickly accepted into the union after graduation and is currently a member of both the A.C.F.C. and I.A.T.S.E. Local 891. She has worked on both independent films, such as Little Brother of War, and Hollywood features, such as Pathfinder, Snakes on a Plane and The Chronicles of Riddick. Marianne has also worked on the hit TV Series, Smallville and has been involved in doing special character make-ups on the sci-fi series Andromeda.

Megan Harkness is both a graduate of and instructor at Blanche Macdonald. In addition to teaching, Megan is a member of the film industry. She has worked on such films as Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L. Jackson, The Last Mimzy, The Santa Clause II and Chronicles of Riddick. In television, her credits include The L Word, Men in Trees and The Guard.

Michelle Hrescak is another industry professional that has been working in the Vancouver film community for quite some time. A sampling from her long list of credits include Battlestar Galactica, Man About Town starring Ben Afflect and Rebecca Romijn, They, The Chris Isaak Show, Voyage of the Unicorn and Romeo Must Die.

Michelle Lemieux a graduate from 1998 has created special makeup effects for a variety feature films and television series. Her extensive list of credits include Night At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Smallville, Trick ‘r Treat, Tin Man, Slither, BloodRayne, The Fog, The Sandlot 2, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, Traffic, I, Robot, White Chicks and Kingdom Hospital. Michelle has just completed Serum 1831 and Tooth Fairy with Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews and Billy Crystal.

Naomi Hirano, Blanche Macdonald instructor and active member in the local film community, has a vast array of credits in her more than decade long career. Some of these include Centre Stage: Turn It Up, Whispers and Lies, Betrayals, Desolation Sound, Life As We Know It, Touching Evil, Peacemakers, The Dead Zone, The Void and My Mother, the Spy. Currently, Naomi is working on Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief starring Rosario Dawson and Uma Thurman.

Patricia Murray is also a current I.A.T.S.E. member, and her resumé is extremely impressive. Beginning as an assistant makeup artist on the Richard Gere film Intersection, Patricia quickly rose through the ranks to work as Department Head on films such as Slapshot 2 and The 6th Day. Recently, she has accumulated credits as Special Makeup Effects Artist on shows such as Space Buddies, Battlestar Galactica, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Freddy Vs. Jason, 13 Ghosts, and many, many others. As co-heads of the Makeup department on the Steven Spielberg mini-series Taken, Patricia and fellow grad Rebeccah Delchambre were nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Makeup in 2003. Currently, Patricia is working on Sitter’s Night.

Sally Barnes’ nearly decade long career include many locally and internationally produced television series and feature films. Her long list of credits include Lost Boys: The Tribe, Supernatural, Under, AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem, Postal, Seed, When a Man Falls in the Forest and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. Currently, Sally is working on Max Schmeling.

Sarah Pickersgill is an award-winning special makeup effects artist. While attending Blanche Macdonald, Sara won the 2004 CNOMA Award for Best Student Makeup Artist: TV/Film/Theatrical/Special Effects. Shortly after, in 2007, Sara was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Makeup in a Dramatic Series. Nominated again in 2009, she won the award for the television series, Sanctuary. Recently, she has worked on movies such as Stan Helsing, The Thaw, Knights of Bloodsteel, Aliens in the Attic and The Haunting in Connecticut.

Sheryl-Lynn Ong has developed an extensive and diverse resumé since graduating from Blanche Macdonald in 2001. She has applied her trade in various theatre productions (including Vancouver’s Theatre Under the Stars), photo shoots, music videos, independent features, and award-winning shorts. Over the past couple of years, Sheryl-Lynn has seen a great deal of television work, notably for MTV Canada where she has worked with recording artists such as Tommy Lee, Nas, David Usher, Evanescence, Matthew Good, and the Swollen Members. Sheryl-Lynn has also worked on the short films: Once a Fish and Why the Anderson Children Didn’t Come to Dinner.

Sofia Phillips has worked on many television productions including The Mrs. Clause, Robson Arms as the Key Makeup Artist, Godiva’s, Till Dad Do Us Part and The New Addams Family.

Stefanie Pirito is a Blanche Macdonald grad that has dabbled in everything from theatre, music videos, short films, editorial, album covers, commercials to indies. Her impressive list of credits include such prominent celebrities as Nelly Furtado, Molly Shannon, Matthew Good, De La Soul, Bif Naked, Sum 41, and the Barenaked Ladies. Her list of film and television features includes The Shell, Double Cross, Say Yes and Canadian Zombie.

Sylvie Godin, a graduate from back in 1990, has worked on many local projects while building her career as a Vancouver-based makeup artist. She has worked on the feature film Pathfinder, Air Buddies, the mini-series Voyage of the Unicorn, the Canadian feature Suddenly Naked, the TV series The Twilight Zone, and the horror movie House of the Dead.

Tamar Ouziel has been very busy in the TV and film industry since the beginning of this century. She has worked on such blockbuster films as 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Fantastic 4 and I, Robot. Tamar has also been the Makeup Department Head on the productions Seven Sunny Days, The Hit List and The Serious Business of Happiness. Tamar’s credits are also listed for Possession, The Quality of Life, Connie and Carla, White Chicks, The Goodbye Girl, The Sandlot 2, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Blade: The Series, The L Word, Smallville and Supernatural. Balancing out her extensive work in TV and Film is her equally impressive fashion portfolio. Tamar is represented by the national Artists Agency, Judy Inc.

Tana Lynn Moldovanos has kept pace with the multitude of TV/film productions made here in Hollywood North. Some of her credits as makeup key include Criminal Intent, Fatal Reunion, Ties That Bind, Shock to the System and My Neighbor’s Keeper. Tana has also worked on the just completed Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins, Flash Gordon, Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery. Tanya is currently working on sci-fi thriller The Thaw with Val Kilmer and Martha MacIsaac.

Tania El Zahr another busy graduate and IATSE member who relocated to Calgary has worked on many television and film productions. Some of these include Snowglobe with Lorraine Bracco, Lost Holiday: The Jim & Suzanne Shemwell Story, Moondance Alexander, Blue Smoke, Montana Sky, Angels Fall starring Heather Locklear, Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story and the Directors Guild of Canada nominated film Chicks with Sticks.

Tanya Howard graduated from our diploma program in 2000 and since that time has supplemented her education with various workshops and training seminars, including one by Blanche Macdonald Makeup Director Todd McIntosh. Tanya has proven herself a dedicated artist on innumerable photo shoots, commercials, and independents, and has been Makeup Department Head on several features including Blood Rayne II: Deliverance, Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict. Tanya’s credits include such series such as Andromeda, Jake 2.0, Smallville, and Tru Calling. She has also worked on the high-profile Hollywood features I, Robot (starring Will Smith), Chaos (starring Ryan Phillipe) and the feature film starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, Good Luck Chuck. Currently, Tanya is working on Max Schmeling, a biopic about the 1930’s German champion heavyweight boxer.

Toby Lindala’s busy F/X lab, Lindala Schminken FX Inc., created all the special make-up effects for The X-Files up until 1998. This exceptional work was featured in magazines such as Make-up Artist and Fangoria, and garnered Toby and his team two consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Series Make-up. He received a third Emmy nomination for prosthetics on Voyage of the Unicorn. Toby and the entire crew at his lab was featured in a Georgia Straight article entitled “The Gore Hounds”. Since then, Toby has created special make-up effects for such feature films and mini series as V, Supernatural, Alice, Harper’s Island, Smokin’ Aces: Blowback, Icarus, Farewell Atlantis, L Word, Taken, Juno, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Fantastic Four, Elektra, X2, Kill Switch, Good Luck Chuck, Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, Black Christmas, The Wicker Man, Scary Movie 4, Final Destination 3, Andromeda, The Fog, The Santa Clause 2, The Chronicles of Riddick, Eye See You, and The Butterfly Effect.

Trudy Parisien has worked on a variety film and TV productions in different formats including websiodes for the drama series Whistler. Along with this series Trudy has been the Head of the Department for the features Untold Stories of the ER, Far Cry, Whistler II Series, Mind Storm starring Antonio Sabato Jr., Last Garden of Eden, How I Hate My Brother In-Law and the talk show Urban Rush. Trudy also worked on the action movie LAPD: To Protect and Serve with Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen and the television shows Hiccups, First Wave and Just Deal II.

Wendy Snowdon has worked on a variety of big feature films shot here locally in Vancouver. Her impressive resumé includes keying Free Style with Corbin Bleu, Martian Child, 4:Rise of the Silver Surfer as the creature effects makeup department head, Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller, X-Men: The Last Stand and the Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba. Wendy also worked on the Stephen King TV series Kingdom Hospital as the key makeup artist.

Yvonne Weber has become a highly-regarded artist in Vancouver’s film community. She has done extensive work on commercial projects, theatre productions, independent films, TV Series, MOWs, and features. Some of the highlights of her lengthy and impressive resumé include: Once Upon a Mattress, The Robinsons: Lost in Space, Mr. Magoo, Stroke, The Net, Murder At Cannes, Glory Days, The Twilight Zone, and House of the Dead.

Note: this is a sampling of some of our Makeup graduates. Credits and positions may have changed in the interim.

A selection of Blanche Macdonald Makeup Artistry graduates and their career placements in Cosmetic Retailing.

Aaron Johnston, MAC PRO ROBSON, MAC Full Time, Vancouver BC
Abby Hsieh, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Abby Johnson, SEPHORA, Colour Consultant, Ottawa ON
Adele Devuyst, HOLT RENFREW, YSL Beauté Full Time, Vancouver BC
Adrian Hedger, THE BAY – METROTOWN, MAC Cosmetics, Burnaby BC
Adrianne Hart, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Richmond BC
Alana Kirkland, THE BAY, Origins Full Time, Vancouver BC
Alex Triggs, DIOR, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Alice Cheng, ESTEE LAUDER – YVR Duty Free, Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Alicia Spanier, HOLT RENFREW, Aqua di Parma & Deborah Lippman, Vancouver BC
Alice Tran, THE BAY – OAKRIDGE, MAC, Vancouver, BC
Alison Sharp, MAC, MAC Full Time, Toronto ON
Aliyah Khalil, THE BAY, Estée Lauder Full Time, Metrotown
Adrienne Swift, THE BAY, Estée Lauder Counter Manager, Victoria BC
Alyssa Kalynuk, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Amanda Mutti, SEPHORA, Beauty Advisor, Edmonton AB
Amanda Palay, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Amanda Vieira, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Amber Butterworth, SEPHORA – METROTOWN, Beauty Advisor, Burnaby BC
Amelia Stanowich, CLINIQUE – PARK ROYAL, Vancouver BC
Amy Cao, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Vancouver BC
Andrea Campbell, MAC – MAYFAIR SHOPPING CENTRE, MAC Part Time, Victoria BC
Angela Pelli, SEPHORA – Robson, P/T Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Angela Ho, THE BAY, Chanel Full Time, Metrotown, Burnaby BC
Anna Watanabe, SHISEIDO, Vancouver BC
April Kong, HOLT RENFREW – Shu Uemura, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
April Pangilinan, THE BAY Metrotown – MAC, Burnaby BC
Ariana Roberts, GIVENCHY Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Arielle Logan, THE BAY OAKRIDGE, MAC Cosmetics, Vancouver BC
Arielle Reynolds, NAPOLEON PERDIS, Assistant Manager, Australia
Arizona Downey, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Betty Yang, SHISEIDO / NARS CORPORATE DEMO TEAM, Demonstrator, Lower Mainland BC
Bonnie Chan, STILA, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Bonnie Chan, THE BAY – DOWNTOWN, Anna Sui Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Brandy Kirkham, MAC PRO ROBSON, MAC Full Time, Vancouver BC
Brea Garrett, STILA, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Bree Meckling, SKOAH Yaletown, Vancouver BC
Brenda Chicas, MAC, Full Time, Winnipeg, MB
Brian Prychyn, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Colour Manager, Vancouver BC
Britni Schock, SEPHORA – METROTOWN, Beauty Advisor, Burnaby BC
Brittany Bennett, SEPHORA – WEST EDMONTON MALL, Beauty Advisor, Edmonton BC
Brittany Churchill, SHISEIDO, Vancouver, BC
Brittany Lein, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Brittany Pazluk, MAC, Sales Associate, Richmond BC
Bronwen Peach, NOIR LASH LOUNGE, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Brookley Atkinson, THE BAY – ELIZABETH ARDEN, Counter Manager, Full Time, Edmonton AB
Caleb Wessels, SEPHORA – SMASHBOX Demo Team, Vancouver, BC
Catherine Orayani, THE BAY, Fragrances Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Carla Eng, KIEHL’S FREESTANDING, Robson Store Manager, Vancouver BC
Carly Nebbs, SEPHORA, Beauty Advisor, Winnipeg MB
Carol Tu, BOBBI BROWN, YVR Aldeasa Duty Free, Vancouver BC
Carolina Castro, MAKEUP ARTIST, Casbah Spa, White Rock BC
Carrie Helgason, THE BAY, Origins Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Carrie Lobell, HOLT RENFREW, Nars Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Cassandra McDonald, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, West Edmonton Mall
Catherine Smith, DIOR CORPORATE, Dior Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Caty Williams, MAC, MAC Full Time, Saskatoon SK
Cecilia Lau, THE BAY, Nars, Beauty Advisor, Richmond BC
Celia Chu, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Account Executive, Vancouver BC
Cerise Lau, THE BAY – OAKRIDGE, Nars Full Time, Vancouver BC
Chanelle Leblanc, L’OREAL – Clarisonic, Demo Consultant, Vancouver BC
Chanel Routhier, SHISEIDO, Vancouver BC
Charlene Agnew, DIOR, Vancouver BC
Chelsa Stokolas, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Vancouver BC
Chalinee Clancy, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Cheryl Froese, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Chloe Wan, THE BAY, Clinique Full Time, Vancouver BC
Chi Chi Jiang, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Christina Boucher, THE BAY – ANNA SUI, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Christina Ilicic, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, West Vancouver BC
Christina Soo, SHISEIDO / NARS CORPORATE DEMO TEAM, Demonstrator
Christina Tsai, THE BAY – METROTOWN, Fragrances, Burnaby BC
Christine Mah, L’OREAL DESIGNER FRAGRANCES/BIOTHERM, Account Executive, Vancouver BC
Christine Nixon, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Victoria BC
Christopher Novak, HOLT RENFREW, Sales Manager Cosmetics, Vancouver BC
Cindy Yee, THE BAY, Lancome Full Time, Metrotown
Coco Chai, HOLT RENFREW, YSL/NARS/Chanticaille Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Courtney Sidor, THE BAY, Shiseido Counter Manager, Kelowna BC
Cristine Adiletta, NOIR LASH LOUNGE, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Crystal McLeod, SEPHORA, Coquitlam BC
Crystal Yuen, ELIZABETH ARDEN, The Bay – Oakridge, Vancouver BC
Daljit Kaur, MAC, Richmond BC
Dani Cody, HENNESSEY SPA, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Danielle Gagnon, ORIGIN, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Danielle Sallinin, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Abottsford BC
Dannica Lamoureux, SEPHORA – WEST EDMONTON MALL, Beauty Advisor, Edmonton BC
Darcy Madriaga, MAC PRO ROBSON, MAC Full Time, Vancouver BC
David Penrice, MAC – FREESTANDING, Manager, Los Angeles US
Deanne Lenarduzzi, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Western Regional Sales Manager, Vancouver BC
Deb Svarc, KORRES NATURAL PRODUCT, North American Marketing Manager, Vancouver BC
Debbie Chen, THE BAY, MAC Manager Full Time, Richmond BC
Debbie Will, THE BAY – DT, Elizabeth Arden, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Deserae Orlando, ESTEE LAUDER, Beauty Advisor, The Bay, Saskatoon SK
Devan Newman, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Diana Bailey, THE BAY, Clinique Full Time, Vancouver BC
Diana Mejia, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Richmond BC
Dianne Lector Estepa, SEPHORA Colour Consultant – Park Royal, Vancouver BC
Dina Manga, THE BAY, Estée Lauder, Coquitlam BC
Dorothy Chee, THE BAY, Nars Full Time, Richmond BC
Doug Richardson, THE BAY, Clarins Full Time, Vancouver BC
Eileen Wang, THE BAY, Dior Full Time, Vancouver BC
Elaine Lee, THE BAY, Shiseido Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Elena Ballam, BOBBI BROWN, Full Time, Debenhams UK
Elle Campbell, THE BAY, NARS Full Time, Burnaby BC
Elodi Kerluke, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbi Brown, Vancouver BC
Emily Benson, HOLT RENFREW, Laura Mercier Full Time, Calgary AB
Emily Pedlow, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbie Brown Full Time, Vancouver BC
Emily Penner, LAURA MERCIER, Demo Team, Winnipeg MB
Emily Wang, THE BAY, Chanel Full Time, West Vancouver BC
Eri Opel, THE BAY, Shiseido, Vancouver BC
Erica Ma, HOLT RENFREW, Laura Mercier Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Erin Sebo, THE BAY – Guerlain, Beauty Advisor, Full Time, Edmonton AB
Ester Lacuna, CLARINS, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Fanny Yang, THE BAY, Clarins, Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Fanny Zhang, SEARS, Full Time, Richmond BC
Faiza Hafeez, ELIZABETH ARDEN, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Gabriella Manjarrez, Bare Escentuals, MUA, Vancouver BC
Ginette Yee, THE BAY – MAC Cosmetics, Assistent Manager, Regina SK
Grace Sham, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, West Vancouver BC
Haejin Chang, BENEFIT, Regional Representative, Edmonton AB
Hailey Lovas, FACES, Beauty Advisor, Full Time,  Kelowna BC
Harriet Whitecross, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Hayley Kost, MAC – METROTOWN, Burnaby BC
Hayley Maitland, SEPHORA, Richmond BC
Heather Huntingford, KISS AND MAKEUP, Owner, Vancouver BC
Heather Nightingale, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Western Regional Exec, Vancouver BC
Heather Rae, MAC, Full Time, Toronto ON
Heather Touchie, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, West Vancouver BC
Heidi Chan, DIOR CORPORATE, Dior Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Hilary Freda, CHANEL, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Holly Carpenter, SHISEIDO, Regional Trainer, Vancouver BC
Holly Mckillican, THIERRY MUGLER, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Holly Von Meyenfeldt, DIOR Corporate, Dior Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Hye Soo Sohn, SEPHORA Colour Consultant, Park Royal, Vancouver BC
Iliana Bonilla, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbie Brown Full Time, Vancouver BC
Ivy Chen, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Izabella Windak-Rabeda, BY TERRY, Artist Team, UK
Alejandra Hernandez, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Mexico US
Jaco Chow, THE BAY, Armani Cosmetics, Vancouver BC
Jacqueline Leong, THE BAY, Estée Lauder Full Time, Metrotown
Jada Hunka, MAC , Full Time, West Edmonton Mall
Jade Amstrong, JUICE SALON, Makeup Artist, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Janelle Chen, SEPHORA, Beauty Advisor, Richmond BC
Jenean Skappak, THE BAY Metrotown, Elizabeth Arden, Counter Manager, Full Time, Burnaby BC
Janelle Mulligan, MAC – The Chinook Centre, Calgary AB
Jeffery Ho, THE BAY, Dior Full Time , Vancouver BC
Jaimie Knapton, THE BAY, MAC Full Time , Metrotown
Jake Zuurbier, HOLT RENFREW, Tom Ford Cosmetics, Beauty Advisor, Full Time, Calgary AB
Jamie Bermel, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Jamie Minnie, MENDHI MOORE, Makeup Artist, Vancouver BC
Janelle Chan, SEPHORA – RICHMOND CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Richmond BC
Janet Leung, THE BAY, Shiseido, Full Time, Metrotown
Janet Tsang, HOLT RENFREW, Shu Uemura Part Time, Vancouver BC
Jason Hadiken, HOLT RENFREW, SPA Manager, Vancouver BC
Jasmine Merinsky, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbi Brown Full Time, Edmonton AB
Jasreen Raien, ELIZABETH ARDEN, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Jenean Skappak, MENDHI MOORE, Makeup Artist, Vancouver BC
Jenna Delaney, THE BAY Metrotown – MAC, Burnaby BC
Jennifer Carson, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbie Brown Full Time, Calgary AB
Jennifer Chen, NARS Beauty Advisor, The Bay, Burnaby BC
Jennifer Delesoy, MAC PRO ROBSON, Mac Pro Trainer, Vancouver BC
Jennifer Folka, SEPHORA – METROTOWN, Beauty Advisor, Burnaby BC
Jennifer Hetric, THE BAY, Chanel Full Time, Richmond BC
Jennifer Richards, DIOR CORPORATE, Dior Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Jenny Dahn, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Richmond BC
Jenny Kuo, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Vancouver BC
Jenny Liu, THE BAY, Elizabeth Arden and Biotherm, Burnaby BC
Jerilyn Mongeau, MAC, MAC Full Time, Saskatoon SK
Jessi Love, NOIR LASH LOUNGE, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Jessica Dickson, THE BAY DOWNTOWN, Dior Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Jessica Kmiec, SEPHORA, Winnipeg MB
Jessica Taplin, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Victoria BC
Jessica Wager, FUNK ‘N’ FROST, Sales & MUA, Surrey BC
Jessica Wellar, THE BAY, Elizabeth Arden Full Time, West Vancouver BC
Joanna Lee, CHANEL – THE BAY, Park Royal, Vancouver BC
Joanne Abenhem, THIERRY MUGLER DEMO TEAM, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Jocelyn Chen, SEPHORA – Richmond Centre, Beauty Advisor, Richmond BC
Jonathan Fung, THE BAY OAKRIDGE, MAC Cosmetics, Vancouver BC
Jordan Hayes, MENDHI MOORE, Makeup Artist, Vancouver BC
Jordan Jeffrey, SEPHORA – MARKET MALL, Calgary AB
Jillyn Hoshowski, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Edmonton AB
Kaelin McKinley, THE BAY, Chella Cosmetics, Vancouver BC
Kailea Cabico, THE BAY, Clinique Full Time, Vancouver BC
Kailey Hodson, THE BAY, Nars Full Time, Metrotown
Kaitlyn Koop, MENDHI MOORE, Makeup Artist, Vancouver BC
Kajsa Gustavson, MAC PRO ROBSON, Vancouver BC
Kamisha Sandhu, THE BAY – METROTOWN, MAC Cosmetics, Burnaby BC
Kapinga Kalambay, MAC – FREESTANDING METROTOWN, MAC Full Time, Burnaby BC
Kary Huang, THE BAY, Dior Full Time, Vancouver BC
Kate Kunicky, MAC – THE BAY, Vancouver BC
Katie Macskasy, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbi Brown, Full Time, Calgary AB
Kayla Raye Stewart, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Richmond BC
Kayla Chong, SEPHORA, Coquitlam BC
Kelby LaMoine, NOIR LASH LOUNGE, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Kelli Chan, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Kelly Kloeble, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Kelly Lemoine, NOIR LASH LOUNGE, Full Time Manager, Vancouver BC
Kelly Trerise, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Kenna Meillcke, NOIR LASH LOUNGE, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Kerilyn Bullock, TOO FACED COSMETICS, Account Executive, Marysville, WA
Khushi Virk Brar, MAC – RICHMOND CENTRE, MAC Full Time, Richmond BC
Kimberly Jacinto, MAC, Richmond BC
Kim Tran, NARS, P/T Beauty Advisor, Burnaby BC
Kira Halliwell, CASBAH EVOLUTION, Makeup Artist & Lash Technician, Full Time, Surrey BC
Kirsty Shyiak, MURALE, Calgary AB
Komal Sajdeh, THE BAY GUILDFORD, MAC Cosmetics, Counter Manager, Full Time, Surrey BC
Kreag Seime, SEPHORA METROTOWN Colour Manager
Kristen Jensen, MAC – THE BAY, Calgary AB
Kristin Brezden, THE BAY, Chella Cosmetics Full Time, Vancouver BC
Kristina Capati, THE BAY, NARS Full Time, Richmond BC
Kristry Koopman, THE BAY, Make Up For Ever Full Time, Winnipeg MB
Krystal Griffin, MAC, MAC Full Time, Richmond BC
Krystle Anderson, SHISEIDO – THE BAY, Surrey BC
Kulwinder Chong, SHISEIDO/NARS CORPORATE, Freelance Team, Vancouver BC
Kylee McMillin, THE BAY, Philosophy, Vancouver BC
Landon Spenrath, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Nanaimo BC
Laurel Kelly, HOLT RENFREW, Benefit Counter Manager, Calgary AB
Lauren Tesch, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Leanne Taylor, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Leiha Jackson, HENNESSEY SALON, Makeup Artist, Full Time, Richmond BC
Leslie Schmok, SEPHORA – COQUITLAM CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Lilia Afsahi, THE BAY, Nars, Vancouver, BC
Lindsay Bacala, THE BAY, Counter Manager Full Time, Winnipeg MB
Lindsay Newitt, NARS, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Lisa Bose, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Lisa Dickson, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbie Brown Counter Manager, Calgary AB
Lisa Petrashuk, MAC, New Zealand
Li Sha Mao, YVES SAINT LAURENT Cosmetics, The Bay, Richmond BC
Lorraine Cameron, STILA, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Loretta Furtado, HOLT RENFREW, Chanel Full Time, Vancouver BC
Lori Lucas,HOLT RENFREW, Shu Uemura Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Lourdes Alfonso, SEPHORA, Richmond BC
Lucia Sardella, ESTÉE LAUDER CORPORATE, Account Executive, Vancouver BC
Lynn Wang, HOLT RENFREW, Prescriptives Part Time, Vancouver BC
Madeleine Hosker, DIOR CORPORATE, Dior Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Maggie Lai, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Vancouver BC
Mai Dhaene, THE BAY – Oakridge, Michael Kors, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Manda Lemoignan, THE BAY, Philosophy, Vancouver BC
Mandy Grier, SEPHORA -Richmond Centre, Beauty Advisor, Richmond BC
Mandy Liang, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Mandy Wong, HOLT RENFREW, Vancouver BC
Marcia Garnes, L’OREAL – Biotherm Fragances, Sales Rep Toronto ON
Marina Hume, MENDHI MOORE, Makeup Artist, Vancouver BC
Mary Bob, SEARS, Estee Lauder Full Time, Nanaimo BC
Maria Duong, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time
Maryanne Richardson, THE BAY – DOWNTOWN, Assistant Manager, Vancouver BC
Meg Geraldo, MAC, Richmond BC
Meggan Marcipont, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, YSL, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Mei Cai, SEPHORA Beauty Advisor, Richmond BC
Melanie Magwood, THE BAY, Clarins, Counter Manager, Full Time, Calgary AB
Melissa Juthans, THE BAY, Chanel Full Time, Vancouver BC
Melissa Weselake, MAC – THE BAY, Calgary BC
Michael Lochbaum, MAC PRO ROBSON, MAC Full Time, Vancouver BC
Michelle Carrington, SEPHORA – Robson, P/T Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Michelle Craven, THE BAY, Cosmetics Sales Manager, Coquitlam BC
Michelle Miller, LAYERS OF COLOUR, Full Time, Kelowna BC
Mina Ardoueiazar, HOLT RENFREW, Armani Cosmetics, Vancouver BC
Mina Yaghoobi, DIOR CORPORATE, Dior Freelance Team, Vancouver BC
Mona Esmeali, THE BAY, Lancôme Demo Team, Park Royal
Morag MacMillan, THE BAY, Vancouver BC
Myhrsades Lehman-Pelletier, MAC – Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam BC
Natalie Bechard, SEPHORA COLOUR LEAD – CALGARY, Full Time, Calgary AB
Natalie Woodburn, AVEDA TONIC – South Granville, Makeup Artist, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Natalia Grist, MAC, Part Time, Calgary AB
Natalia Valdes, NARS/SHISEIDO DEMO TEAM, Demonstrator, Lower Mainland BC
Naureen Manzoor, MAC Cosmetics, Langley BC
Neena Bassi-Kang, THE BAY – OAKRIDGE, Nars Counter Manager, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Neetu Sahota, THE BAY, Nars Full Time, Burnaby BC
Neylla Edwards, HOLT RENFREW, Clea De Peau Daily Business Manager, Full Time, Calgary, AB
Nico Ge, THE BAY, Estée Lauder Full Time, Metrotown
Nicole Dobsinsky, SEPHORA, Full Time, Toronto ON
Nicole Friesen, MAC PRO ROBSON, Vancouver BC
Nicole Lorden, BRIDAL BOUTIQUE, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Nikki Harland, SEPHORA Colour Consultant, Scarborough ONT
Nikki Vaux, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Langley BC
Nindy Bains, MAC, Kelowna BC
Noel Hines, MAC, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Olivia Li, GIORGIO ARMANI, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Olivia Sommers, SEPHORA – GUILDFORD, Beauty Advisor, Full Time, Surrey BC
Oscar Xu, THE BAY – RICHMOND, Estée Lauder, Beauty Advisor, Richmond BC
Pam Sandhu, THE BAY – GUILDFORD, MAC Cosmetics, Surrey, BC
Pamela Peace Bhatti, MAC – LONDON, MAC Full Time, London UK
Pammi Bhatti, THE BAY, Estée Lauder Full Time, Vancouver BC
Patricia Lobel, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbie Brown Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Patricia Peshev, MAC, Assistant Manager, Edmonton, AB
Paola Ortega, MAC, Vancouver BC
Pearl Tse, SEPHORA – METROTOWN, Beauty Advisor, Burnaby BC
Pegah Vajdi, ROUGE MAKEUP LOUNGE, Owner, Vancouver BC
Rachael Davies, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Interior BC
Rachel Jawandha SEPHORA – Robson, P/T Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Rachel Rossiter KISS AND MAKEUP, Full Time (Esthetics/Spa), Vancouver BC
Rachel Samson, THE BAY, Philosophy, Vancouver BC
Rachelle Jacks, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Randi Fraser, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Ranee Berstein, THE BAY, Origins, Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Ravina Sangha, HOLT RENFREW, Aqua di Parma, Vancouver BC
Rebecca Huang, THE BAY, Biotherm, Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Reema Mattu, BOBBI BROWN- Counter Manager, YVR World Duty Free BC
Reena Aan, MAC, Richmond BC
Rene Clement, HOLT RENFREW – CALGARY, Nars Full Time, Calgary AB
Rita La, THE BAY, Shiseido Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Rita Tang, THE BAY – OAKRIDGE, Elizabeth Arden Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Robin MacDonald, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Robyn Dietrick, BEAUTY MARK – YALETOWN, Vancouver BC
Rochelle Dewey , THE BAY – OAKRIDGE CENTRE, MAC Cosmetics, Vancouver BC
Romana Kovacova, Estee Lauder Full Time, Richmond BC
Rosa Lam, THE BAY, Beauty Advisor, N. Vancouver BC
Ross Neasloss, DIOR CORPORATE, Dior Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Ruby Hussain, HOLT RENFREW, Bobbie Brown Full Time, Edmonton AB
Sally Yan, THE BAY, Clinique Full Time, Metrotown
Samantha Dufour, Vichy Consultant, Vancouver BC
Samantha Klus, LANCÔME – THE BAY, Surrey BC
Sandy Vahra, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Metrotown
Sara Lau, BOBBI BROWN, YVR Aldeasa Duty Free, Vancouver BC
Sarah Kozak, THE BAY – METROTOWN, Michael Kors, Burnaby BC
Sarah Bilodeau, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Winnipeg AB
Sarah Bunting, SEPHORA Colour Consultant, Park Royal, Vancouver BC
Sarah Towler, THE BAY, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Sash Andrews, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Scarlet Wai, HOLT RENFREW – PACIFIC CENTRE, Chanel Full Time, Vancouver BC
Serena Zhao, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Vancouver BC
Serene Zhang, THE BAY, Origins, Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Shaheed Sabid, THE BAY, Orlane, Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Shaidaneh Haghi, THE BAY, Dior, Full Time, Richmond BC
Shalini Seema Prasad, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, West Vancouver BC
Shane Orvis, MAC, Sales Associate, Calgary AB
Shannon Zhou, THE BAY, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Shantelle Suto, STILA, Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Sharifa Dhanan, MAC PRO ROBSON, Manager, Vancouver BC
Shermin Nikravan, SEPHORA – GUILFORD, Colour Consultant, Surrey BC
Sherry Chen, SEPHORA – PACIFIC CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Shawna Priest, SEPHORA – RICHMOND, Full Time, Richmond BC
Shayla Fraser, SEPHORA – Park Royal, P/T, West Vancouver BC
Shiva Mohajar, THE BAY – METROTOWN, Nars, Burnaby BC
Sima Ashravedeh, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, N. Vancouver BC
Siobahn Hourigan, THE BAY – SHU UEMURA, Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Sophie Grace Shields, LAURA MERCIER, Victoria BC
Sonya Symington, HOLT RENFREW, Chanel Counter Manager, Calgary AB
Sojin Yoon, THE BAY, Estee Lauder, Park Royal BC
Stacey Lynn Mitchell, THE BAY – OAKRIDGE CENTRE, MAC Full Time, Vancouver BC
Stacey Fairfield, THE BAY DOWNTOWN, Estee Lauder Full Time, Vancouver BC
Stephanie Ament, SEPHORA – COQUITLAM CENTRE, Beauty Advisor, Coquitlam BC
Stephanie Danielle, SEPHORA – BOBBY BENEFIT COSMETICS, Brow Expert, Vancouver BC
Stephanie Goodey, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, Vancouver BC
Stephanie Li, THE BAY, NARS Cosmetics Counter, Richmond BC
Stephanie Schaan, THE BAY, Clinique, Langley BC
Stephanie Sin, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Stevie Bell, Scandinavia Spa, Makeup Artist, Whistler BC
Sue Atkinson, THE BAY, Lancôme Full Time, N. Vancouver BC
Sunny Gil, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, Richmond BC
Susan Lin, HOLT RENFREW, Lancôme Part Time, Vancouver BC
Sydney Nelson, ILLAMASQUA Beauty Advisor, The Bay, Vancouver BC
Tamara Caviglia, LANCÔME – THE BAY, Beauty Advisor, Vancouver BC
Tammy Hosseinianjam, THE BAY, Make Up For Ever Counter Manager, Metrotown
Tarnia Chan, HOLT RENFREW, Nars Full Time, Vancouver BC
Tara Robinson, THE BAY, MAC Full Time, West Vancouver BC
Tarah Kostenko, HOLT RENFREW, Lancôme Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Targol Saeedzadeh, THE BAY – DOWNTOWN, Elizabeth Arden, Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Teal Cordcedo, SEPHORA, Beauty Advisor, Coquitlam BC
Teresa Coe, THE BAY, Philosophy, Richmond BC
Tiffany Mortin, THE BAY –  Illamasqua/Alex Box, Beauty Advisor, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Tina Eriksen, THE BAY, Elizabeth Arden, Full Time, Coquitlam BC
Toni Schick, ESTEE LAUDER, Educational Executive AB/SASK
Trevor Tiede, HOLT RENFREW, Prescriptives Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Twila Avent, MAC Cosmetics, Halifax NS
Vera Tsang, THE BAY, Nars, Richmond, BC
Vanessa Kuan, MINK HAIR & MAKEUP, Junior Stylist, Vancouver BC
Vicky Du, LANCÔME CORPORATE, Lancôme Demo Team, Vancouver BC
Victoria Dixon, PARK ROYAL, Lancôme Full Time, N. Vancouver BC
Victoria Ferguson, MARK JARDER PHOTOGRAPHY, Head Makeup Artist, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Victoria Ivey, THE BAY – Chinook, Elizabeth Arden, Full Time, Calgary AB
Vivian Lam, HOLT RENFREW, Laura Mercier Part Time, Vancouver BC
Victoria Wan, SHU UEMURA, Vancouver BC
Vivian Li, HOLT RENFREW, Laura Mercier Full Time, Vancouver BC
Vivian Tjoa, LANCÔME, Lancôme Drugstore Representative, Full Time, Vancouver BC
Wendy Zhao, THE BAY OAKRIDGE, Nars Counter Manager, Vancouver BC
Yana Chu, THE BAY, Chanel Full Time, Vancouver BC

Note: This is a sampling of some of our Makeup graduates. Positions may have changed in the interim.

A career in Makeup offers infinite pathways. As a Makeup Professional you can take hold of your future and choose the direction that feels right for you. Whether your passion lies in Beauty or Bridal, Fashion or TV and Film, Social Media or Retail, Entrepreneurship or Education, you’ll have worlds of opportunity awaiting you once you graduate.

Our full-time Career Services Team will help you manifest your passion into a fulfilling creative career. They will be your guides as you navigate the makeup landscape and find your place in it. That guidance is good for life – beginning on your very first day and continuing throughout the evolution of your career.

Our Career Directors have established powerful connections throughout the makeup industry, and it is their mission to help you find your perfect career fit. They will work around the clock to connect you with volunteer, retail internship and employment opportunities. They will assist you in building your network, boosting your confidence and, ultimately, crafting your own career.

Industry Overview


Blanche Macdonald is at the beating heart of the billion-dollar Film and TV industry. Also known as Hollywood North, Vancouver boasts the third largest production centre in North America, giving our staff and students direct access to exciting opportunities in this dynamic and growing field. Our Makeup Faculty represents the best of the TV and Film business, with a host of Emmy, Leo and Gemini Awards and a monumental list of major Film and TV productions under their collective belt. At the helm is Emmy-Award Winning visionary Todd McIntosh, Makeup Director and creator of our innovative curriculum. Our incredible team of instructors bring their expertise and experience fresh from the set directly into our classrooms. Ongoing guest lectures and advanced training with Academy Award winners and Celebrity Makeup Artists are a testament to our unparalleled reputation. Five-time Emmy winner and makeup legend Eve Pearl called Blanche Macdonald “the Harvard of Makeup”. Praise doesn’t get much higher than that.


The flash of the camera. The rush of the runway. The striking lines and cultivated glamour of the editorial. This is the thrilling and dynamic world of Fashion Makeup. Our faculty and graduates have seen their work featured on the stages of global fashion events and the pages of top fashion magazines. They have worked for some of the world’s most influential and iconic designers, including Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. They have collaborated with globally renowned artists, photographers and megabrands like MTV and Nike, and curated makeup looks at high profile events including global Fashion Weeks and the Oscars. From avant-garde to red carpet, Blanche Macdonald graduates are elevating and illuminating the fashion makeup world.                   


Opulence, glamour, elegance, grace: here comes the Bridal Makeup Artist. Many of our graduates have become pillars of the local wedding industry, winning awards and building successful and lucrative businesses. They make jaws drop and breaths stop as brides float down the aisle with a radiance and rapture only a skilled Makeup Artist can create. Constantly in demand, their calendars are filled year-round, and many travel around the world to work at destination weddings. The best part? They get to create bridal bliss every day.


Many successful Makeup Artists begin their professional journey in the opportunity-laden world of Retail. Starting at a major retailer or cosmetic counter, they advance to Account Executive, Manager, District Manager, Area Supervisor, and even Regional and National Director. Others choose to focus in on one brand, training fellow Makeup Artists locally or on an international platform, educating about specific products, performing demos and giving presentations. The team at our CurliQue Beauty Boutique know first-hand the satisfying and enriching world of retail leadership. The options are as endless as the products on the shelves, and the one-on-one work with people is as rewarding as the paycheque.


In this fast-paced digital age, Social Media is where makeup stars are created. Many of our graduates are high-profile Social Media influencers who have cultivated scores of followers, leading them to expedited professional success and lucrative careers. They channel their creativity and use words, images and video to inspire and inform makeup lovers across the globe. In the vibrant and visual medium of makeup, careers are made on Instagram and YouTube, making Social Media one of the fastest-growing fields in the Industry.


Make up famous faces and make characters come to life as a Makeup Artist for Film and Television. Whether it’s for the silver screen or the plasma screen, there’s never a dull moment on set.

Make makeup magic as a Special Effects Makeup Artist, using cutting edge tools and techniques to spin visual tales of fantasy and drama.

Give flesh to fantasy as a Prosthetics Lab Technician, casting creatures and making monsters with moulds, gels and appliances.

Watch your work take centre stage as a Makeup Artist for Theatre and Stage.

Create captivating looks to complement couture collections on the runway, and cast your makeup magic onto magazine pages, as a Fashion Makeup Artist.

Provide the precious and personalized service of wedding makeup as a Bridal Makeup Artist – the cosmetic icing on the nuptial cake.

Make makeup your life and freelance your lifestyle: jet set across the world, work exciting events, hop from one career possibility to another, and do it all according to your own schedule and interests, as a Freelance Makeup Artist.

Connect with customers, build relationships, curate product and demonstrate your technique as a Retail Beauty Specialist, Retail Manager or Freelance Demo Artist.

Focus in on one brand, sharing that story, vision and concept with fellow members of the makeup community, as a Trainer or Pro Educator.

Curate product as a Makeup Purchasing Coordinator, using your skills for inventory control, buying, purchasing and negotiating to ensure the best mix of product for your specific market.

Promote your passion, build a brand and influence the makeup world on your preferred platform as a Social Media Professional.

Share your insights and ideas as a Beauty Blogger or Vlogger, and build a subscriber base that will tune in to follow your creative journey.

Join an established company or brand as a Social Media Influencer, combining your makeup expertise with an eye for design, a keen sense of trends and an ability to engage an audience.

Tell compelling makeup stories as a Beauty Writer, captivating readers with reviews and editorial for newspapers, magazines and online publications.

Go on a world tour with a band or performer, or curate bespoke makeup looks for the stars, as a Celebrity Makeup Artist.

Use your eye for colour, design and form to provide winning advice to shoppers, private clients and even celebrities as a Beauty Consultant.

Develop your own makeup line and mix essences, compounds and colour as a Brand Creator.

Open your own business: start a mobile makeup biz, pop up a shop, or use your creativity and ambition to fill a unique niche in the makeup market as an Entrepreneur.

Share your passion for makeup by passing on the tools and techniques of the trade to the next generation as a Makeup Educator or Instructor.

Master the delicate and agile art of the Airbrush and paint your ideas to life as an Airbrush Artist.

Use the body as a canvas as a Body Painter, creating living works of art for events, performances, ads, editorial and competitions.

Help to conceal skin problems while revealing true beauty. Combine cosmetics with compassion as a Medical Makeup Artist, making your client’s complexion – and confidence – shine.


They’re winning Emmy Awards and creating looks at global Fashion Weeks. They’re jetsetting from blockbuster film sets to exclusive red carpet events, gracing the covers of Vogue magazine and commanding makeup and special effects departments on major TV shows. They’re our grads, and they’re leading lights of the makeup world. From Andrea Tiller, personal Makeup Artist for Amy Schumer, to celebrity groomer Kumi Craig – who works with the hottest A-Listers from Leonardo Dicaprio to Jay Z – we have thousands of successful makeup alumni. Our graduates consistently rise to the top of the makeup business, bringing their artistry to every corner of the industry, garnering international recognition and making us proud. We want you to reach these same heights. So we have lovingly crafted Programs that will train you for the industry, coach you in professionalism, and prepare you for a successful career in Makeup once you graduate.



Over the years we have developed a global network that connects us – and our students – with luminaries of the makeup world. As part of our commitment to exceptional education, we invite these makeup masters to share their expertise and experience in exclusive seminars, presentations and demos, just for our students. Past events have featured Oscar winners Ve Neill, Bill Corso, Howard Berger and Tami Lane; multiple Emmy winners Eve Pearl, Thomas Suprenant and Todd McIntosh, our Makeup Department Director; celebrity Makeup Artists Sharon Gault, James Vincent and Siån Richards; Fashion superstars Janeen Witherspoon and Ayami Nishimura; and Makeup visionaries Maurice Stein, Roque Cozette and Dany Sanz, founder of MAKE UP FOR EVER -, among others. As a Blanche Macdonald Student you will have the unique opportunity to learn from – and rub shoulders with – the makeup elite.



From exclusive internships to onsite employment fairs and industry partnerships, your success is our business. That’s why we have a dedicated Careers Team focused 24/7 on career placement. Their vast network of industry contacts, top employers, powerhouse brands and exclusive agencies know that Blanche Macdonald is the first port of call for anyone seeking makeup talent. Our Career Directors offer their lifelong support and one-on-one attention to help you find employment and opportunities – whether it’s the day you start, the day you graduate, or anytime from now to forever. As a graduate you are part of a global network, connecting you not just to top brands, experts and employers, but also to your fellow students. Our grads hire each other, partner up, put each other forward, inspire and support one another. Your classmates today will be your colleagues, collaborators and co-creators tomorrow, the first – and often most important – links in your own professional network. This is the unbroken circle of the Blanche Macdonald family.



Our Makeup School is strategically placed at the epicentre of Hollywood North. Whether it’s hit TV series like Riverdale, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural or A Series of Unfortunate Events or blockbuster feature films Deadpool 2, Wonder, Star Trek Beyond and countless others, run the credits and you’ll find a Blanche Macdonald graduate. With hundreds of TV shows, films and commercials being produced every year, Vancouver’s TV and Film business is now worth over $2 billion – and growing. Blanche Macdonald’s coveted location, coupled with our industry connections, gives our students potential access to endless opportunities right on our doorstep. Our expert instructors are often arriving to class directly from set, where they are key makeup artists and department heads on a wide range of productions. Just by being a student at Blanche Macdonald you are instantly connected to the vast network of active makeup artists working in TV and Film. This is your all-access pass to Hollywood North and beyond.



Your Makeup Kit is your artist’s palette, your creative arsenal and your best friend. On your first day of class you’ll receive a Herschel makeup kit – loaded with the best of the best, giving you the chance to work with the hottest brands on the planet, including MAKE UP FOR EVER, MAC, Cinema Secrets, Kryolan, and many more. You’ll also work with the industry’s best tools, including Bdellium Tools, top-of-the-line IWATA airbrush and compressor, the trusted brand of Oscar and Emmy award winners. And then there is your student discount and ongoing student workshops at our Pro store CurliQue Beauty, where you will be given access to thousands of products including Kevyn Aucoin, ILIA, Cozzette, Lit Cosmetics, Velour Lashes, Love for Lashes, RCMA, Sappho New Paradigm, Senna Cosmetics, The Ordinary, Dermalogica, Indie Lee, Oribe and the list goes on. As a student, being able to actually play, experiment, learn and create with thousands of makeup products is critical to your education and to your career. When you know which product creates which effect, or provides a certain sheen or texture, or is paraben free or organic, this knowledge expands your creative repertoire and your ability to meet the needs of your client.

Note: the College reserves the right to change Kit contents and brands as needed.


Full-time Diploma program (920 hours)

One year; 3 days/week

Two years with Co-op Work Experience option available for International students.

There are two scheduling options to choose from:

  • Mondays to Wednesdays
  • Wednesdays to Fridays

For Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada: the lowest Tuition payment plan option is $17,500 for the entire program length. Canada Student Loan funding is available for those who qualify.

The Professional makeup kit for the Global Makeup program (exclusive of tuition) is $4,150 + GST/PST.

Following your program acceptance, the following fee payments totaling $950 (exclusive of tuition) are required on the day of enrollment:

1. An assessment fee of $150
2. A non-refundable registration fee of $250
3. An administrative fee of $550


Tuition Grants may be available for specific programs and start dates. Please ask your Admissions Advisor about any available Tuition Grants.

Class sizes are very limited. Early registration is required to guarantee a seat in a class.

To learn more about our various payment plan options and upcoming start dates, please fill out our info-request form or connect with your Admissions Advisor.

Making an Application is simple and easy. This is our way of getting to know you. Please fill out the Application form and then an Admissions Director will arrange a time to connect with you. This is a wonderful way for us to share information and insights about the program, the industry, career development, job opportunities, potential tuition grants and financial aid options. And this is our time to learn about you, what your career goals are, what you would like to achieve with your career training, what questions and concerns we can help you with. There is no enrolment deposit made until you have been formally accepted into the program. Please submit your Application here.

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Meet the Experts

Blanche Macdonald Makeup program directors and faculty
top makeup school instructor emmy todd mcintosh 

Todd McIntosh director, makeup dept

Two Time Emmy Award Winner For Outstanding Makeup

To date, Todd’s combined technical wizardry and artistic flair have earned him thirteen Emmy nominations and two Emmy Award wins. He remains active as an Educator through the Hollywood Film local and in a variety of Los Angeles training facilities. Throughout his storied career he has continuously pushed the boundaries of imagination, redefining makeup artistry as Department Head, Educator and Motivator.

Exclusive Events with Global Makeup Masters

Blanche Macdonald is more than a school. It is a gathering place for the leading minds of the makeup world, a hub of creativity and collaboration where unique individuals create exceptional art. And your journey here is more than an education. It is the realization of a collective and precious vision, as you transform from student to professional, poised for success.

Over the years we have developed relationships with luminaries of the makeup world. As our reputation grows, so does our network of unique and special connections. To help fulfill our promise to deliver an unparalleled educational experience, we invite global makeup masters to share their expertise and experience directly with our students through exclusive seminars, presentations and demos in our Signature Series program.

As a Blanche Macdonald Student you will gain direct access to this high-level professional training and have the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with the makeup elite. It's all part of the world-class experience we offer to our students.

Here are some of the incredible individuals we have invited into our halls to share their stories, knowledge and wisdom with us.


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